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Raft: The Last Chapter plunges you into a vast and epic nautical journey. With nothing except an old plastic hook, players begin the game in a little raft surrounded by water. It is their responsibility to gather supplies and grow so they can sail into uninhabited and hazardous islands.

Nevertheless, nothing is as cut and dry as it may seem. In addition to hunger and thirst, they must watch out for man-eating sharks! The game has several activities, such as construction, crafting, researching, and maritime navigation. Our Raft Walkthrough contains guides on everything, including items, consumables, crafting, gadgets, locations, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Raft is a survival game in which players must craft items, explore the ocean, and build a raft to survive.
  • Raft was released on June 20, 2022. The game was developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games
  • The average time to complete Raft is 22-55 hours. However, the game can be completed much faster or slower, depending on the player’s playstyle.
  • Raft is a survival game but can also be classified as an adventure, indie, and simulation game.
  • Developer: Redbeet Interactive
  • Release Date: 20 June 2022
  • Available On: Microsoft Windows
  • Genre: Survival
  • Game Length: 22-55 Hours

Advanced Biofuel Refiner

Advanced Biofuel Refiner (Image By: eXputer)

Despite the importance of biofuel, maintaining a biofuel refinery in Raft is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. If you want to make your life on the open seas more convenient, you should think about buying an advanced biofuel refiner.

Simple power sources for battery chargers and engines include advanced biofuel refiner rafts. To automate the process of storing biofuel, players can place fuel pipelines from the biofuel container and machines.

After obtaining the blueprint and building the “Biofuel Refiner,” players may begin generating biofuel. All that is required to make biofuel is raw food and honey.

Advanced Anchor: Blueprint, Safe Code & Crafting

Advanced Anchor blueprint location
Advanced Anchor: Blueprint, Safe Code & Crafting (Image By: eXputer)

Raft’s anchor has been strengthened and improved with the Advanced Anchor. Compared to the fixed anchor and throwable anchor, it is far more helpful. To prevent your raft from drifting away while you explore, anchors are mostly utilized to hold it in place.

Gamers would need to collect the blueprint for the Anchor to create the Advanced Anchor in Raft. The blueprint is available to players on Temperance Island. The Blueprint would be available if players figured out a simple puzzle. You can learn all about the advanced anchor and its capabilities with the guides in our Raft Wiki.

Bait: Where To Buy & How To Use

raft survival
Bait: Where To Buy & How To Use (Image By eXputer)

In essence, bait is used to entice creatures, whether they be land animals or fish. You can use bait to enhance your fishing performance in Raft. Your fishing ability increases significantly with bait. Nonetheless, you can fish with no bait because it is not necessary.

But in exchange, you lose proficiency and have to spend more time catching fish. Trading via a merchant or trading post is the most efficient way to acquire Bait in Raft. During the game, you can exchange 3 Levels of Baits from merchants.

Varuna Point: Exploration & Boss Fight

Varuna Point in Raft
Varuna Point: Exploration & Boss Fight (Image By eXputer)

The Varuna Point is the towering underwater structure that was abandoned for unclear reasons. The crane on the building was there because it was being built. This incomplete structure eventually housed undersea marine life. The structure is covered in fish and jellyfish underwater.

It has rats and other lurkers living in it while it is above the water. The first location you get to explore was Varuna Point. You’ll need to use Raft to pass across the Tangaroa region to get there. If you haven’t previously, build a weapon before you start exploring Varuna Point. This is due to the presence of rats close to the crane area, which must be handled. You can learn all about the Varuna point and the benefits it provides in this Raft Walkthrough.

Recycler: How To Build & Operate

Recycler Visual
Recycler: How To Build & Operate (Image By eXputer)

You can turn useless resources into trash cubes with the help of the recycler in Raft. Even though it might seem like the recycler isn’t very useful, the trash cubes you get from recycling can be traded at the exchange. Because of this, they are considered currency in the game and are quite valued.

These trash cubes are utilized to purchase supplies, blueprints, and several other crucial products since they have a similar worth to cash. Some of these things can help you get wealthy further. With garbage cubes, players can upgrade boats into ships. Finding the right blueprint is the first step in building a recycler, which is rather simple.

Crane Key: Location & How to Get

raft varuna point
Crane Key: Location & How to Get (Image By eXputer)

A submerged island with a lot of construction machinery left behind, Varuna Point 6277, requires the Crane Key. One of your first tasks on the island is to operate the crane. You need a zipline, oxygen tanks, and fins if you’re going to explore Varuna Point 6277 by yourself or with a group.

You’ll frequently need to zipline over and dive underwater because the Island’s southern portions are submerged. Food and water can be found along the trip, but having additional supplies won’t hurt. Your first task after you get on the Island will be to enter the Crane. We’ll help you learn about the Crane Key and its uses in this Raft Wiki.

New Characters: How To Unlock & Locations

Raft Tala
New Characters: How To Unlock & Locations (Image By eXputer)

The 2018 survival-based video game Raft has released chapter 3, which features the introduction of some new characters. There are more possibilities to unlock and equip new characters as you add them to your roster. Our Walkthrough will cover all the different characters which you can pick from and help you decide on a character.

Juicer Recipes: How To Get All 8 Recipes

Raft Juicer
Juicer Recipes: How To Get All 8 Recipes (Image By eXputer)

You can now prepare smoothies with the juicer, which is a freshly introduced tool. Raft’s kitchen will shine with the Raft Juicer, the ideal appliance. Furthermore, if you give it some ingredients and energy, it will give you a refreshing smoothie.

The Smoothies will make you feel less hungry while making you stronger. You must eat and drink to sate your hunger and thirst. Thus, these smoothies will work wonders. We’ll help you unlock and learn about the different recipes in this Raft wiki so you can make the best smoothies.

Temperance Ice Island: All Activities You Can Do

Temperance island raft
Temperance Ice Island: All Activities You Can Do (Image By eXputer)

The second site in the last chapter is Temperance Ice Island. It is a huge island that is completely covered with snow. To access Temperance Ice Island, you must thoroughly investigate Varuna Point. The location for Temperance Island can only be obtained by using a special key and by performing specified activities. The first thing you will see when you dock on a raft on Temperance Island is a radio tower. Electricity Cables come from radio towers in this area.

Trash Cubes: How to Collect & Where To Use

Raft Trash Cubes how to collect

Several new resources may be obtained in the most recent Raft update. The Garbage Cube is one of these items that might aid you in your struggle for survival. The first method is to watch out for them in the water. Sometimes you’ll find them drifting aimlessly next to you.

By diving down to the ocean floor and looking for them, you can also locate them there. As they spawn at random, discovering them requires both good fortune and diligence. Our Raft Walkthrough will help you find these trash cubes and learn all about them.

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