Rainbow Six Siege: How To Play Roamers? [Tips & Tricks]

After spending over 84 hours, here's how I'd play the Best Roamers and get the victory

What Are Roamers In Rainbow Six Siege?

Caveira as a Roamer
Caveira as a Roamer [Image by Me]
Anchors and flex players tend to stick around or near the site, while roamers traverse the entire map. Their goal is to consume attackers’ time, utilities, and drones. Any moment spent droning or using a utility to eliminate a roamer is time and resources that attackers lose, hindering their push toward the site.

  • If attackers overlook roamers or struggle to clear them out, these roamers can make a significant impact at the round’s end.
  • Roamers are typically three-speed operators armed with effective weapons, though utility sometimes plays a critical role.

For instance, while Bandit, a three-speed operator with a C4, is often used as a flex rather than a dedicated roamer due to the frequent use of his C4 to thwart plant attempts, Pulse, who also has a C4, can function as a roamer to deny plants from below, even though he is commonly utilized as a flex.

Operators can adapt to any role, depending on the strategic approach.

Key Takeaways
  • Roamers are defenders in Rainbow Six Siege who move around the map away from the main area to distract attackers and slow them down.
  • Roamers want to make attackers decide between dealing with them or focusing on the objective.
  • A good roamer knows the map well, listens for sounds to predict where attackers are, and works with the team by sharing information.
  • The best roamers in R6 Siege are defenders who can move quietly and quickly.

How To Play As A Roamer

Playing Mozzie as a Roamer
Playing Mozzie as a Roamer [Image by Me]
As a roamer, we aim to create a situation where attackers have to choose between advancing on the site without confronting us or dealing with us before concentrating on the objective.

Either choice might lead the opponent to make sacrifices:

  1. Ignoring the roamer:
    Attackers benefit by saving the time and resources required to track down roaming defenders. However, this choice might backfire during an objective push if the roamer times their return well, causing significant trouble.
  2. Chasing the roamer:
    In this scenario, attackers commit manpower, time, and potential resources to track and eliminate roamers, aiming to avoid the previously mentioned setback. However, this strategy risks losing valuable time and possibly operators while on the hunt for roamers.

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Roamer?

Learning Maps
Learning about Maps in Rainbow Six Siege [Image by Me]
Mastering a certain role is very difficult, and it takes a lot of time, especially in Rainbow Six Siege, as the learning curve is very steep.

  • Roaming in Rainbow Six Siege necessitates familiarity with available routes, common entry points, and general map aspects.
  • Use in-game sound cues to predict enemy positions and assess flanking opportunities.
  • Communicate with teammates and listen to their callouts, including camera status and enemy positions.
  • Avoid starting rounds with a 4v5 disadvantage; prioritize delaying attackers over immediate confrontations.
  • Stay unpredictable: create hard-to-spot murder holes, hide in unconventional spots, and surprise attackers from unexpected angles.
  • Balance patience and action; adjust flanking plans based on the situation and team performance.
  • Adapt flanking timing and routes as needed during rounds.
  • Avoid straying too far from the objective; excessive roaming can reduce your impact.
  • Refrain from early reloads after gunfights or kills; wait for a safe moment or switch to your secondary weapon if necessary.

Best Operators For Roamers

Best Roamers in Rainbow Six Siege
Best Roamers in Rainbow Six Siege [Image by Me]
In Rainbow Six Siege, every operator can potentially act as a roamer, but some operators are more inclined to this role.

  • 1-speed operators are better for anchoring.
  • 2-speed operators are versatile and adaptable.
  • 3-speed operators are optimal for roaming.

Operators rated with 3-speed produce the least noise and move the fastest in Rainbow Six Siege. Consequently, attackers find it challenging to pinpoint the roamer’s location. Moreover, their quieter movement enables roamers to execute flanking action more effectively, catching attackers off guard.

Some of the Best Roamers in Rainbow Six Siege are:

  • Caveira: It’s a bad idea to keep her on-site because of her loadout and utility (silent steps), so roaming is crucial when selecting her.
  • Vigil: While he can assist the team with his utility on-site, he excels as a roamer, disrupting enemy pushes and picking off attackers.
  • Oryx: Enhances roaming capabilities with added vertical mobility.

My Take On Rainbow Six Siege Roamers

My Rainbow Six Siege Hours
My Rainbow Six Siege Hours

I prefer playing as an Anchor because there is so much pressure on Roamers, and I don’t wanna get insulted by my friends as it’s a very difficult role. However, I’ve had good hours as a Roamer, and I’ve come to appreciate the thrill and unpredictability it offers. The ability to surprise opponents, make critical plays, and control the pace of the match has its exhilaration. Ultimately, the calculated strategy and stability of being an Anchor suit my playstyle better and allow me to support my team effectively.

You must know the Best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege if you wanna defeat the roamers and anchors. With the Tier List, you can easily pick your favorite operator for your play style.


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