Rainbow Six Siege: How To Unlock Operators [Quick Method]

Find your playstyle by unlocking additional Operators and unleash your full potential.

In Rainbow Six Siege, there are a total of 70 Operators. Each Operator has unique weapons, gadgets, and abilities. To unlock operators in Rainbow Six Siege, you can use either Renown or R6 credits.

Key Takeaways
  • There are currently 70 Operators in the Rainbow Six Siege.
  • You must earn Renown by grinding in matches or purchase R6 credits to unlock Operators.
  • Specific Operators can also be unlocked by completing challenges; alternatively, if you already have that Operator, you will be rewarded with Renown.

How To Unlock Operators 

Ram, Operator for Breaching in Rainbow Six Siege
Ram, Operator for Breaching in Rainbow Six Siege [image by eXputer]
Operators in Rainbow Six are unlocked through Renown, R6 credits, or completing challenges for specific operators. 

Beginner Challenges

Beginner challenges, also known as Newcomer challenges, are available for 12 operators. In order to unlock each operator, three challenges must be completed per operator.

12 Operators that can be unlocked by Beginner challenges
12 Operators that can be unlocked by Beginner challenges [image by eXputer]

How To Earn Renown

Renown is a free-to-earn in-game currency that is used to unlock Operators or buy Items and supplies. Additionally, I found out that winning a ranked or standard match gives you twice the amount of Renown compared to Quick Match.

Here are some ways to obtain Renown:

  • Daily Challenges: Completing Daily challenges will give you an additional 250 Renowns.
  • Multiplayer Matches: Playing multiplayer matches is also a good way to earn Renown.
  • Weekly Challenges: Remember to complete the weekly challenges that are available in Ubisoft Club.
  • Situation Match: Each star earned in a situation match will give you an additional of 200 renown.
Renown boosters to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Siege
Renown boosters to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Siege [image by eXputer]
Renown boosters are available in some free tiers of the Battle pass. These boosters increase the amount of Renown earned at the end of the match. The effects of each booster on earning Renown are as follows:

  • Renown bonus increases by 100%.
  • Teammates will receive a 10% bonus.
  • If you have an entire team with active Boosters, you will receive a 50% increase.
  • Stacking boosters can provide a total of up to +190% bonus Renown.

My Thoughts On Operators

I think the most efficient way to unlock Operators is by earning Renown, which is free and easy to earn. However, make sure to unlock the ones that suit your playstyle first, as there are over 70 operators.

Now you know how to unlock operators. Furthermore, if you want to choose the best Operator, read about All Operators Ranked, and if you want to know the best launcher to run your game, read about Vulkan Or Normal. Lastly, consider checking out my review on Rainbow Six Siege.

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