NBA 2K23 Brooklyn Nets: All Players & Ratings

Learn about where to position your favorite Brooklyn Nets players in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 is the latest installment in the popular basketball franchise. People have been addicted to these games ever since their inception. Today we will be taking a look at the ratings for Brooklyn Nets in our NBA 2K23 Brookly Nets Rating guide. There is a lot of variety in how one can play the game. If you like basketball you will like the game. It has enough content to satisfy a fan, but it will indeed have trouble trying to gain new fans when it doesn’t innovate on anything.


  • What determines how good a player is in the game is the overall rating. In almost every case, the overall rating for a player is written in front of their name. 
  • Other than the overall rating, the other two ratings which determine a player’s strength and position are their 3-Point Shot rating and Driving Dunk rating. These two mainly show how good a player is at scoring. 
  • These ratings still don’t determine how important a player is to the team. There are some who aren’t that good at the front lines, but they can come in clutch when the other team is about to score. 

NBA 2K23 Brooklyn Nets Players

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We will be mentioning all the team members and rating them in order of their overall rating. Our guide will also inform you about each player’s 3-Point Shot Ratings and Diving Dunk ratings. 

Furthermore, all of these ratings are based on what is said in the game. These scores are not based on our opinions; we simply state what is factually written. So if your favorite is scored lower, know it is an entirely accurate placement from our end.

Every player we list here in our NBA 2k23 Brooklyn Nets rating guide will have their overall score mentioned in front of their name.  

Kevin Durant 96

He is the best player on the team. You can utilize him as an overall great player that is very useful in every situation. Kevin Durant’s 3-Point Shot rating is 88, and his Driving Dunk rating is 85. He is the one who carries the team for the most part.

Kyrie Irving 89

Next up, we have Kyrie Irving. He is another essential part of the team and is one of the strongest players they have. His 3-Point Shot rating is 85. The Driving Dunk rating is where he falls surprisingly low, as his score is 30, which is the second lowest on the team.

Ben Simmons 83

On the third spot, we have Ben Simmons. As the placement suggests, he is the third strongest player you will have at your disposal. He is a two-way slasher and has a 3-Point Shot rating of 58 and a Driving Dunk rating of 86. 

TJ Warren 79

Next, we have T.J. Warren. He is another great asset when you are going forward to score. His movement and placement can come in handy a lot of times. T.J. Warren’s 3-Point Shot rating is 78, and his Driving Dunk rating is 80. 

Seth Curry 78

Here we have another great scorer. Seth Curry is another one who you should keep an eye on. He is the 5th best player on our NBA 2K23 Brookly Nets Ratings. His 3-Point Shot rating is 86, and the Driving Dunk rating is 36.

Joe Harris 76

Joe Harris might be your biggest asset when it comes to scoring. He is an excellent shooter on the team and proves vital when you are going in for the score. His 3-Point Shot rating is 87, and his Driving Dunk rating is 45.

Nicolas Claxton 76

Now let’s talk about Nicolas Claxton. He rivals Joe Harris with his overall ratings but serves an entirely different purpose on the team. His 3-Point Shot rating is 87, and his Driving Dunk score is 45. 

Edmund Sumner 75

With Edmund Sumner, we are back to scorers on our list. He is one of the best inside-out scorers in the game and can prove to be a game-changing player. He has pretty balanced ratings, with his 3-Point Shot ratings being 81 and the Driving Dunk being 80.

Cameron Thomas 74

Here is a player who will prove vital to you when you require an inside-the-arc scorer. Cameron Thomas is another player that the Brooklyn Nets need to keep their lineup strong and ready. His 3-Point Shot rating is 67, and his Driving Dunk is 75. 

Royce O’ Neale 74

Now we have another great player. He has been known to turn the tide in games, and that’s why the fans love him. He can prove useful to you in the game as well because his 3-Point Shot rating is 82, and his Driving Dunk is 70. 

Day Ron Sharpe 73

Day Ron Sharpe is another one of the most well-known players for the Brooklyn Nets. He is a mostly good option and does play a great role in the team. His 3-Point Shot rating is the lowest in the game as it sits at 29, and his Driving Dunk rating is 70. 

Markieff Morris 72

He is your second most assertive inside-out scorer. There are a lot of situations where he could come in clutch. Markieff Morris has a 3-Point Shot rating of 76 and a Driving Dunk rating of 67. He is one of the lower-rated players on the team.

David Duke Jr 72

Now we proceed toward the guards. If you are unfamiliar with Baseball, these are your line of defense. First up, we have David Duke Jr., who is as of the highest overall rated guard on the team. He has a 3-Point Shot rating of 69 and a Driving Dunk rating of 60. 

Patty Mills 72

Patty Mills is an awesome player and a significant part of the team. He is mainly known as a 3-Point Shot creator and is one of the few players who can turn the tide of the match. His 3-Point Shot rating is 84, but he has the lowest Driving Dunk rating on the team as it sits at 25. 

Yuta Watanabe 72 

Who we have here is one of the few Asian players present in the NBA. He is a good part of the team and has nice ratings as well. His 3-Point Shot rating is 77, and his Driving Dunk score is 60. 

Kessler Edwards 71

Kessler Edwards is the second lowest member of the team according to NBA 2K23 Ratings. Like other players, he is still an essential part of the team. His 3-Point Shot rating is 79, and his Driving Dunk rating is 65. 

Alondes Williams 68 

In the game, Alondes Williams is the lowest-rated player for his team. He sits at the bottom of the team but still is a necessary player as he is one of the guards. His 3-Point Shot rating is 66, and his Driving Dunk is 70. That makes him the lowest-rated player on our NBA 2K23 Brooklyn Nets Rating guide.

Wrap Up 

And that brings our Brooklyn Nets Rating guide to an end. We have listed every player who plays a big role in the team and how the game has placed them based on their individual ratings. 

NBA 2K23 has received a mostly positive reception. Even fans who were bored of the repetitive formula are enjoying their time with this latest installment. The content on offer surely keeps gamers playing. 

Moreover, unlike its predecessor NBA 2K23 isn’t filled with bugs. No matter how funny they can be, bugs still ruin the experience in a competitive game such as this. So we are happy to see that the game is mostly bug-free. 

What do you think about NBA 2K23? Do you agree with the ratings? Who is your favorite NBA player? What is your favorite basketball video game? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.


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