Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings In 2023

These are the best Rainbow Six Siege Settings, that result in High FPS and Performance, we have also included bonus settings for everyone

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best Tactical FPS Games out there. One of the biggest problems while benchmarking Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings in my opinion, is the optimization. The game runs well on some hardware, but the frames are known to drop consistently in close combat. This is no big surprise, considering that the fights in Rainbow Six Siege are close. On top of that, there is just so much chaos, and the graphics are way too good.

Key Highlights

  • Before making any changes, you need to create a System Restore Point, in case you accidentally tweak some unwanted settings.
  • Make sure your PC has a GPU equivalent to Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 and a CPU as good as or better than the Intel Core i3 560 @ 3.3 GHz.
  • For general Windows settings, turn on the Ultimate Performance Plan, enable Game Mode, and limit the Rainbow Six Siege FPS to 60.
  • Additionally, use the Vulkan launcher to start Rainbow Six Siege, get rid of Full-Screen Optimization, and disable Hardware Acceleration.
  • Both AMD and Nvidia users should verify that they have the latest device drivers installed for their GPU.
  • Nvidia control panel settings include putting Low Latency Mode to ultra and using maximum performance for Power Management Mode.
  • Additionally, turn on Threaded Optimization, turn off Triple Buffering, get rid of Vertical Sync, and follow more settings from the guide.
  • As for AMD Settings, go to graphics and pick the Esports profile, from there turn on Radeon Anti-Lag and disable everything else.
  • For Advanced Settings, disable Filtering, turn on Surface Format Optimization, reset Shader Cache, and more.
  • Now move to the Display Tab and turn off Radeon FreeSync, set Scaling Mode to full panel, use personal preference for both Vari-Bright and Color Section, and disable the rest.
  • In-game settings include using full screen for Display Mode, using the highest available Refresh Rate, and putting VSync to always off.
  • Also put Field of View to 90, Texture Quality to low, turn off both Ambient Occlusion and Lens Effect, and follow every other setting from the guide.

Now, if you are always annoyed with the crazy FPS Drops and feel like the performance isn’t allowing you to win games.

Best Rainbow Six Siege PC Settings
Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t worry, because, In this guide, I’ll take you through some methods to guarantee High FPS and Best Performance in Rainbow Six Siege. Our guide will be strictly focused on getting High FPS, the Best visuals, consistent performance, and smooth performance in Rainbow Six Siege. These things will only happen if you correctly follow the guide and apply the tweaks in the sectors I suggest.

Windows 10 Optimizations For Rainbow Six Siege

Before we make these dozens of changes and ultimate jump to Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings, I’d like to clarify that all settings are entirely safe, and apart from giving you benefits in-game. These settings will significantly improve your general experience on Windows 10.

Just to be on the safe side, create a System Restore because in case you might end up tweaking the wrong thing, you can fall back on something. Besides, If you want to play Rainbow Six Siege like Shroud, make sure to copy his settings.

System Requirements of Rainbow Six Siege 

Your System Specifications must be on par or above the minimum required specifications. Without this, you are never going to get High FPS.

Minimum Requirements of Rainbow Six Siege.

Operating System: 64-bit version of the following operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 560 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.0 GHz *
Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD5770 (1024 MB VRAM)
Hard Drive: 85.5 GB
DirectX:  11

Update Windows 10

Ensure that your Windows 10 is updated to the latest version because the older versions have bugs and less hardware support. Updating Windows 10 will not only help you utilize your hardware, but it’ll also have a positive impact on your performance.

  1. Open Start > Check For Updates.
  2. Afterward, Click on Check For Updates. If New Updates were available. They will be automatically downloaded; else, it’ll tell you that your Windows 10 is already updated to the latest version.
  3. Once Updated, do not jump to Rainbow Six Siege expecting a miracle increase in FPS. This is just a minor step but in the later stages of the guide. You will see its importance.

Clean Up Useless Files

Suppose you think that cleaning your Recycle Bin has removed all the useless data. Well, you are wrong because Windows 10 still has leftover garbage files that need to be temporarily deleted from the temp folder. These files can take considerable space in SSD/Hardrives. Along with that, they also hurt your PC’s performance. Here is how you can delete them

  1. Go To Start > Type Run..
  2. Now Type %temp%, and click on ok.
  3. Once opened, press CNTRL + A on your keyboard to select all, and right-click > delete.

Apart from the temp files, you should also delete the useless files specifically in your Rainbow Six Siege Folder.

  1. Go To My Computer > Right Click On The Drive Where Rainbow Six Siege is Installed > Properties


  1. Now Click on Disk Cleanup, and Windows will automatically start deleting the useless files.

After you have made changes, you can expect better performance from your SSD/HDD. Other than this, FPS in Rainbow Six Siege will also improve.

Disable Exotic Windows 10 Animations

While using Windows 10, you will always notice these exotic animations that are useless. These animations strictly reduce responsiveness and have a significant impact on your PC’s performance. Disabling them will not only help you get Better Frames in the game, but it’ll also help you navigate in Windows 10 quicker.

  1. Open Start > Type “View Advanced System Settings.”
  2. Under Advanced System Settings, Click on Settings in the Performance Tab. Afterward, choose Custom and only select the following:

“Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons”
“Smooth Edges of Screen fonts.”

Once you have made the changes, click on Apply and Ok.

Ultimate Performance Plan

One of the most important and useful methods to increase FPS in Rainbow Six Siege is by enabling the Ultimate Performance Plan. So what Ultimate Performance Plan exactly does is quite simple. This plan maximizes everything and allows Windows 10 to remove the usage threshold. Therefore, when playing games, you can take full benefit of hardware. Enabling Ultimate Performance isn’t too complicated, but unlike other features, it is not available in any option, and you have to enter a set of code to enable it.

  1. Open Start > Type and Open Windows PowerShell > Paste The Code Given Below.
  2. powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61
  3. If you entered the code correctly, the Windows PowerShell would give you a message mentioning Ultimate Performance. If not, you can try entering it again.
  4. After doing this, you will now need to enable the Ultimate Performance Plan.
  5. Go To Start Again > Edit Power Plan > After it is opened, click on Power Options that are located on the top.
  6. Afterward, Click Ultimate Performance Plan From the Options.

Also, ensure that the Ultimate Performance / High-Performance Plan is also selected in your Power Options. Doing this will once again allow your PC to fully utilize all the power available.

  1. Go To Start > Edit Power Plan > Advanced Power Settings.
  2. From Power Options, Scroll Down and Select Ultimate Performance.
  3. Once Done, Click On Apply To Save Changes.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Applications

To get High FPS and Best Performance in Rainbow Six Siege. We must ensure that no unnecessary applications are running in the background, squeezing power out of our CPU and Memory. Most of these applications are useless, and they are always running in the background. Sometimes you might not open them, but by default, they always startup with Windows 10. Here is how you can disable them individually.

  1. Right Click Taskbar > Task Manager.
  2. Once Opened, Head over to the Startup Tab, and Disable All The Useless Applications by Right-Clicking and Then Choosing Disable.

After you are done with the changes, you will see a massive increase in boot time. On top of that, Rainbow Six Siege will also run more smoothly, and FPS will be very consistent.

Enable Game Mode

Enabling Game Mode can also improve your FPS and Overall Performance in Rainbow Six Siege. The Game Mode is a built-in Windows 10 feature that changes the entire meta of Applications when a game is running. For example, when you are playing Rainbow Six Siege. Game Mode will ensure there are no other applications running in the background. According to Microsoft, it significantly increases framerate and smoothens all sorts of Games.

  1. Simply Open Start > Type Game Mode > Click on First Result.
  2. Afterward, Enable Game Mode and do not close the tab.
  3. Proceed to Game Bar and Captures Tab. Under the two tabs, make sure that all the things like capture, screen recording, screenshots, and in short, everything is disabled.

These notifications casually appear while playing the game, and they can impact your Performance by disturbing the process. Besides, they also take random screenshots and start recordings. If you want to get High FPS in Rainbow Siege, you always have to disable unnecessary applications and features.

Disable Frame Limit in Rainbow Six Siege.

The majority of the time, the Rainbow Six Siege GameSettings.ini file has set a frame limit. This can cause serious issues, and the biggest problem is that this tweak is unnoticeable. Players are always making new configurations for solving the FPS and Smoothness issue. However, they never explore this setting.

Secondly, when you upgrade your monitor to a gaming one that features 144HZ/244Hz. You might not notice any difference since the game does not allow FPS to go higher than 60. If you didn’t know, High Refresh Monitors could only provide that exclusive gameplay if the frames are well above 100 or close to the refresh rate.

  1. Go To Your Rainbow Six Siege Folder > Right Click on GameSettings.ini File and Open it with Notepad.
  2. Now In the settings, scroll down, and you will find FPSLimited = 60.
  3. Change the value to something higher than your Refresh Rate. I’ve set it to 0, which means there is no frame limit anymore.

Use Vulkan To Launch Rainbow Six Siege.

Right Now, Rainbow Six Siege is allowing players to play the game both as DirectX and Vulkan. The difference between these two APIs is quite complex. However, to sum it up for you. Vulkan is more advanced and offers to do two things at once due to its parallel processing unit.

While DirectX, Microsoft’s technology, provides smoother gameplay, as it does things step by step. DirectX is known to run games smoother but provides terrible FPS. Meanwhile, Vulkan is workings its way up to, and every Pro Rainbow Six Siege player recommends using it. Vulkan provides better FPS while requiring less CPU Usage.

  1. Open Steam > Launch Rainbow Six Siege.
  2. In Options, Choose Vulkan. Right now, the default option is DirectX. However, reports indicate that Ubisoft might switch their entire game from DirectX to Vulkan in the future.

Disable Full-Screen Optimization

Many Rainbow Six Siege and other FPS players have noticed that when Full-Screen Optimization is Disable. There is a significant increase in performance, and games tend to run well. So far, no one has come up with a concrete explanation of why something like this impacts performance. However, I did a little bit of research from numerous forums and found Microsoft’s official description of Full-Screen Optimization. According to Microsoft, Full-Screen Optimization has the following benefits.

  • Minimizing the game is instant
  • Better Support and Performance for Games
  • Support Overlays
  • Enjoy Borderless Windows

Well, if you have done your homework. You’ll know that this is not entirely true, because according to the majority of benchmark reports. Full-Screen Optimization only creates performance issues, and while gaming, you consistently get overlays and notifications. These notifications pile up in the background and aren’t any good. Also, the full-screen hybrid mode isn’t properly supported by games and can cause Frame Rate and Refresh Rate issues.

  1. Run Rainbow Six Siege > and press ALT + TAB while in Game.
  2. Once it is minimized, right-click the game twice and click on properties.
  3. Then, Tick the “Disable Full Screen Optimization” And Click on Change High DPI Settings.
  4. Now Make sure that “Override high DPI Scaling Behaviour” Is enabled and Scaling Performed has Application as a priority.

Disable Hardware Acceleration In Discord

The majority of gamers use Discord as a means of communication with friends while playing games. However, most of them do not realize that Discord is always consuming dozens of Memory and CPU Power.

The application itself is sufficient; however, the feature within it called Hardware Acceleration can cause serious issues. Folks over at Reddit have also done and tested this method, and most of them have found out that when Hardware Acceleration is enabled, the fps are significantly lower. Lastly, Hardware Acceleration is an option within every application, so make sure you are disabling it from everywhere. I’ll disable it in the two most common applications.

  1. Open Discord > Click on User Settings.
  2. In settings, proceed to the Appearance Tab, and Scroll All The Way Down to Hardware Acceleration.
  3. Afterward, Simply Disable it, and you will get this message. Click Okay, and Discord will restart with changes.

Google Chrome is another popular application, and nearly everyone has a tab minimized (especially streamers). Make sure Hardware Acceleration in chrome is also disabled.

  1. Open Google Chrome > Click On the three dots in the top right corner > Settings.
  2. Proceed to System Under Advanced Settings and then Disable “Hardware Acceleration When Available.” If you still want more frames in Rainbow Six Siege, you can also disable the continue running background apps option.

Best Nvidia Settings For Rainbow Six Siege

First, let’s quickly check out all the Nvidia Settings for Rainbow Six Siege:

Image SharpeningOff
Anisotropic FilteringOff
Antialiasing FXAAOff
Antialiasing Gamma CorrectionOn
Antialiasing ModeOff
Antialiasing SettingNone
Antialiasing TransparencyOff
Low Latency ModeUltra
Max Frame Rate Off
Monitor Technology G-Sync / FreeSync
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA)Off
OpenGL RenderingUse Your GPU
Power Management ModePrefer Maximum Performance
Preferred Refresh RateHighest Available
Shader CacheOn
Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample OptimizationOn
Texture Filtering – Negative LOD BiasAllow
Texture Filtering QualityHigh Performance
Texture Filtering – Trilinear OptimizationOn
Threaded OptimizationOn
Triple BufferingOff
Vertical SyncOff
Virtual Reality Pre-rendered FramesUse Global Settings

After you are done with all those Windows and Application Tweaks, it is time that we finally make changes to Graphics Card and The Game itself. These settings have more importance than the ones above.

That is because they are much complex, and each set can entirely shift the meta graphics of the game. Don’t worry about the tricky part, because I’ve got you covered with the best Nvidia Settings for Rainbow Six Siege.

Firstly ensure, that the Nvidia drivers are updated to the latest version. The new drivers are always the better, and they can maximize your FPS in Siege.

Upading Nvidia Drivers

  1. On the bottom right of your taskbar, find Nvidia GeForce Experience and click on it.
  2. Now Click on Check For Updates. New Updates are often automatically downloaded; else, you will get the message “You Have the latest GeForce Game Ready Driver.”Best Nvidia Settings For Rainbow Six Siege
  3. After you have updated the Drivers. Right-Click Desktop > Click on Nvidia Control Panel.
  4. Proceed to Adjust Image Settings With Preview, and chose “Use The Advanced 3D Image Setting.”
  5. Afterward, click on Manage 3D Settings or “Take Me There,” Which is Highlighted in Blue.Best Nvidia Settings For Rainbow Six Siege
  6. Under Manage 3D Settings, Click on Browse, and Locate your Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan Edition.
  7. Note: There are numerous Rainbow Six Siege Applications, for example, the normal one, test server, and many more. Make sure you are adding Vulkan Edition; else, these settings won’t make any impact.Best Nvidia Settings For Rainbow Six Siege
  8. Now change the settings to the following in full sequence.Best Nvidia Settings For Rainbow Six Siege
  9. Image Sharpening – Off.
  10. Anisotropic Filtering – Off.
  11. Antialiasing  FXAA – Off.
  12. Antialiasing Gamma Correction – On.
  13. Antialiasing Mode – Off.
  14. Antialiasing Setting – None.
  15. CUDA GPUs – Use Global Setting (All).
  16. Antialiasing Transparency – Use Global Setting(Off).
  17. Low Latency Mode – Ultra.
  18. Max Frame Rate – Use Global Setting (Off).
  19. Monitor Technology – Either G-Sync or FreeSync (Depending on Your Monitor).
  20. Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) – Off.
  21. Select whatever Graphics Card you are using in OpenGL Rendering.
  22. Set Prefer Maximum Performance in Power Management Mode.
  23. Under Preferred Refresh Rate Select Highest Available.
  24. Shader Cache – On.
  25. Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimization – On.
  26. Texture Filtering – Negative LOD bias – Allow.
  27. Set Texture Filtering Quality to High Performance.
  28. Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimisation – On.
  29. Threaded Optimization – On.
  30. Triple Buffering – Use Global Setting (Off).
  31. Vertical Sync – Off.
  32. Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames – Use Global Setting.

Best AMD Radeon Settings For Rainbow Six Siege

AMD users, we have you covered with the best Rainbow Six Siege Settings as well. In Nvidia Control Panel Settings, we made settings for the Rainbow Six Siege Application specifically. But in AMD’s case, we’ll be making changes to the global settings. Here’s a summary of all the options you should pick:

Radeon Anti-LagEnabled
Radeon ChillDisabled
Radeon Image Sharpening Enabled & Sharpness – 80%
Wait for Vertical RefreshAlways Off
Anti-AliasingUse Application Settings
Anti-Aliasing MethodMultisampling
Morphological Anti-AliasingDisabled
Anisotropic FilteringDisabled
Texture Filtering QualityPerformance
Surface Format OptimizationEnabled
Tessellation ModeOverride Application Settings
Maximum Tessellation LevelDisabled
OpenGL Triple BufferingDisabled
Reset Shader CacheReset
Radeon FreeSyncOff
Virtual Super ResolutionDisabled
GPU ScalingDisabled
Scaling ModeFull Panel
VariBrightYour Choice
Custom Color SelectionPersonal Preference

Therefore, the FPS will not only improve in Rainbow Six Siege but also in other games. If you want to configure for Siege only, then add the game in the gaming tab. Afterward, configure from there.

Further, make sure that your AMD Drivers are updated to the latest version. You can search for the latest drivers here.

  1. Open AMD Control Panel > Click on Settings on Top Right Corner > Graphics.
  2. In Graphics > Select ESports as the Profile, and make the following changes.Best AMD Radeon Settings For Rainbow Six Siege
  3. Enable Radeon Anti-Lag.
  4. Disable Radeon Chill.
  5. Disable Radeon Boost.
  6. Make Sure Radeon Image Sharpening is Enabled, and Sharpness is Set to 80%. You can lower it for high frames and likewise increase it to get better visuals.
  7. Wait For Vertical Refresh – Always off.

Advanced AMD Settings

  1. Set Anti-Aliasing to Use Application Settings.
  2. Anti-Aliasing Method – Multisampling.
  3. Disable Morphological Anti-Aliasing.
  4. Disable Anisotropic Filtering.
  5. Choose Performance in Texture Filtering Quality.
  6. Enable Surface Format Optimization.
  7. Override application settings for Tessellation Mode.
  8. Disable Maximum Tessellation Level.
  9. Disable OpenGL Triple Buffering.
  10. Reset Shader Cache – Perform a reset; it is healthy and beneficial.

Radeon Display Settings

After you are done with the Graphics Settings. Proceed to Display Tab, and do the following.

  1. Radeon FreeSync – Off.
  2. Virtual Super Resolution – Disabled.
  3. GPU Scaling – Disabled.
  4. Scaling Mode – Full Panel.
  5. Vari-Bright – Personal Preference. I like to enable it because the gamma levels look much better.
  6. In Custom Color Section, Simply Choose whatever seems best. This has nothing to do with Performance and FPS, so don’t worry.

Best Rainbow Six Siege Settings

Let’s briefly go through all the in-game settings options you should go for in Rainbow Six Siege:

ResolutionMaximum Resolution
Display ModeFullscreen
Refresh RateHighest Possible
Aspect RatioMonitor’s Default
VsyncAlways Off
Widescreen LetterboxOff
Field of View90
Overall QualityCustom
Texture QualityLow
Texture FilteringAnisotropic 16x
LOD QualityHigh
Shading QualityMedium
Shadow QualityMedium
Reflection QualityLow
Ambient OcclusionOff
Lens EffectsOff
Zoom-In Depth Of FieldOn

After you are done with Windows 10 Enhancements and Graphics Card Settings, I’ll say that you have already made a considerable effort to get high fps in Rainbow Six Siege. Now we will configure the final settings, and that would be in the game itself. These settings are as important as the rest of them in the guide, but the impact on performance is significantly higher in these.

  1. Open Rainbow Six Siege with Vulkan > Settings > Display.
    best rainbow six siege settings
    best rainbow six siege settings.
  2. Resolution – Choose The Highest Available For Best Visibility. If you want a wider resolution, you can also make the custom and choose that.
  3. Display Mode – Always Full Screen.
  4. Refresh Rate – Select The Highest Available Refresh Rate.
  5. Aspect Ratio: Select the monitor’s default Aspect Ratio.
  6. VSync – Always Off.
  7. Widescreen Letterbox – Off.
  8. Field of View – I like to Keep It at 90 because you get the best visibility and FPS. However, if you are getting Low FPS in 90, you can lower it and get more frames. In FPS Games, 90 FOV is ideal for most players. Note that increasing it also means lower frames.
  9. Overall Quality – Choose Custom and Make the following changes.
  10. Texture Quality – Low; we have already enhanced it through Graphics Card Control Panel, so no need to bump it up.
  11. Texture Filtering – Anisotropic 16x. This is important because, without this, the image quality looks very blur, and spotting enemies can become a challenge.
  12. LOD Quality – High, makes a terrific graphics difference but does not have a lot of impact on FPS.
  13. Shading Quality – Medium.
  14. Shadow Quality – Medium. These two settings can allow you to see the enemy’s shadows and can be helpful sometimes. If you have a Low-End PC, you can set it to Low.
  15. Reflection Quality – Low.
  16. Ambient Occlusion – Off.
  17. Lens Effects – Off.
  18. Zoom-In Depth of Field – On.
  19. Anti-Aliasing – FXAA.


best rainbow six siege settings
Rainbow Six Siege Optimization Thoughts

While you might be thinking that, well, these settings are just for lower-end PCs, and their entire focus is on High FPS. That is not entirely true because these settings are meant to work for all sorts of PCs. They aren’t only circled High FPS. But they also make sure that you are getting the best visuals.

In short, these settings are the most optimized ones for Rainbow Six Siege. If you are a competitive Valorant or Rainbow Six Siege player like me and always want the best visuals and fps. Trust me; these settings will always get the job done and help you become more consistent at the game.

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