Persona 3 Reload: How To Beat Obsessed Cupid Shadow

Here is how you defeat the Obsessed Cupid of Thebel without any hesitation!

Who Is The Obsessed Cupid?

Obsessed Cupid In P3R
Obsessed Cupid Shadows Appearing on The 9th Floor – (Image by eXputer)

The Obsessed Cupid is a level 5 threat Shadow that you encounter on the 9th floor of Thebel Block.

ArcanaLocationLevelWeaknessResistant To
The Lovers ArcanaThebel Block5IceWind

The Obsessed Cupid has a bow and arrow like a cupid and is small in size. He makes ranged attacks with his arrows, so it is hard to stay distant and attack him. Within the condiment of the dungeon, the Obsessed Cupid thrives with his wind-style attacks and long-ranged moves, making him a pretty formidable opponent. To defeat the Obsessed Cupid, I was able to devise a strategy by analyzing his tactics. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Obsessed Cupid can be found on the 9th floor of Thebel Block In Tartarus Tower.
  • You will fight two cupids equipped with bows and arrows and have wind-style attacks.
  • Use Ice attacks against the Obsessed Cupid since they are its weakness.
  • You will receive 59 Bonus XP and one Arrowhead Of Desire upon defeating the Cupid in Persona 3 Reload.

Obsessed Cupid’s Skills And Abilities

  • Ranged Combat: How Primarily uses a bow and arrow attack to launch at you from a distance.
  • Resistance To Wind Attacks: Obsessed Cupid is vulnerable to all Wind Attacks.
  • Two Of Them: When you get to the 9th Floor of Thebel, there will be two Obsessed Cupids to defeat.
  • Garu: He used Wind Attacks like Garu to deal a huge chunk of damage.

How To Defeat The Obsessed Cupid?

Using A Basic Attack To Defeat The Last Cupid – (Image by eXputer)

To defeat Obsessed Cupid, you must exploit its Ice Weakness and not use Wind Attacks.

  • Resist Wind Attacks: Your party members should have personas to resist the Garu Attack.
  • Defeat The Second Cupid: In my experience, the first Cupid is easy to defeat by standard weapon slash attacks.
  • Use The Velvet Room: Infuse Demons to Inherit skills if you don’t have Ice attack skills like Bufu.
  • Get Bufu: Use the skill of Bufu against the cupids to deal loads of damage.
  • Get Asparas: You must try to get the Asparas since he has the Bufu Skill if you don’t fuse demons.
  • Utilize All-Out Attacks: Upon weakening the Obsessed Cupid, initiate an All-Out Attack to maximize damage output. 

Rewards For Defeat The Obsessed Cupid

If you trigger Shuffle Time, you will acquire new Personas, but there will be two definite rewards after defeating the Obsessed Cupid.

  1. 59 XP Bonus
  2. Arrowhead Of Desire x1

So this is how you beat the Obsessed Cupid in Persona 3 Reload. Since I already had Bufu and Asparas Persona, I didn’t really need to try hard to defeat the cupids. I would suggest you have the ability, too, since It makes it much easier to defeat it. Players online love what the developers have done with the shadow movement and background music of battles. I personally love the dual aspect of a school where you have to give classroom answers and, at the dark hour, fight shadows! 

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