Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide: Farming & Location

One of the things that make Monster Rise so engaging is that it haves the players look for and collect materials needed to craft different weapons and armors. The Meaty Hide is among the necessary materials which you will need for crafting. In fact, it is one of the most sought-after ones mainly because of its need to craft almost every piece of armor and weapons.

You can also sell each Meaty Hide for 100 Zenny, so there is your source of income in case you are running low on money. Also, read our Money farming guide and learn how to get it faster in the game. 

The good news is that finding it is fairly simple but does not mistake “simple” for easy. With that said, let us dive deeper into our Monster hunter rise Meaty Hide guide to show you the best locations and methods to farm the Meaty Hide. 

How To Farm Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide Zamite
The Zamite

First things first, the only way you are going to obtain a Meaty Hide is by killing and carving Zamite in Monster Hunter Rise. They have about a 38% chance of them giving you Meaty Hide per carve. Needless to say, you will be opening up a lot of Zamite’s bellies to zap them off their Meaty Hides.

Fortunately, these Zamites are less of a monster and more of a nuisance, so you will be able to dispatch them relatively easily. Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to get the Meaty Hide, you need to be explicitly on a low-rank quest, as carving Zamites on a higher-level quest will start giving you Meaty Hides+.

Bonus Tips For Meaty Hide Farming

Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Zamites For Meaty Hide
Hunting the Zamites For Meaty Hide

The Zamites also have a very high respawn rate, so the moment you re-enter the area, they will be back there, ready to be slain. Before continuing, we would like to give you two bonus tips to hasten the otherwise painfully boring process of farming items. The first one is that when the low-level or smaller Zamites leach onto you to zap your health, do not kill them right there.

Instead, you want to wait for them to get thick and once they are thick enough, slay the living hell out of them. What making them thick will do is that it will give you two chances of carving the same dead Zamite consequently increasing your chances of obtaining a Meaty Hide. While you’re at it, check our BEST Monster Hunter Rise Mods and Bahari guides.

The second tip is that you initiate the level 1 hub quest named “Hot Topic Hooligans”. The objective of the quest is to kill 20 Zamites. The point of initiating this quest before going to farm the Zamites is that it marks their location on the map, making spotting them a cakewalk. But now the question is, where do you find the Zamites? The next portion of our Meaty Hide guide answers exactly that and allows you to get more of it in Monster Hunter Rise.

Meaty Hide Location In Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide Frost Islands
Frost Islands

The only place in Monster Hunter Rise that spawns these dragon-fishy things is Frost Island. You can access these islands once you have unlocked 2-star quests on the village quest board. Now, although you can find the Zamites in almost all of the Frost Island areas, some spots spawn them more than others. These are areas 6,8 and 10, so make sure to focus all your efforts on these areas of Frost Island.

Optimal Farming Route For Meat Hide

Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide Frost Islands Map
Frost Islands Map

Although there is no hard and fast rule for hunting Zamites for Meat hide in Monster Hunter Rise but following this route will help. Before following the route, you must ensure that you have unlocked the Sub-camps in Areas 6 and 8. Once you have them unlocked, start slaying Zamites in Area 4.

After that, travel to the sub-camp in Area 8 to obliterate the Zamites there. Finally, Fast travel to the sub-camp in Area 11 and slay them dragon-fishes. Rinse and repeat till your inventory reaches the maximum number, which is 99.

Dispatching The Zamites

Carving The Zamite
Carving The Zamite For Meaty Hide

When it comes to hunting the Zamites, you can do it really easily as they hardly put up any fight unless you are a total noob. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while fighting them. One of them is that they can shoot a globular substance out of their mouths which inflicts iceblight if it makes contact with you.

But again, it can be dodged quite easily, so it will not be a bother. The second thing to keep in mind is that the Zamites will cling onto your body and start sucking your blood or health bar in this matter.

Succeeding in doing so will result in it growing comically fast and also a pair of legs. If your health is already low, then obviously, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, as we mentioned above, you can use this to your advantage when fishing for Meaty Hides by actually allowing them to grow and getting two chances to carve them. Provided your health bar is sufficient.

Uses Of Meaty Hides In Monster Hunter Rise

Meaty Hide Uses
Meaty Hide Uses

Now that you have collected the Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise, it is about time we take a look at what they are actually used for. As you may have guessed already, the Meaty Hides in crafting (primary armor along with a few weapons and a bunch of buddy equipment).

Let us start with armors, and the Meaty Hides are needed to craft Barioth Vambraces, Lagombi Mailo, Edel Roots, Goss Harag Mail, Makluva Hood, Makluva Pants, and Edel Creeper S. As for the weapons, you need Meaty Hide to craft the Kamura Iron Axe V in Monster Hunter Rise. You will also need it to upgrade the Crystalline Flower II and Razor Spear.

That about wraps up our Monster hunter rise Meaty Hide guide, and if you have made it to the bottom, then you are all ready to take on the dangers of Elgard with your newly crafted armors and weapons. So strap up, slay those monsters, and happy hunting. If you found this helpful, then you will also be interested in our Monster Hunter Rise Fucium Ore.

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