BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build

This Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build will showcase a build overview for players wanting to use a switch axe!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak perhaps has one of the coolest collections of weapons, mods, skills, and builds whereby players can customize how they want to experience the game. All builds output an insane amount of damage which makes the endgame easier.

A similar build involves that of a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build, which is essentially a weapon. With the right combination of skills, armor, and weapons, players can gain victory against every enemy in the game! 

Key Highlights
  • The Dereliction build is a late-game Switch Axe build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and requires some skills as well as unlocking some weapons that players can’t get their hands on until endgame.
  • When fully buffed, the build has an overall base attack of 456 and an affinity of 5%.
  • Skills include Attack Boost, Critical Boost, Weakness Exploit, Protective Polish, Diving Blessing, Resentment, Evade Extender, Speed Sharpening, Blood Rite, Critical Eye, Power Prolonger, Partbreaker, Hunger Resistance, Dereliction and Quick Breath.
  • Weapon options include Lightning Shredder+ and Megatalon Shears.
  • Armor pieces include Almudron Helm, Archfiend Armor Baulo, Charitè Gloves, Malzeno Coil, Archfiend Armor Sceros, Absolute Petalace and Fatal Tempest Talisman.
  • Switch Skills include Forward Overhead Slash, Finishing Discharge, 2 Staged Morph Slash Combo and Soaring Wyvern Blade.

Dereliction Destruction Build in MHR Sunbreak

First, Monster Hunter players should keep in mind that the Dereliction build is a Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak late-game Switch Axe Build, and it requires some skills, as well as unlocking some weapons that players can’t get their hands on until endgame. 

The build features using a switch axe and has one of the highest damage outputs compared to other switch axe builds in the game. Not only is it able to annihilate any enemy that dares to face you with the build-on. 

Apart from that, there is also a ton of utility to be had in the build, and the overall playstyle is pretty easy to get used to. The skills are adaptable, and the weapon use is entirely up to the player’s preference.

Character Stats 

Monster Hunter Character Stats
Character Stats

Let’s start things off with the character stats, which entails the overall resistance, and base damage that the monster Hunter player can get once the switch axe build is equipped and active. 

When fully buffed, meaning when the player has all the set bonuses, skill stacking, armor bonuses, etc., they will be able to get an overall base attack of 456, which is insanely high for base gameplay. Eventually, the base damage goes down since it is fully buffed, but the overall damage output is extremely respectable even without the buffs. 

The player’s affinity will be 5%. As for the defensive stats will be set to the fire resistance being -5, water resistance being around 12, thunder resistance being 2, ice resistance being 4, and dragon resistance being -16. 


Monster Hunter Main Skills

Next, discuss skills because there are about 18 or so to cover! These skills overpower the Switch Axe Build user, which is why it can perform so well in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Attack Boost 

Starting with the first skill, it is known as Attack Boost, which will basically up the attack of players whenever they are in the middle of the battlefield, and it will continue to increase as they upgrade the skill itself. 

With level one, the attack buff players will be +3, slightly increasing their overall damage output. With that, level 2 will increase the general base attack by +6, making the player in Monster Hunter even stronger. Level 3 enhances the player’s base damage by +9, making it even higher. 

Critical Boost 

Another important skill that players can’t skip out on will be Critical boost, and while it is not the most overpowered switch axe build skill in Monster Hunter, it is still crucial for the increased damage that the player will be aiming for while using it. 

With level one, players will experience that their crit damage will be increased by 30%, while level 2 will enhance it even further to 35%. Last but not least, fully upgrading the skill will increase the crit damage to 40%.

Weakness Exploit 

The next skill on our list is Weakness Exploit, whose main focus will be on increasing the player’s affinity whenever they can launch attacks against enemies that have their weak spots exposed. 

Level one will increase the affinity by 15% whenever players successfully hit the enemy’s weak spots. Leveling up the skill by one more level will increase the affinity by 30%. Level 3 will increase the overall affinity by a whopping 50%. 

Protective Polish 

The fourth skill players will get their hands on will be Protective Polish, and while it is a simple switch axe skill, it is still pretty effective, as its main aim will be to increase the rate of effects placed on the player simply. 

Level one will simply increase the effect timer to the last 30 seconds. With level 2, the skill will last about 60 seconds, giving the player ample time to defeat enemies. Level 3 will enhance it up so that it lasts 90 seconds. 

Diving Blessing 

Next up, Divine Blessing will play an important role in powering up the player’s experience while using the Monster Hunter Switch Axe Build skills. The divine blessing will make it so that whenever it is active, players can have their damage negation increased so that they can survive for longer in combat. 

Level one will increase the overall damage negation by 15%, while level 2 will increase it even further by 30%. Fully leveling up the skill will enhance the damage negation by 50%.

Stun Resistance 

Another skill players can take advantage of will be Stun Resistance which just works towards reducing the amount of stun that players can take in. if you weren’t already aware, players could get debuffed by enemies. It will essentially stun them for some time. 

Level one will decrease the duration of the stun by 60%, making it easier to get back into fighting mode and kill enemies. Level 2 will decrease it even further by 90% while maxing out the skill will prevent the Monster Hunter player from getting stunned altogether. 

Rapid Morph 

For players that want to increase their mobility while being in the combat field and using the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build, the Rapid Morph skill will increase the speed. 

Level one will increase the speed by a total of 10%, while level 2 will enhance it by 20%, and it will also increase the player’s morph attack damage by 10%. Maxing out the skill will increase the speed by about 30%, while the morph attack damage will be increased by 20%. 


The next skill on our list is Resentment, and whenever the player casts it, it will be yet another attack-buffing skill, whereby the player will consistently output increased damage while the skill is active and in use. 

Level one will increase the attack by +5, while level 2 will increase it so that the player’s attack is enhanced by +10. Level 3 will bump the attack up by a total of +15. 

Evade Extender 

Skills that will deem important also include the likes of Evade Extender, which will simply increase the total amount of distance that players can evade from the enemies whenever they are trying to evade the opponent’s attack that is being launched against them. 

Level one will only slightly increase the distance, while level 2 extends it further, but level 3 increases it even further. 

Speed Sharpening 

Making our way, now that we are halfway through the switch axe build skills, the Speed Sharpening skill will make it so that players can shape their weapons in combat with even more ease than before in Monster Hunter

With level one, they will be able to have one cycle reduced from the entire sharpening process of their weapon. Level 2 will reduce it by two cycles, while level 3 will remove three cycles from the sharpening process. 

Blood Rite 

Now, this skill is an HP recovery skill; considering the number of hP players in Monster Hunter will lose, Blood Rite will slowly recover their HP whenever they are in the middle of combat and defeating enemies; they don’t die out. 

Level one will activate the skill’s effect, while level 2 slightly enhances the amount of HP the player regenerates. Maxing out the Blood Rite skill will regenerate even more HP for the player. 

Critical Eye 

When you’re starting to lose your affinity whenever you are taking down enemies, remember that Critical Eye will have your back, as it will increase your overall affinity and make achieving victory an easy feat. 

Level one will increase the player’s affinity by a total of 5%, level 2 will enhance it by 10%, and level 3 by 15%. 

Power Prolonger 

With the way that skills in Monster Hunter can buff players, it is no surprise that Power Prolonger will increase the overall duration whereby the weapon that the players are wielding stays powered up and buffed up. 

Level one will only ever-so-slightly increase the overall duration whereby players have their weapons buffed up, while level 2 will increase it even further. Level 3 will provide the players an even more of an enhancement in their weapon buffs. 


The next skill we would like to discuss will be called Partbreaker, which will enhance how players can output their part damage, and with that, they will be able to decimate enemies in the arena. 

Level one will enhance the part damage by 10%, making the player all the more powerful. Level 2 will increase it by 20%, while level 3 will increase it by 30%. 

Hunger Resistance 

Whenever players are busy taking down the toughest of bosses, one of the main issues that they might face is that their stamina might run out. Their mobility will be greatly increased, which is where Hunger Resistance comes in. it will extend the time so that the player’s stamina won’t run out so fast.

Level one will decrease the stamina cap by 50%by increasing the time duration, level two will decrease it by 100%, and level 3 will simply reduce the stamina cap.


Perhaps one of the most important skills in the Switch Axe Build, Dereliction will use Swap Scrolls by the player and take advantage of them to increase the attack output in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Level one will enhance the status and elemental values for the player using the Red scroll, while the stun debuff and attack buff will be increased using the Blue Scroll. Level 2 will further enhance the potencies and values; the same goes for level 3. 

Chain Crit 

Whenever Chain Crit is summoned forth, and players unleash their attacks against enemies, they will experience a certain amount of increase to their overall temp attacks as well as elemental attacks. 

Level one will increase it by 5, and another stat boost will also be granted, which will continue to get buffed as the levels are upgraded for the skill. 

Quick Breath 

Last, Quick Breath is a status-effect skill that will activate whenever players are in combat. 

Weapon Options 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the options for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak switch axe weapons players can use to obliterate their foes while in the middle of a fight. 

The Lightning Shredder+ 

Monster Hunter The Lightning Shredder+ Weapon
The Lightning Shredder+

Starting with the first weapon option that payers can go for, it is the Lightning Shredder+, which will be honing an extremely base attack of 350, which grants players the ability to deplete the enemy’s HP as fast as possible. 

The sharpness is white, which makes the weapon all the stronger, and this is the main reason players might want to choose it for their battles in Monster Hunter. The thunder damage is 34, making it an elemental weapon and all the more useful. 

With that, the players will receive a defense bonus of 30; however, the affinity bonus is 0%, but it doesn’t matter as the weapon itself is overpowered. The Phial Type is Power Phial on the weapon too. If you feel like you don’t know which weapon to go for, why not take help from our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Weapon Tier List to find out which one might suit you!

Megatalon Shears 

Monster Hunter Megatalon Shears Weapon
Megatalon Shears

The second weapon option will be known as Megatalon Shears, and it is a rarity 10 weapon with a base attack of 340, and while it is a bit on the lower side as compared to the Lightning Shredder+, it does have the given advantage of having increased crit. 

And its elemental bonus will give the player a 36 water bonus and a useful defense bonus of 30. The Phial Type is once again Power Phial. 


Monster Hunter Armor and Gear
Armor and Gear

Players trying to fight against harder-to-defeat enemies will always need some armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build to protect them from incoming attacks and tank hits. 

Almudron Helm 

Let’s start things off slow with the first piece of Monster Hunter armor, which will be the Almudron Helm which is meant to be worn on the head so that it can protect players whenever they get headshots. 

There will be three main skills being used with the helm piece, one of them being Rapid Morph at level 3, alongside there also being Power Prolonger at level one, and Weakness Exploit at level one as well. 

Archifiend Armor Baulo 

With the chest piece, players can play it safe with the Archfiend Armor Baulo, and whenever it is used, players willow it on their chest so that they can tank any enemy attacks launched at them and so that their HP doesn’t get depleted. 

The main skills featured on the chest piece will include that of Weakness Exploit, which will be upgraded to level 2. With that, Resentment skill will be left to level one, whereas Chain Crit and Quick Breath will also be used at level one. 

Charitè Gloves 

Just protecting the chest and head isn’t enough. Players also require the Charitè Gloves piece, which will be adorned on their hands, and whenever they use attacks against their opponents, they don’t damage their hands. 

There will be yet again four skills used while the Charitè gloves are worn, and they will be Divine Blessing at level 3. Hunger Resistance will be set to level one, Evade Extender will be set to level 2, and Stun Resistance will be at level 1. 

Malzeno Coil 

The next piece of armor that players in Monster Hunter can expect to wear while using the Switch Axe build is the Malzeno Coil which will also play a major role in helping the player survive for as long as possible n the battlefield. 

The four skills being equipped for the Malzeno Coil will be the Blood Rite at level 2, Partbreaker at level one, Attack boost at level one, and Speed Sharpening at level 2. 

Archfiend Armor Sceros 

Another important piece of armor is the Archfiend Armor Sceros, which will have skills like the Dereliction at level one, Resentment at level one, and Critical boost, which will be leveled to level 3. 

Absolute Petalace 

One of the final Monster Hunter late-game armor pieces will be the Absolute Petalace, playing yet another important role in helping the player gain victory by guarding them against the brutal attacks they aimed during combat. 

Fatal Tempest Talisman 

Considering there is only one main talisman in Monster Hunter that we will use for this build, the Fatal Tempest Talisman is a solid choice, and it will hone three skills, all of them being Attack Boost at level 3, Protective Polish at level 3 and Stun Resistance at level 2. 

Switch Skills 

Monster Hunter Switch Skills
Switch Skills

Alongside basic skills, it is also crucial to have some form of late-game Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build, as can be seen below!

Forward Overhead Slash 

Whenever the skill is summoned, it will allow the player to wind up their axe and smash it into the ground, allowing players to unleash a devastating lunging attack on their opponents and practically render them useless. 

While the damage output is pretty solid, the skill requires a certain amount of skill. However, anytime the player uses a sword mode attack, it will cause the attack to be a double slash, hitting even harder. 

Finishing Discharge 

The next skill that players can work on is Finishing Discharge, which will allow the player to essentially output a thrusting attack that will be imbued with elemental energy, which will also deal with an explosion in the end, severely damaging enemies. 

Anytime the monster Hunter player’s Amp Guage is full, it will output what’s known as a “Zero Sum Discharge Finisher,” rendering any enemy useless. 

2 Staged Morph Slash Combo 

The third skill will be 2 Staged Morph Slash Combo (a mouthful indeed!), which will convert the slashing attack into sword mode in its first stage, and in its second stage, it will convert it to axe mode.  The overall attack power of the sword modes will be enhanced, and the axe mode will continue to fill up the Switch Guage ever so faster. 

Soaring Wyvern Blade 

As for the fourth skill, summoning forth the Soaring Wyvern Blade will take the help of a Wirebug in order to go airborne, after which players will continue to slash against enemies while they are airborne. 

If the advancing slash ends up being a success, then the amp gauge will continue to fill up, which will cause an explosion to go off, dealing damage to enemies and defeating them. 


Last but not least, considering how easily players will continue to have their HP depleted while fighting with enemies, using buddies with buffs like Healing Bubbles and Healing Colver Bats will slowly help the player regenerate their health over time so that they can stay alive for longer. 

With that, we will wrap up our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Switch Axe Build guide! While you’re here, why not read up on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Builds guide to get an idea of what other kinds of builds work!

Guide Inspiration and Photo Credits: FightinCowboy on Youtube

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