Rainbow Six Siege: Best Defenders [TOP 3]

Here are my recommendations to get the victory with Best Defenders after spending 91+ hours!

Just like Attackers, there are 35 Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. As a defender, the most important role you have to fulfill is to stop the attackers from gathering intel and blocking them from entering the site. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 35 Defenders available in Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The primary role of Defenders is to impede attackers’ access to intel and prevent them from entering the site and planting the defuser.
  • Normally, the operators are selected based on Map, Site Location, and current meta.
  • Operators like Solis, Azami, and Smoke are sure to be useful in almost every scenario, considering their gadgets and loadouts.

Best Defenders Compared

Here’s the summary of the Best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege:

OperatorSpecialtiesDifficultySpeedHealthRecommended Loadout
MediumMediumHighPrimary: P90 (Submachine Gun)
Secondary: SMG-11 (Machine Pistol)
Gadget: Impact Grenade x 2
HighMediumMediumPrimary: 9X19SVN (Submachine Gun)
Secondary: D-50 (Handgun)
Gadget: Impact Grenade x 2
MediumMediumMediumPrimary: M590A1 (Shotgun)
Secondary: SMG-11 (Submachine Gun)
Gadget: Proximity Alarm


Best for stopping intel gathering
Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege
Solis [Image by Me]
In Siege, gadgets play a crucial role, making operators who can eliminate them highly valuable. Solis, one of the best Defenders in Rainbow Six Siege, excels at stopping intel gathering, hindering essential intelligence for individuals and the team.

Such intel is pivotal, enabling safer roaming without falling into traps and exposing vulnerable opponents reliant on their gadgets. As Solis, your role also involves being the team’s primary source of information, so it’s essential to be adept at communication to maximize their abilities.

Why I Picked This Operator: Solis is one of the strongest defenders in the game, if not the strongest. Her info gathering, coupled with her anti-gadget tendency, is unparalleled. Also, she is extremely versatile, meaning you can play on-site or roam because she has impact grenades.
  • Extremely good at denying intel
  • Very strong roamer due to enhanced situational awareness
  • Access to impact grenades
  • The enemy team can counter her by simply not using electronics
  • Reliant on team communication
  • Can be difficult for newer players or if you are unfamiliar with the map


Best for stopping entry and holding angles
Best Defenders Rainbow Six Siege
Azami [Image by Me]
Azami’s unique ability involves Kiba Barriers, kunai knives that convert into bulletproof barriers when thrown, fortifying vulnerable spots across maps. This adaptable defense turns disadvantageous areas into safe zones, perfect for players valuing strategic adaptability.

Azami’s Kiba Barriers satisfy a long-standing fan request for hole-plugging abilities, significantly impacting defensive rounds by neutralizing Attacker-favored sightlines. This makes her a top-tier Defender alongside Smoke, offering a meta-operator choice for stopping entry and holding angles to enhance defensive strategies.

Why I Picked This Operator: Azami is amazing at creating one-ways. This makes her excellent for holding off-angles. Her shotgun is also perfect for creating rotates within sites. Her bulletproof barriers can seal entrances that cannot be barricaded or reinforced.
  • Great loadout 
  • Can seal vital site openings
  • Perfect for creating deadly one-ways
  • Kiba barrier is easily broken by melee
  • She only gets 5 barriers
  • As a site-based defender, she does not have the 1.5x scope


Best Trapper
Smoke [Image by Me]
Smoke is a perennial Defender, securing a spot among Rainbow Six Siege’s best defenders.

His arsenal, while uncomplicated, boasts formidable strength coupled with a consistently dependable weapon choice that guarantees effectiveness.

The versatility of his Remote Gas Grenades serves dual purposes, enabling proactive retreats to safety or acting as the best trapper against an enemy team. Additionally, he retains his status as one of the game’s most potent Operators for site preparation—a critical skill to master for those aiming to progress up the ranks in Rainbow Six Siege.

Why I Picked This Operator: Smoke is the best entry denial defender effortlessly. His toxic smoke is almost impossible to dodge, as it drains away extremely quickly, leaving the attackers no chance to retreat.   
  • Stupendously strong at stopping enemy pushes.
  • Very strong at anchoring sites.
  • Shotgun for making rotates. 
  • Vulnerability during Activation
  • Dependency on Timing.
  • Limited Utility. 

My Thoughts On The Best Defenders In Rainbow Six Siege

Having played all these Defenders, I think the most important thing is communicating with the Intel you gathered. It not only allows your team to secure kills, but it can also give you an advantage at the start. Anchors have one of the most important jobs in Rainbow Six Siege, which is surviving and protecting the site. If communicated correctly, the Roamers can die after giving you a lot of advantage by killing even one Attacker.

Now find out the Best Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege and land a victory with the perfect team.


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