Rainbow Six Siege: How To Play Anchors [Explained With Images]

Here is how I would play Anchors on-site and get the victory after spending 88+ hours!

Anchors serve as the final defense for the team holding the position in Rainbow Six Siege. When attackers close in on the objective site, anchors become the last chance to secure victory. Anchoring during defense is a vital skill for all Rainbow Six Siege players, and even Roamers will sometimes find themselves taking on this role.

Key Takeaways
  • Anchors are the final line of defense in Rainbow Six Siege, stationed on-site throughout the round, providing information and stopping attackers.
  • 1-speed operators are typically preferred for anchoring due to their durability and utility, which aids in site defense.
  • Playing as an anchor involves predicting attacker movement, understanding teammates’ guard positions, and maintaining a defensive stance.
  • Key skills for anchoring include holding angles, prioritizing crosshair placement, utilizing obstacles for cover, and executing quick peeks.
  • Recommended anchor operators for beginners include Smoke, Echo, and Maestro, each with unique abilities and effective tools for site defense.

What Are Anchors In Rainbow Six Siege?

Smoke as an Anchor
Smoke as an Anchor [Image by Me]
The anchor operator remains stationed on-site throughout the round, aiding the team by providing information and slowing down attackers using its special gadget.

  • The most suitable anchors are 1-speed operators, known for their durability, which complements the anchoring role.

Apart from their resilience to damage and equipped with a magnifying scope, anchoring operators are frequently selected due to their utility that supports anchoring on the site or proves essential during the final objective push.

How To Play As An Anchor

Holding Angles
Holding Angles [Image by Me]
Basic anchoring (on-site) relies on minimal map knowledge to fulfill the role effectively.

Here’s what’s important:

  • Predict where attackers might come from.
  • Understand which entrances and angles your teammates are guarding.
  • Learn how to maintain a defensive position.

A crucial tip for Anchors is to avoid being too aggressive. While exceptions exist, the primary goal is to stay alive as long as possible. When anchors perish, roamers face a challenging task, forcing defenders to retake the site under unfavorable circumstances.

What Skills Do You Need To Become An Anchor?

Stunning Opponents as Echo
Stunning Opponents as Echo [Image by Me]
For new players who lack extensive experience and detailed map knowledge, anchoring is a suggested defensive role. Roaming effectively requires advanced map knowledge and experience, making it more challenging for newcomers.

  • Holding Angles or keeping line of sight, emphasizing crosshair placement, and practicing head level prediction.
  • Hiding the operator’s body behind obstacles for higher protection.
  • Understanding which angles to hold and learning from enemy encounters.
  • Utilizing quick peeks to reduce exposure and exploit opponents’ latency.

Best Operators For Anchors

Best Anchors in Rainbow Six Siege
Best Anchors [Image by Me]
Here are some of the Best Operators as Anchors, which you should definitely use as a beginner:

  • Smoke: Smoke is great at holding positions because he has powerful guns, especially the best shotgun in the game. He also has another gun called the SMG-11 as a backup, but it’s a bit hard to control because it kicks a lot.
  • Echo: Attackers hold a 1v4 advantage and are planting with no time left on the clock; you can stun the planter, canceling the animation, ultimately granting the defenders the win.
  • Maestro: Maestro’s got a really strong gun called the ALDA 5.56. He also has another gun that helps make new pathways in walls. He also has these special cameras that can’t be broken easily, and he can use them to shoot at the other team’s gadgets or even at the other team themselves.

My Take On Rainbow Six Siege Anchors

rainbow six siege hours
My Hours in Rainbow Six Siege

Anchors is one of my favorite roles while defending in Rainbow Six Siege, as Roamers tend to die early, and I can get my team to win while fighting head-on with the Best Attackers. I strongly recommend checking out the Rainbow Six Siege Tier List to see which Operator you may like as a newcomer or hardcore player.


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