NBA 2K23 Dallas Mavericks Ratings: All Players

In Tier 2, we get to see Dallas Mavericks. It has Luka Doncic, from whom everyone expects high results.

Dallas Mavericks is the 12th best team in this current installment of 2K’s NBA. The team has 3 players that are rated above 80. This goes on to show that the team can end up performing great in this current NBA season. So we have a guide for the Dallas Mavericks’ ratings of NBA 2K23.

Key Takeaways

  • Dallas Mavericks is one of the solid teams in the NBA. And they have received some great ratings from the game developers.
  • Luka Doncic is the top player on the team, with a high overall rating of 95. He shows promise to the team.
  • Other players, although they are not as good as Doncic, demonstrate that the team shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With all that being said, the game isn’t well received by some of the older players. The biggest reason for that would be microtransactions in the game. We have in detail explained how the game works, its designs, gameplay, and everything in our NBA 2K23 Review. If you are planning to buy this game, we strongly suggest that you read our review first.

Dallas Mavericks Team Information

But before we can get into the player ratings, most of the players are unfamiliar with the history of their favorite teams. So here is a brief introduction to the team.

Dallas Mavericks was founded in the year 1980. The team got the opportunity to get into the finals a total of 2 times. And out of those 2, Mavericks won 1 NBA title when they defeated Miami Heat thanks to Drik Nowitzki’s performance. Even though it happened 11 years ago, Dallas still has some solid players on its roster.

The Team has a total of 17 players in its roosters. We get to see Luka Doncic, Christian Wood, and Spencer Dinwiddie. They are the top 3 players in Dallas Mavericks according to the ratings from NBA 2K23.

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NBA 2K23 Dallas Mavericks Ratings

In the latest ratings from NBA 2K23, the team got their overall ratings at 80. That puts them in Tier 2 of NBA 2K23. They are pretty close to the Chicago Bulls (81), Portland Trail Blazers (80), and many more.

As for their Inside Scoring, they were able to obtain a total of 84 ratings. In the Outside Scoring, they have a rating of 84. Athleticism ratings got them a total of 80. When it comes to Playmaking, they had 73 ratings.

The Defense of the team is relatively lower. NBA 2K23 gave them 62 for the Defense. Rebound got the same treatment as their defense, at 65. The team regained their ratings back up thanks to the Intangibles, which is at 80. As for Potential, they have a whopping 82 rating.

Players Ratings

Even before the game’s release, All of the NBA 2k23 players’ ratings were revealed. This was to create hype in the players. In these revealed ratings, some players got justice with their ratings, whereas others got disrespected with their ratings.

The same was the case with Dallas Mavericks. A few of their players got justice with the ratings, meaning they got rated to exactly what we had expected about them. At the same time, the rest of the players had ratings way lower than our expectations. So we will go through each of the player’s Players Ratings as well as their backgrounds. You’ll learn how they all came to be what they are today.

Top 10 Dallas Mavericks Players

Dallas Mavericks has 17 players. Not all of these are the best players on the team. So, according to the ratings from NBA 2K23, we have taken out the ten best Dallas Mavericks players. These players should always be on your team roster if you are looking forward to winning the game.

You can’t win a game if you are not in your form. What this means is that you are sitting properly and have the best settings for your game. These settings ensure that the game won’t stutter anyhow when you’re playing. To be in your form, you need to know the Best Camera Settings, Best Graphics Settings, and Best Controller Settings.

Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic originates from Slovenia. He is the best player on the team Dallas Mavericks. He is the top player in Dallas Mavericks, the number one with a high rating of 95. Above him are only two ratings, which are 96 and 97. And both of these have some of the legendary players in the NBA. Overall, he is the 7th best player out of the 868 current NBA players.

Luka Doncic ratings in NBA 2k23.

One thing that surprised everyone is that all the players above him have appeared in the finals. But when it comes to Luca Doncic, he didn’t have the opportunity to appear in any of the finals. Still, he has such high ratings. This goes on to show that he is one of the Best Players in Dallas Mavericks.

He is a 23-year-old, 6’7” player that plays at Small Forward or Point Guard positions. His career started in the 2018 NBA Draft when he was the 3rd pick by Atlanta Hawks. Later on, he joined Mavericks. His 2022-23 NBA contract with Mavericks is $37,096,500. All that in a short four years span in NBA.

Luka Doncic managed to get a whopping 95 Overall Rating. That is supported by his 3-point rating of 87. As for his Driving Dunk, he has a 75 Rating. 92 rating in the Outside Scoring and 83 rating for the Inside Scoring show him as a solid NBA player. At the same time, his Athleticism got him 85 ratings.

Playmaking got him a 94 rating as he is the main player on the team. His Rebounding rating is good as it is 80, but the Defending rating is quite low for a player like him at 67. He has the potential to go to 99 Overall ratings in the future. That is understandable for a player like Luka Doncic.

Christian Wood

Christian Wood is the second-best professional American Basket Ball Player in Dallas Mavericks. He is a 26-year-old player that is 6’9”. His game started in 2015 when the Philadelphia 76ers signed him after he went undrafted. And later on, he proved his worth. For the current NBA 2022-23 Season, he is on a $14,317,459 contract with Mavericks.

Christian Woods ratings.

We were quite disappointed with the Mavs’ players other than Luka Doncic. Christian Wood got an overall rating of 84. This rating of Wood is supported by his 3-Point rating of 83. His Driving Dunk ratings are at 85. The outside Scoring rating is 78, whereas the Inside Scoring is 85. When it comes to Athleticism, he has 75 ratings in the game.

Wood fails at making any significant plays in every match; that’s why his Playmaking is at 44. That is quite low, as you’re considering that he has a high 84 overall rating. As for Rebounding and Defending, he has 59 and 73 ratings, respectively. The intangible rating in the 2K game is at 98, whereas the Potential ratings are the same at 84.

Spencer Dinwiddie

The third-best player on the Dallas Mavericks roster is Spencer Dinwiddie. He is an American Professional Basketball player that has eight years of experience in the NBA. At Mavericks, he is the Point Guard or Shooting guard of the team. The 29-year-old player was the 38th overall pick by Detroit Pistons in the 2014 NBA Draft. Due to his importance in the team, he got a $20,171,427 contract for the 2022-23 NBA Season contract.

Spencer Dinwiddle ratings in NBA 2k23.

In Dallas, he got an overall rating of 80 as he has the inside-out Playmaker archetype. In 3-Point, he has a 77 rating. But Driving Dunk got him a low rating of 45. As for his other ratings, he got 59 Inside Scoring ratings and 83 Outside Scoring ratings. For Athleticism, Spencer got 73, whereas Playmaking has a whopping 84 rating. Rebounding and Defending is quite low at 59. 2K23 developers see the potential in him to get to 81.

Dorian Finney-Smith

For the 4th best Dallas Mavericks player, we have Dorian Finney-Smith. This 29-Year-old player is a professional Americal Basketball Player. Finney-Smith’s players at Power Forward or Small Forward positions in NBA. His NBA journey started 6 years ago when he went unsigned. Later on, Dallas Mavericks signed him to a contract. As for his current contract for the NBA 2022-23 Season, he got $12,402,000.

Dorian Finney-Smith

Dorian Finney-Smith has an overall rating of 78 in NBA 2K23. The 3-Point rating is 83, whereas he has a Driving Dunk rating of 84. As for his other ratings, he has 59 Inside Scoring and 79 Outside scoring. Athleticism ratings are 74, whereas Playmaking is at 53. Defending is a relatively strong suit for Finney-Smith in the Mavericks, as it is at 69. His Rebounding rating is at 51.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway Jr. hails from Michigan State. The 30-year-old player is an American Professional Basketball Player that plays Shooting Guard or Small Forward positions in the NBA. His career started 9 years ago in 2013 as the 24th overall pick by New York Knicks. Dallas has signed a $19,602,273 contract with him for the 2022-23 season of NBA.

Tim Haradway Jr. Ratings in NBA 2k23.

The 3-level Scorer build of Hardaway Jr. is one of the main reasons why he was able to achieve 77 ratings in 2K23. His 3-Point rating and Driving Dunk ratings are at 77 and 78, respectively. Whereas Inside Scoring is at 58, the Outside Scoring rating is at 78. Athleticism ratings are quite high at 75.

As he is good with Playmaking, these ratings are 70. Rebounding and Defending is quite low at 44 and 54, respectively. 2K developers believe that he has the potential to get to 77 ratings.

JaVale McGee

When we get out of the top 5 of Dallas Mavericks, we still get to see some interesting players. First off, we have the 7 feet tall JaVale McGee. He is a 34-year-old Professional Basketball Player of American nationality. McGee takes care of the Center position on the Mavericks team. He had had a 14 years long career in the NBA since 2008 when he signed to Washington Wizards. His current Dallas contract is $5,461,219.

2K developers gave him an overall 77 rating. As for his 3-Point and Diving Dunk rating, he has 55 and a whopping 85 ratings for both of them, respectively. When it comes to Inside, and Outside Scoring, McGee has 68 and 64 ratings for them. Athleticism is at 69 ratings.

McGee can’t make any great contribution in Playmaking, so it gets 33 ratings. He covers it up with Rebounding, which got a 91 rating. And his defense rating is 65, which is well above the average.

Dwight Powell

7th best player on Dallas Mavs’ roster is Dwight Powell. The 31-year-old is a Professional Basketball Player of Canadian nationality. He plays at the Power Forward or the Central position for the Mavericks. Dwight Powell was the 45th overall pick of the 2014 NBA draft, where Charlotte Hornets picked him up. Since then, his NBA career has started. For the current season, he got an $11,080,125 paycheck.

76 Overall NBA rating puts him at 183rd best current player out of the 868 players. He has 78 3-Point ratings and 65 Diving Dunk ratings. Then we have Inside scoring and Outscoring, both at 77. After that, the Athleticism rating is at 76. In comparison, his Playmaking is low at 52. When we get to Rebounding, it goes up to 68. And Powell’s Defending is at 60 ratings.

Maxi Kleber

The German, Maxi Kleber, got to be the 8th best Dallas player in 2K23. Currently, 30-year-old Maxi players at Center and Power Forward positions for Mavericks. His NBA journey started in 2017 when he went undrafted, but Dallas Mavericks signed him a contract. For the current season, he got a $9,000,000 contract with Mavericks.

Kleber’s Overall ratings are as high as 75. Both his Diving Dunk and 3-Point have 75 ratings. When you get to Inside Coring, it is at 68. Sixty-one ratings for the Outside Scoring. Athleticism is at 76. As for the Playmaking, it is at 56. Rebounding and Defending are at 66 and 68, respectively. His Intangibles rating is at 90, but developers believe he has the Potential ratings to get to 76.

Reggie Bullock

The 31-year-old professional Americal Basketball Player Reggie Bullock is one of the top 10 Dallas Mavericks players. In the team, he takes care of the Shooting Guard or Small Forward positions. He has nine years of NBA experience that started in the 2013 NBA Draft, where he was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers as the 25th Overall Pick. As for his current contract, he got $10,012,800 from Dallas.

The Overall ratings of 75 show that Bullock is a solid player for Dallas. He has an 80 rating for 3-Point, and 50 for Diving Dunk. Inside Scoring is at 50 ratings, whereas outside Scoring is at 83. Athleticism ratings got to 69, and Playmaking ratings are at 61. Bullock’s Rebounding ratings are quite low as they are at 45, and his Defending rating is at 53.

Davis Bertans

Originating from Lativa is Davis Bertans. He is a 29-year-old professional basketball player for Dallas. The Power Forward position on the Dallas Mavericks team is taken care of by Davis Bertans. Bertans was first selected for NBA in 2011 by Indiana Pacers, and he was the 42nd overall pick. Now, he is in contract with Dallas for $16,000,000 for the 2022-23 season.

His overall rating is 73. That is with his 3-Point rating, which is at 76, and Diving Dunk at 65. When you talk about the Inside Scoring and Outside, they are at 64 and 72, respectively. His Athleticism rating is at 65m, and Playmaking is at 46. The rebounding rating of Bertans is at 48. And the Defending rating is at 54.

Rest of The Dallas Mavericks Players

The following players are after the top 10 Dallas Mavericks players. Although they might have lower ratings, we believe that, given time, some of these players will make unique records in the world of NBA.

Josh Green

Originating from Australia, Josh Green plays Shooting Guard and Short Forward for his team. He has an overall rating of 73. At the same time, his 3-Point and Diving Dunk ratings are promising at 79 and 80 ratings, respectively. He has the potential to grow his ratings in the near future.

Frank Ntilikina

Frank Ntilikina hails from France. Point Guard or Shooting Guard positions are taken care of by Frank. 72 Overall ratings show that he is a solid option if Dallas Mavericks want to perform. 3-Point ratings are at 77, whereas the Diving Dunk ratings are at 45. 

Jaden Hardy

Hardy is an American professional basketball player. He has the position of Shooting Guard taken care of for the Dallas Mavericks. Hardy’s overall ratings are 70. And his 3-Point ratings of 74 and Diving Dunk ratings of 80 show that he has a promising future. He has the potential to raise his ratings to 80 in the future.

Theo Pinson

Although Theo has relatively low overall ratings of 68, when you check out his 3-Point ratings of 70 and 75 ratings for Diving Dunk, you’ll know he has something in him. With a bit of hard work, Theo will be able to get higher ratings in NBA 2K23.

Tyler Dorsey

Tyler Dorsey will be found in the Point Guard position on the Dallas team. 68 is the Overall rating given to him by 2K developers. His 3-point rating is 79, and his Diving Dunk rating is 40.

McKinley Wright IV

Another player with a 68 Overall rating in Mavericks is McKinley Wright IV. He is another player at the Point Guard position. The 3-Point and Diving Dunk ratings are at 71 and 50, respectively.

Tyler Hall

The last player on the Dallas Mavericks roster is Tyler Hall. Tyler has a 66 Overall rating. As for 3-Point and Diving Dunk, they are at 79 and 60, respectively. He has the Shooting Guard position on the team.

Summary Of Dallas Mavericks Players Ratings

Following are the ratings that 2K23 NBA devs gave to the players of the Dallas Mavericks. 

S No.Dallas Mavericks PlayersNBA 2K23
1Luka Doncic95
2Christian Wood84
3Spencer Dinwiddle80
4Dorian Finney-Smith78
5Tim Hardaway Jr.77
6JaVale McGee77
7Dwight Powell76
8Maxi Kleber75
9Reggie Bullock75
10Josh Green73
11Davis Bertans73
12Frank Ntilikina72
13Jaden Hardy70
14McKinley Wright68
15Tyler Dorsey68
16Theo Pinson68
17Tyler Hall66

Each of these players gets their ratings according to their sportsmanship. 2K developers said that they consider a lot of factors before deciding the player’s final ratings. For that, they first look at the players’ last year’s stats. But these stats were only good for the past year. The developers use advanced analytics to interpret the ratings. Using this, they translate the data of each player into ratings.

If there is a new player that has little to no NBA experience, then the devs at 2K use projection. Using such limited data, they give the players a rating. But as they play more, more of their data becomes available. Then, if the player plays well, they get higher ratings; if bad, then bad ratings.

The developers update ratings as soon as they can. They keep a close eye on all of the players, and if there are any changes in the skills, the developers bring that into the game.

Dallas Mavericks Ratings

Okay, that’s how 2K gives ratings to each of the players. But you, as a player, should always expect some faults in the system, as nothing is perfect. When it comes to Dallas Mavericks, there were some players whose ratings weren’t as high as they deserve in NBA 2K23.

First off, we get to see Doncic. We aren’t surprised that he is at the top of Maverick’s list. That is understandable, as he played well. In the game, he is the seventh-best player game. His rating is right behind the current best players. Giannis Antetokounmpo (97), LeBron James (96), Kevin Durant (96), Steph Curry (96), Joel Embiid (96), and Nikola Jokic (96) are all above Doncic. And we believe that each one of these is at its right spot.

But when you come to the other players on the Mavs’ roster, there’s nothing special. The devs decided to rank Wood and Dinwiddle in 80s ratings. But if you’re putting them there, then we believe Finney-Smith deserves ratings in the 80s too. Because he is as important as the two above him in team success. Instead, Finney-Smith got 78 ratings.

When you look at teams’ other players, there are some cases where the ratings would’ve been different, as is the case of Bullock. He is Dallas Mavericks’ second Best three and D player. But when you look at his ratings, the devs placed him two points ahead of Green and Bertans.

Final Thoughts

These are the Ratings of the Dallas Mavericks in NBA 2K23. You must remember that the team once got to the finals of the NBA. Although that was years ago, now with Luka Doncic, we believe it won’t be long before they can get to the top again.

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