NBA 2K23 Best Playbooks [TOP 10]

Read through our extensive guide about the Best Playbooks in NBA 2K23, that will elevate your gameplay!

With the MyTEAM mode in NBA 2K23 in full motion, there are some crucial things that the new and older players need to understand. The game mode may seem fun from the outside, but there’s a lot to look after once you start the MyTEAM mode. The player is responsible for looking after many things, such as collecting new player cards, boosts, tokens, accessories, etc. On top of all that, you need to be aware of the NBA 2K23 Best Playbooks.

Key Takeaways
  • Playbooks are the backbone of your squad in the MyTEAM mode of NBA 2K23. Having the Best Playbooks will give you access to the best on-field strategies that will make your team unstoppable.
  • Some of the best playbooks in NBA 2K23 include:
  • When choosing a playbook, it is important to consider the following factors:
    • The players you have on your team.
    • Your playstyle.
  • Experiment with different playbooks to find one that you like and that fits your playstyle.

Best Playbooks In NBA 2K23

nba 2k23 top 10 playbooks
Best Playbooks in NBA 2K23

As you progress through the MyTEAM mode, you will start facing bigger challenges. Believe us, and you won’t be able to beat them without any prior planning. The best way to tip the game in your favor is by having the Best Plays in NBA 2K23 in your palm. This will do reading and tackling the game easy for you and harder for your opponent.

Once you try out different playbooks, you will eventually be able to pinpoint the Offense Style that suits you best. You can then polish your skills on that particular Offense type in NBA 2K23 and become unstoppable in the MyTEAM mode. 

Magic Playbook

Starting off, we have included one of the dark horses when it comes to Best Playbooks. The Magic Playbook is not as popular as some of the other names we have included in this list. Yet, it’s by far an excellent playbook to go for if you have good 3-point shooters on your team. The Playbook contains up to 38 plays, with the majority of them being based on the Pick & Roll tactic.

The Magic Playbook contains a lot of great plays with some effective screens. You can easily open up spaces around the three-point line. It is also great for getting wide-open 3-pointer shots. Therefore, it is crucial to have good shooters in your team for the Magic playbook. Apart from that, you can also make easy runs into the post area while taking advantage of the screens on the court.

’13 Heat Playbook

When it comes to NBA 2K Playbooks, the ’13 Miami Heat won’t be a surprise to veteran MyTEAM players. If you’re well acquainted with the NBA 2K games and have a good sense of match control, then you can go with the 2013 Miami Heat Playbook in NBA 2K23.

For the ’13 Miami Playbook, we advise you to have a good shooter in your squad; having more than one would be a huge plus point. The Playbook offers 45 plays; most of these suit Point Guards to get space around the 3-point line for easy shots. That is made possible by the screens made by the teammates. So if by any chance you have someone like Stephen Curry on your team, you can run this playbook with ease.

From being one the best, the ’13 Heat Playbook does well to retain its prestigious spot in NBA 2K23 as well.

2022-23 Orlando Magic

Another great, yet unpopular, playbook to go for in NBA 2K23. The 2022-23 Orlando Magic Playbook offers up to 38 plays and is a great option for players that are accustomed to utilizing Centers and Small Forwards in their game. However, it is essential to have good shooting stats on these players when using the 2022-23 Orlando Magic Playbook in NBA 2K23.

The Orlando Magic playbook uses screens a lot in their plays. You will notice many plays that belong to the Pick & Roll Offense Type. Therefore, having good shooters and passers will allow you to smoothly execute your plays on the court while making use of effective screens. You can even use two screens, which creates ample space for your Point Guard to run into!

Warriors Playbook

The Warriors Playbook is our personal favorite in NBA 2K23, maybe because we love 3-point shooters? And that is exactly what the Warriors Playbook excels at since they have Stephen Curry on their team. The said playbook has up to 47 plays which mostly revolve around creating spaces for your Point Guard to shoot their shot from outside the 3-point line.

The Warriors Playbook in NBA 2K23 is quite similar to the ’13 Miami Heat Playbook. Nonetheless, there was no way we could complete our list of Best Playbooks without including this. You can use the Warriors Playbook to cut inside the Post Area for close-up shots. Although, we would advise you to go for it only if you have an exceptional 3-point shooter on your team.

2022-23 New York Knicks

Another great pick to go for that uses the Pick & Roll Offense Type. The 2022-23 New York Knicks is a decent playbook in NBA 2K23 that makes good use of screens. However, the playbook focuses more on the Pick & Roll playstyle along with its variations that include; Pick & Roll Option. 

To run the 2022-23 New York Knicks Playbook, we advise you to have at least two good dribblers or 3-point shooters on your team. You can take advantage of your team’s positioning by squeezing through the gap into the post area. Or you could also back up a bit and go for the 3-pointer shot. Having a backup shooter will only help you in having another shooting option on the court.

2003 Mavericks Playbook

The 03′ Mavericks Playbook is by far the most balanced one you can get in NBA 2K23. We saw earlier that the previous playbooks required a specific type of player with high attributes. However, with the 2003 Mavericks Playbook, you don’t need any standout players in your team for it to work. It complements almost all kinds of players and offense types.

The 2003 Mavericks Playbook offers up to 41 plays with a variety of nine different offense types. That alone shows the versatility you get with this playbook. Being one of the most balanced playbooks, it’s unluckily one of the most expensive ones to get as well. But don’t let that demotivate you because it is worth the money and has the potential to take your team to new heights!

The 2003 Mavericks Playbook is also one of the best ones for the Domination Mode, in our opinion.

2008 Rockets Playbook

Next up, we have the 2008 Rockets Playbook, which only features 17 plays in total. Despite the fact that there are significantly fewer than the ones we previously analyzed, this is actually a positive thing. With this playbook, picking plays won’t be as overwhelming, and you can simply navigate through your selected plays on the court. 

As for the plays, the 2008 Rockets Playbook in NBA 2K23 contains a lot of Pick & Roll and Handoff Offense Plays. For those who don’t know, the Handoff tactic is where one player dribbles toward a teammate and hands the ball to them. These tactics can help in screening and misleading defenders and ultimately creating spaces for your dribbles to flash inside the post area for a lay-up. 

You can also use the Handoff tactic for 3-point shots if you happen to have a good shooter in your team in NBA 2K23.

2022-23 Brooklyn Nets

We have yet another Pick & Roll concentrated playbook on our list. The 2022-23 Brooklyn Nets is a viable option to go for if you’re someone who likes to focus on screening offensive plays. Although, we still recommend you to go for the other Pick & Roll playbooks that we mentioned earlier. However, you can opt for this one as long as you don’t get your hands on the other ones. 

Brooklyn Nets are quite an aggressive team, thanks to Steve Nash’s offensive strategies on the court. The playbook works great when you have a huge Center or a Small Forward. These players are able to provide screens for athletic finishers, who skip right past a few defenders to create an opening for a shot.

1996 Bulls Playbook

The 1996 Bulls Playbook is for all the fancy NBA 2K players that like to run ISO plays. Earlier, we covered what Isolation plays are; where the team spreads on the court to make their best dribbler/shooter be face to face with only one defender. Here they can unleash their skills to skip past the player and open up the whole play. Hence, if you’re someone who likes to take on defenders, then the 1996 Bulls Playbook is for you!

Our list mostly covered playbooks with Pick & Roll type of offense. There was no way we were going to call it a day without including a playbook that focuses on Isolation plays. ISO-based Playbooks are only worth it when you have good ball carriers on your team. Therefore, before opting for the 1996 Bulls Playbook, make sure you have decent dribblers and shooters.

Clippers Playbook

Last but not least, we have the Clippers Playbook, yet another well-known playbook in NBA 2K23. The playbook contains up to 41 different plays, with the majority of them being based on Pick & Roll Offense types. There is, however, still a decent mix of various attack types, such as isolation, guard post-up, and handoffs.

Hence, the Clippers Playbook in NBA 2K23 is a good all-rounder option in the MyTEAM mode. You can utilize various different plays depending on the players you have on your team. If you have a rapid dribbler, then you can pick ISO plays. Whereas, if you have good 3-point shooters, you can also opt for the Pick & Roll or Handoff Plays. Either way, the Clipper Playbook is one of the top-tier Playbooks in the game.

How To Get Playbooks?

nba 2k23 auction house
Playbooks in Auction House

Now that we’ve covered the Best Playbooks, we will now teach you how you can get them into the game. First and foremost, you need to head over to the MyTEAM homepage after loading up NBA 2K23. 

Make sure that you have the Auction House unlocked in NBA 2K23. If not, then you need to collect 30 “Unlock Auction House” cards in the game to get access to the auction house. You can get these cards by opening up packs in the MyTEAM mode. 

Once you’ve done that, then you can proceed to get your hands on some of the Best Playbooks. From the homepage of the MyTEAM menu, scroll through the sub-menus until you reach the ‘Auction‘ page. Now click the ‘Search Auctions‘ option, then switch the tab from ‘Players’ to ‘Franchise‘ by pressing RT/R2 on your controller.

From here, you will notice the first option that reads ‘Card Type‘. Navigate through its categories until you reach ‘Playbooks‘. You can then hit the search button on the screen and review all the playbooks in the auction market and buy the ones you like by spending your MT.

Offense Types In NBA 2K23

nba 2k23 offense types
Types of Offense in NBA 2K23

Playbooks contain many different plays, and you can choose any of them, which usually range from 15-50 within one playbook. These plays have a specific ‘Type‘ mentioned next to them.

Once you grasp the fundamentals of these types, then picking the plays from the playbooks will become easier than ever. You can go for the Offense plays that suit your playstyle in the MyTEAM mode. 

Without further ado, here are some common offense types that you will encounter in the game while navigating through the Best Playbooks. 

  • Motion Offense: The Motion Offense type is by far the most flexible one on the list. In it, the players make use of court movement, spacing, screening, and cutting through the passing lanes in order to create a fluid attack. These attacks are usually quick in order to overcome the size difference between players.
  • Isolation (ISO): By far the most used Offense Type in NBA 2K games. In the ISO Offense, the player usually takes advantage of 1v1 situations. The Team‘s best dribbler is the focal point of this attack type. During the ISO plays, teammates usually pass the ball to their most rapid player on the court. They then spread out in order to isolate the ball carrier and his defender.
  • Post-up: Another quite familiar Offense type for the Basketball enthusiast. In the Post-up Offense, one of the players, usually a Center, cements their spot inside the opposition’s post area. They then usually receive passes to either quickly score a basket on the turn. Or pass to another teammate from within the post area to create confusion. 
  • Pick & Roll: Any LeBron fans here? You guys would know what Pick & Roll play is! It is a simple tactic where one of the teammates will stand (screen) in front of an opposing defender to block their path to the ball carrier. The Ball handler will then use that space provided by the screen to either cut inside or pick a pass to one of the uncovered teammates.

So there you have it! These are some of the most basic and well-known offensive plays in NBA 2K23. Reading through this section will make it simpler to understand and pick plays for your squad in the NBA 2K23 MyTEAM mode. With that said, we will now finally introduce some of the Best Playbooks that you can fall back on in dire situations while playing MyTEAM’s Domination Mode or Challenges. 

How To Choose Plays In NBA 2K23?

nba 2k23 using plays
Offense Settings in NBA 2K23

Once you’ve read through the previous sections and gained knowledge about the Playbooks, along with how you can get them in the MyTEAM mod, itt is time to learn a bit more about how to choose the plays from these playbooks and implement them during a game.

The process is quite simple, yet a lot of people don’t really know about it. However, a quick read of this section will make things crystal clear for you!

So once you’ve picked a playbook of your choice and equipped it, you can then head onto any game mode from the MyTEAM menu. Once the game starts, you need to pause and slide towards the ‘Gameplay’ option instantly. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Offensive Settings‘. Now scroll down and select the ‘Play Selection‘; you can now choose your favorite plays from your playbook.

Every time you push the left button on your controller’s D-pad while playing the game, a little menu will now appear on the side. In this menu, you will have your Favorite Plays available for quick access. You can choose the one that fits the situation of the game and immediately watch your players follow the strategy of that particular play!

That’s the simple method of implementing the Plays from your favorite playbooks. We hope you enjoyed reading through our thorough guide about the Top Playbooks from NBA 2K23, which you can use in the MyTEAM mode!

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