Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Trade Codes [2024]

Learn about all link codes for trading starters and version exclusive Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Trade Codes for Pokemon Violet and Scarlet are handy for trading, even with strangers. These codes can be used to exchange a particular Pokemon with any trainer around the globe on mutual agreement. We have covered all you need to know regarding trading in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet via link codes.

Key Takeaways
  • Trade Codes in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet are used for trading purposes. Can be used to trade any Pokemon with any Trainer in a mutual agreement.
  • To be able to use these Trade Codes you need to follow the following steps:
    • Decide on what code you will use -> Go into the menu by pressing X -> Press L to make sure you are online ->  Make your way to the Poke Portal Menu -> Opt For Link Trade -> Entered the code that you decided in the start -> Click Begin Searching -> Choose the pokemon for swapping -> Confirm and complete the trade.
  • Follow the game’s official publisher’s Twitter or read their Reddit Forms in order to stay up to date if any new trade code drops.

Active Link Codes For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

  • Last checked on April 1st, 2024.

Below is the list of both starter and version-exclusive trade codes 

Starter Link Trade Codes

We recommend you breed more Pokemon before swapping your only starter Pokemon. 

Trade Code Your Starter Starter To Trade For


Sprigatito Fuecoco


Sprigatito Quaxly
0001-0004 Fuecoco


0004-0007 Fuecoco





0004-0007 Quaxly


Version-Exclusive Trade Codes

These codes are made to swap Pokemon that are only available on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Before trading, Make sure that the trainer you are pairing with also has version-exclusive Pokemon.

Trade Code Your Starter Starter To Trade For


Armarouge Ceruledge


Auspicious Armor Malicious Armor
0319-0320 Stonjourner


0313-0314 Orangaru



Tauros Fire

Tauros Water

0227-0140 Stunky


0227-0140 Skuntank



Drifloon Misdreavus




0337-0339 Skerelp



Dragalge Clawitzer


Larvitar Bagon
0316-0276 Pupitar


0370-0276 Tyranitar



Deino Dreepy




0370-0305 Hydreigon



Great Tusk Iron Treads


Scream Tail Iron Bundle


Brute Bonnet

Iron Hands

0379-0385 Flutter Mane

Iron Jugulis

0380-0386 Slither Wing

Iron Moth


Sandy Shocks Iron Thorns
0397-0398 Roaring Moon

Iron Valiant

0399-0400 Koraidon


How To Redeem Trade Codes In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Display page for trading in Pokémon Scarlet and Violent
Display page in Poke Portal for trading in Pokemon Scarlet and Violent (Picture Credits: eXputer)

First, in Poke Portal Menu, access trade codes by unlocking online play which is available after reaching the first Pokemon Center in Paldea after finishing the game’s tutorial. After deciding the code, you want to swap your starter, follow the steps below to trade with another trainer.

  • Go into the menu by pressing X 
  • Press L to ensure you are online
  • Go to Poke Portal Menu
  • Opt for link Trade
  • Enter desired trade code
  • Press Begin Searching 
  • Choose the Pokemon for swapping 
  • Confirm the trade

These trade codes are reversible for both parties; for example, trading a Sprigatito with Fuecoco uses the same for Fuecoco with a Sprigatito. We insist you check the Pokemon your trading partner is offering to avoid an exchange of the same Pokemon. In case this happens, leave the trade and try again with the same code.

Where To Find More Codes?

At the moment, these are the working codes available. You can keep on checking the publisher’s Twitter or forums like Reddit if the above codes stop working or read the ultimate game codes guide. Furthermore, you can bookmark our page in case of the availability of new codes, and the page will be updated.

What Is Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first open-world RPGs in the Pokemon Franchise. Similar to all Pokemon games, you explore the urban and rural areas of the game and collect various Pokemon. Using them, you take part in battles with different trainers. Along with this, the game offers many challenges and plot points. Moreover, this Pokemon game has increased the number of characters as compared to previous games.

What Are Link Trade Codes?

The link trade code system is one of the most effective ways to obtain Paradox Pokemon, version exclusives, or even starters in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. Similar to all games in the Pokemon Franchise, you can only receive version-exclusive starters only by trading or going to another trainer’s game.

You use these codes to swap your Pokemon with another player’s starter. Like Pokemon Sword And Shield, when players enter the code, it shows that both of them are looking for a specific kind of Pokemon trade. In this way, trainers are matched.

This marks the end of our guide. We hope all the compiled trade codes for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet above will help you secure the best trades. These codes were compiled to swap perfect Pokemon based on compatibility factors like generation, deck number, and levels of evolution. At the moment, all of these codes are working. If you find any of the codes expired, do let us know in the comment section for updates.


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