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Germs' day out!

Strike City is one of the three mental worlds you’ll visit in Psychonauts 2 in order to reintegrate the fractured mind of Ford Cruller, and it features its own Emotional Baggage collectibles. The Strike City location in Psychonauts 2 features two pieces of Emotional Baggage: the Suitcase and the Duffle Bag. However, not all collectibles can be secured on your first playthrough of Strike City.

Key Takeaways
  • Strike City is a mental world in Psychonauts 2 which features two emotional baggage collectibles.
  • The first emotional baggage is called The Suitcase whose tag is found at the start of Kingpin Express.
  • The Bag location for The Suitcase is under a bowling alley on the ground floor of a construction site.
  • The second collectible is called The Duffle Bag whose tag is found where gravity readjusts on the rooftop near a horizontal Joe sign.
  • The bag is found in Downtown Center on a rooftop in a narrow corridor behind the polishing machine.

Some of these pieces can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look. Therefore, in this Psychonauts 2 guide, we will go through all Emotional Baggage collectible locations in the disease-infested level of Strike City!

Emotional Baggage Locations In Strike City

Let’s first have a brief look at all the Emotional Baggage locations in Strike City:

CollectibleTag LocationBag Location
The SuitcaseAt the start of Kingpin Express, on a rooftop filled with green slime, behind a truckIn a construction site before entering the "Lovers Lane" track, on the ground floor under a bowling lane
The Duffle BagOn a rooftop after gravity readjusts, near a "Joe's" signIn Downtown Center, on the roof where the first bowling ball polishing machine is, in a narrow corridor

The Suitcase

The Suitcase will be the first collectible that you can sort out within the level. You’ll find the tag at the start of Kingpin Express. After fixing the first bowling lane and riding it down, you will land on a rooftop filled with green slime. Once here, go to the far end of the rooftop.

You should spot a ‘Freshly Brewed Yeast’ truck to the right of the next bowling lane entrance. Appetizing, we know. Go behind the truck, and the Suitcase tag will be here for the taking.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectibles Strike City
Suitcase tag

You will come across the bag later in the level when you get to a construction site. This will be just before entering the ‘Lovers Lane’ track. On the ground floor of the site, you will see two germ workers standing next to a single line of bowling pins at the far end. Crash through the pins while on a bowling ball, and you will find yourself underneath another bowling lane. The Suitcase will be sitting here, desperate to be sorted.

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Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectibles Strike City

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The Duffle Bag

The next Emotional Baggage collectible in Strike City is the Duffle Bag. The tag is not very straightforward to find, unless you make a very specific mistake. Let us elaborate. At one point, you will reach a section of the level where gravity readjusts. Here, you will have to make your way across a now-horizontal “Joe’s” sign.

Once you reach the “O,” fall down through its center. Gravity will readjust once again, and you will land on another rooftop. You should see the Duffle Bag tag here which you can secure after taking care of some enemies.

The Duffle Bag tag
Duffle Bag tag

The Duffle Bag itself can be found in the earlier parts of the levels. Therefore, you will have to secure this on revisiting Strike City. In the Downtown Center, make your way to the roof where you came across the first bowling ball polishing machine. On the other side of this machine, in a narrow corridor, will be the Duffle Bag.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectibles Strike City
Duffle Bag


That wraps up our short Psychonauts 2 guide on Emotional Baggage collectibles in Strike City. Did you enjoy the bowling-centric experience in this mental world? And did you wince every time you got stuck in that green slime like we did? Share your own experiences in the comments! Next up, you’ll want to go through our Emotional Baggage Guide on Bob’s Bottles. And for more on Psychonauts 2, check out our guide on the Rare Fungus side mission.

FAQs – Emotional Baggage in Strike City

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in Strike City in Psychonauts 2?

This shorter level features only two pieces of Emotional Baggage: the Suitcase and the Duffle Bag.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of Strike City?

No. You will find the Duffle Bag tag later in the level. This means you will have to revisit the level to reunite the tag with its bag, which is found earlier.

How can I revisit or replay the level in Psychonauts 2?

To replay the level, visit the Collective Unconsciousness through a Brain Tumbler. You will find one in the Heptadome once you reach the Green Needle Gulch area.

What rewards will I get for collecting Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2?

Emotional Baggage are collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They reward you by helping level up your Intern Rank.

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