NBA 2K23 Chicago Bulls Ratings & BEST Players

Read our guide to find out how high Chicago Bulls and its Roster was rated in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K series is back again with its newest installment. In NBA 2K23, there are plenty of teams to choose from. You can pick them in exhibition matches or pack players from each of the 30 regular season teams in the MyTEAM mode. With the game being bigger than ever, the player and team ratings have been updated, which is why we will cover the NBA 2K23 Chicago Bulls Ratings!

Key Takeaways
  • The Chicago Bulls are a very solid team in NBA 2K23, with an overall rating of 89.
  • DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine are the team’s two best players, with overall ratings of 89 and 88, respectively.
  • The Bulls have a strong offense, led by DeRozan and LaVine.
  • They have a good defense, anchored by Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso.

Chicago Bulls didn’t really pop off last season. Yes, they did have good runs here and there during the season, but they weren’t able to hit the sixth gear. With that said, let’s now get you in line with how Chicago Bulls performed in the past NBA season. Along with their NBA 2K23 Roster and Player ratings!

Every Chicago Bulls Player In NBA 2K23

player ratings nba 2k23 chicago bulls
All Players in Chicago Bulls

After the improved performance of the Chicago Bulls in the last NBA season, their ratings saw a significant increase. As some of you already know, NBA 2K follows a Tier system to categorize their teams. The higher the tier, the stronger the team is rated in NBA 2K23. 

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In NBA 2K23, Chicago Bulls were included in Tier 2 with an 89 Overall Score. Chicago Bulls’ offense stats exceed their defense stats in NBA 2K23. 

Now that we have gone through some of the major points regarding Team rating in NBA 2K23. Let us move on and list down each Chicago Bulls Player with their ratings in NBA 2K23. 

Our list has been set in alphabetical order. After that, we will also list down the Top 5 Chicago Bulls players in NBA 2K23. Without further ado, here are the Chicago Bulls ratings in NBA 2K23.

Stats for all players in Chicago Bulls:

Player NamePositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
Alex CarusoPG/SG3 & D Two Guard77.0- 9 bronze badges
- 1 silver badge
Andre DrummondCPaint Beast79.0- 4 bronze badges
- 3 silver badges
- 3 gold badges
Ayo DosunmuPG/SGInside the Arc Scorer76.0- 1 bronze badge
Carlik JonesPGTempo Pushing Point67.0None
Coby WhitePG/SGInside-Out Shot Creator76.0- 2 bronze badges
Dalen TerrySF/SGInterior Finisher71.0None
DeMar DeRozanSG/SFPlaymaking 3-Level Scorer89.0- 7 bronze badges
- 15 silver badges
- 3 gold badges
Derrick Jones Jr.SF/PFInside-Out Scorer74.0- 4 bronze badges
- 2 silver badges
Goran DragicPGPlaymaking Shot Creator74.0- 2 bronze badges
Javonte GreenSG/SF2-Way Inside-Out Scorer76.0- 1 bronze badge
Justin LewisSF/PFLob Threat67.0None
Lonzo BallPG/SG2-Way 3PT Playmaker82.0- 5 bronze badges
- 9 silver badges
- 3 gold badges
Marko SimonovicC/PFRebounder70.0None
Nikola VucevicC3-Level Scorer83.0- 5 bronze badges
- 6 silver badges
- 2 gold badges
Patrick WilliamsSF/PFStretch Four75.0- 2 bronze badges
Tony BradleyCGlass Cleaning Finisher74.0- 7 bronze badges
Zach LaVineSG/SFVersatile Offensive Force88.0- 15 bronze badges
- 5 silver badges
- 2 gold badges

Alex Caruso – 77 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG/SG3 & D Two Guard77– 9 bronze badges

– 1 silver badge

First, we have Alex Caruso, a 28-year-old Point Guard and Shooting Guard for Chicago Bulls. He started his career back in 2017; even though he wasn’t picked in the Draft, the LA Lakers signed him on a contract. He later moved to Chicago Bulls last season.

Overall Rating: 77

Alex Caruso made 41 appearances last season with Chicago Bulls.

Andre Drummond – 79 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
CPaint Beast79– 4 bronze badges

– 3 silver badges

– 3 gold badges

Chicago Bulls made a fresh signing before the start of the upcoming season. They bought Andre Drummond, a Center Basketball player, from Brooklyn Nets. The 29-year-old first tasted the NBA franchise after getting drafted in 2012 by Detroit Pistons.

Overall Rating: 79

Andre Drummond made 24 appearances with Brooklyn Nets last season after joining them in February 2022.

Ayo Dosunmu – 76 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG/SGInside the Arc Scorer76– 1 bronze badge

Ayo Dosunmu is a young Shooting Guard/Point Guard who plays for the Chicago Bulls. He had a decent debut season with the Bulls last year. On top of that, Ayo Dosunmu is a great 3-point scorer in NBA 2K23, and his career has just started! He was the 38th pick in the NBA Draft 2021.

Overall Rating: 76

In his debut season, Ayo Dosunmu made 77 appearances for the Chicago Bulls. During this he averaged 8.8 points per game!

Carlik Jones – 67 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PGTempo Pushing Point67None

Carlik Jones is another young and fresh player on the Chicago Bulls Roster. He is a 24-year-old baller who plays as a Point Guard. Even though he wasn’t picked in the Draft last year, the Dallas Mavericks signed him up and gave him a chance to make a mark on the league. Chicago Bulls then signed him after the end of the 2021-22 season.

Overall Rating: 67

Carlik Jones only made 3 appearances for Dallas Mavericks last season. This is why he has a low rating in NBA 2K23.

Coby White – 76 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG/SGInside-Out Shot Creator76– 2 bronze badges

Expanding their young talents on the team, Chicago Bulls also have Coby White on the team. The Shooting Guard/Point Guard was the 7th draft pick in 2019 by the Chicago Bulls. Like Ayo Dosunmu, Coby White is also a great 3-point shooter with great playmaking skills in NBA 2K23.

Overall Rating: 76

Despite being only 22, Coby White made 61 appearances for Chicago Bulls last season.

Dalen Terry – 71 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/SGInterior Finisher71None

Dalen Terry is a freshly drafted player in the NBA franchise. This indicates that his NBA 2K23 rating of 71 is his debut score. He was the 18th overall draft pick for the upcoming 2022-23 season. There are high talks about his skill on the ball, and he’s a prominent Small Forward/Shooting Guard.

Overall Rating: 71

Since the 2022-23 NBA Season will be Dalen Terry’s debut run at the franchise, he has no prior NBA stats.

DeMar DeRozan – 89 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG/SFPlaymaking 3-Level Scorer89– 7 bronze badges

– 15 silver badges

– 3 gold badges

DeMar DeRozan is a very well-known name in the NBA. He is the highest-rated Chicago Bulls player in the NBA 2K23. The 33-year-old, who plays as either a Small Forward or Power Forward, has loads of experience under his belt. He was drafted back in 2009 by Toronto Raptors and was later on signed by Chicago Bulls in 2021.

Overall Rating: 89

DeMar DeRozan was integral to the Chicago Bulls’ improved run last season. He made 76 appearances with the team and was also their highest scorer, with an average of 27.9 points per game.

Derrick Jones Jr. – 74 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/PFInside-Out Scorer74– 4 bronze badges

– 2 silver badges

Next up, we have Derrick Jones Jr., who plays as a Small Forward or Power Forward for the Chicago Bulls. He began his journey in the NBA back in 2016 after signing a contract with Phoenix Suns. Derrick Jones Jr. has some crazy Driving Dunk stats (94) in NBA 2K23.

Overall Rating: 74

Jones Jr. made 51 appearances for the Chicago Bulls in the entirety of the NBA 2021-22 Season.

Goran Dragic – 74 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PGPlaymaking Shot Creator74– 2 bronze badges

The Slovenian International Goran Dragic is one of the oldest players in the Chicago Bulls Squad in NBA 2K23. He began his NBA journey back in 2008 after being drafted by San Antonio Spurs, where he played for 3 seasons. He was signed by Chicago Bulls in August 2022 and will make his debut in the upcoming season.

Overall Rating: 74

The Slovenian Point Guard made 16 total appearances for Brooklyn Nets last season.

Javonte Green – 76 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG/SF2-Way Inside-Out Scorer76– 1 bronze badge

Off the back of an impressive debut season with the Bulls, Javonte Green saw an improvement in his overall score in NBA 2K23. The 29-year old Shooting Guard/Small Forward signed for Chicago Bulls last season after leaving Boston Celtics, who signed him in 2019.

Overall Rating: 76

Javonte Green started 45 and appeared in 65 games for Chicago Bulls in the 2021-22 NBA season.

Justin Lewis – 67 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/PFLob Threat67None

Justin Lewis is another freshie in the NBA franchise. The NBA 2K23 will be his debut game as well. Despite going undrafted in the 2022 session, the Small Forward/Power Forward was later signed up by the Chicago Bulls. As of now, he is the lowest-rated Chicago Bulls player in the game, but it is only the beginning!

Overall Rating: 67

Justin Lewis played college Basketball before joining Chicago Bulls. So as of right now, he does not have any NBA stats.

Lonzo Ball – 82 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG/SG2-Way 3PT Playmaker82– 5 bronze badges

– 9 silver badges

– 3 gold badges

The 24-year-old Lonzo Ball is one of the highest-rated players in the Chicago Bulls. On top of that, the Point Guard/Shooting Guard is also one of the best 3-point scorers on the team. Lonzo Ball started his NBA career back in 2017 with Los Angeles Lakers. He was the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. 

Overall Rating: 82

Lonzo Ball made 35 appearances for the Chicago Bulls last season. He was their best playmaker, as he provided 5.1 assists per game.

Marko Simonovic – 70 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges

Marko Simonovic plays as a Center or Power Forward. He represents Montenegro internationally. The 22-year-old was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2020 and has served the team ever since. 

Overall Rating: 70

The Montenegrian represented the Chicago Bulls only 9 times in the NBA 2021-22 season. During this, he averaged 1.9 points per game.

Nikola Vucevic – 83 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
C3-Level Scorer83– 5 bronze badges

– 6 silver badges

– 2 gold badges

Nikola Vucevic, a Montenagrian international just like Marko Simonovic, joined Chicago Bulls last year. Hence, the 2021-22 Season was his debut run with the Bulls. The 6’10” Center started his NBA career in 2011 with the Philadelphia 76ers. Nikola Vuceviv is a great Back-To-Basket Center. He is one of the top three highest-rated Chicago Bulls players in NBA 2K23.

Overall Rating: 83

Nikola Vucevic made 73 appearances, starting each one of them with Chicago Bulls. He also had an outstanding record of winning 11 rebounds per game last season, which makes him a great option for a Center in MyTEAM mode.

Patrick Williams – 75 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/PFStretch Four75– 2 bronze badges

Adding to their young talents, Chicago Bulls’ Roster in NBA 2K23 also holds Patrick Williams. The 21-year-old Small Forward/Power Forward was the 4th overall pick by Chicago Bulls back in the NBA 2020 Draft. Patrick Williams has pretty decent 3-point and mid-range shooting stats in NBA 2K23.

Overall Rating: 75

Last season, he only made 17 appearances. During this, Patrick Williams averaged 9 points per game.

Tony Bradley – 74 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
CGlass Cleaning Finisher74– 7 bronze badges

Tony Bradley is the final Center player in Chicago Bulls. He started his NBA story back in 2017 when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. The 24-year-old has the potential to see his rating grow in the upcoming NBA 2K games. 

Overall Rating: 74

Tony Bradley made 55 appearances with Chicago Bulls last season, out of which he only started 7 games. 

Zach LaVine – 88 Rating

PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG/SFVersatile Offensive Force88– 15 bronze badges

– 5 silver badges

– 2 gold badges

We reach the end of our Chicago Bulls Roster in NBA 2K23 with one of their best players! Zach LaVine is a Shooting Guard/Small Forward, one of the best shooters in the NBA. That’s not all, he also has one of the best playmaking attributes in the Chicago Bulls squad in the NBA 2K23.

The 27-year-old started his career in 2014 after getting drafted by Minnesota Timberwolves. Later on, in 2017, he joined the Bulls and has been with them ever since.

Overall Rating: 88

Zach LaVine made 67 appearances for Chicago Bulls during the NBA 2021-22 season. He was their second-highest scorer, putting out 24.4 points on average each game!

Chicago Bulls Best Players In NBA 2K23

nba 2k23 chicago bulls best player
DeMar DeRozan in NBA 2K23

Now that we have gone through the Chicago Bulls Squad in NBA 2K23. By now, you’re all caught up with their player ratings. However, we made this section so you can quickly go through the Top 5 Chicago Bulls Players in NBA 2K23.

We already went through these players in the last section. Therefore, now we will only rank them based on their ratings. 

Despite having no 90+ valued players, Chicago Bulls still have one of the best offenses in NBA 2K23. Here is a quick rundown of their Best 5 Players!

  1. DeMar DeRozan: 89
  2. Zach LaVine: 88
  3. Nikola Vucevic: 83
  4. Lonzo Ball: 82
  5. Andre Drummond: 79

With that, we reached the end of our guide, where we went through some of the best Chicago Bulls players in NBA 2K23. You can easily play with them in exhibition matches; otherwise, you can also try signing up players like DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine for your MyTEAM mode.

Stay tuned at eXputer to find more ratings in NBA 2K23. On top of that, you can also read some other great NBA 2K articles on our site!

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