Spider-Man 2: Ending Explained & Future

Learn about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Ending, the Future of Peter and the people around him, and what it means for the next Spider-Man game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 treats superhero enthusiasts to another thrilling journey around New York City. The third game in the Insomniac Franchise features both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as the protagonists and is filled with Marvel heroes and villains, as well as subtle nods to Spider-Man comics. From the return of Doctor Octopus to the rise of Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, Insomniac drops many hints about the upcoming Spider-Man sequel in Spider-Man 2’s ending. 

Key Takeaways
  • During Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ending, Harry is separated from the Symbiote, and he goes into a Coma.
  • Norman Osborn, blaming Spider-Men for his son’s condition, mentions a G-Serum hinting towards the introduction of Green Goblin.
  • MJ leaves Jonah’s job and starts her show so she can focus on her dreams without any pressure.
  • Peter takes a break from being Spider-Man to focus on the Emily-May Foundation.
  • Following Peter’s retirement, Miles is given the duty to look after New York.
  • Miles’ Mother, Rio, is dating a guy named Albert Moon. Albert has a daughter named Cindy.
  • Cindy believed to be ‘Silk‘, Doctor Otto, Green Goblin, and Carnage are expected to feature in Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man 2’s ending sees Peter, Miles, and MJ plan to take down Venom and free Harry from the Symbiote. Here’s everything you need to know.

Venom’s Defeat and The G-Serum

spider-man 2 ending
Venom Fighting Miles [Image By Me]
Dr. Connors warns Peter that Harry and the Symbiote are now inseparable, and Peter must kill the host to end Venom. After a fierce battle against the symbiote, Harry manages to break free from Venom’s grip momentarily.

He tells Peter that the only way to stop Venom is to kill him, a painful realization for Peter. He reluctantly takes this drastic step, ending the life of his recently reconnected best friend.

spider-man 2
Miles Healing Harry [Image By Me]
However, Miles steps in, using his bioelectric powers to bring Harry back. After a few tense attempts, Harry’s pulse returns. While his life is saved, Harry’s condition remains precarious. He slips into a coma, and the condition of his illness remains uncertain.

spider-man 2 ending
Peter, Norman, And MJ visiting Harry [Image By Me]
Shortly after Miles saves Harry, Norman Osborn shows up at the destroyed Emily-May Foundation, takes a look at his comatose son, and lashes out at the Spider-Men, asking what they’ve done to Harry. The scene then cuts to Peter and MJ visiting Harry in a hospital bed.

Norman arrives and has a breakdown, smashing a window with Harry’s cane. The scene ends with Peter and MJ quietly exiting the room while Norman calls someone, ordering them to get The G-Serum ready.

Green Goblin In Spider-Man 3?

This appears to be a deliberate nod to the Green Goblin, Norman’s sinister alter-ego and one of Spider-Man’s iconic adversaries from the Silver Age of comics. Surprisingly, the Green Goblin has been noticeably absent from the series despite being a major villain.

The Green Goblin is wealthy, possesses formidable technology, harbors a deep hatred for Spider-Man, and gains super-strength through scientific experiments. All the elements seem aligned for the emergence of the Green Goblin in the next sequel, and the G-serum could be the catalyst that propels Norman into the realm of supervillains.

Peter Takes A Break

ending spiderman 2
MJ recording her new Show [Image By Me]
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ending sees our heroes chart new paths in life. Mary Jane discovers her passion as an independent podcaster, freeing her to chase her journalistic dreams without any overbearing bosses. On the other hand, Peter seems inclined to take a step back from his Spider-Man role. This isn’t a hasty decision born of frustration.

Instead, he wants to focus on other projects to help the city. One of these is reviving the Emily-May Foundation, an organization he originally aimed to start with Harry. With the EMF building demolished by Venom, Peter restarts it in his garage.

spider man 2
Miles with Peter [Image By Me]
Throughout the game, he has been searching for the right moment to talk to Miles about this, and the ending presents him with that opportunity. This doesn’t mean Peter will never be Spider-Man again, but he’s semi-retired, and any future events will likely need something significant to draw him back into action.

Miles And Hailey

After Peter tells Miles about his semi-retirement, he says he has the Spider-Man duties covered but will continue looking to Peter for advice.

spiderman 2
Miles And Hailey [image by Me]
In a post-credits scene, Hailey comes to Miles’ house for dinner, the person he had been trying to ask out during the campaign. They share a kiss, and then Miles’ mother, Rio, invites them for dinner. She’s excited to introduce Miles to her new boyfriend. When the doorbell rings, a middle-aged man named Albert arrives, accompanied by his daughter, Cindy, whose face isn’t revealed.

Who Is Cindy Moon

marvel's spider-man 2 ending
Cindy’s Introduction [image by Me]
Although we only catch a glimpse of Cindy from behind, several clues strongly suggest her identity. Her name, the fact that her father, Albert, appears Korean, and her distinctive short black hair all point to Cindy Moon. In the comics, Cindy is also known as Silk, another hero who gained superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Interestingly, in the comics, Cindy was bitten by the same Spider that gave Peter his powers, implying that she has had her abilities for quite some time.

However, the Cindy we see here appears to be around Miles’ age rather than Peter’s. This suggests that Insomniac may be altering her backstory significantly for this game. So, we could expect to see Silk in the upcoming Spider-Man title or DLC.

Norman Visits Otto

marvel's spider-man 2 ending
Dr. Otto [Image By Me]
In a mid-credits scene, Norman Osborn visits Otto Octavius at the Raft. He requests the identities of both Spider-Men, claiming they’ve “ruined his son.” This strongly hints at Norman embracing his Green Goblin persona in the next game.

While Otto doesn’t give away much, he hints at his return to action by mentioning he’s writing “the final chapter.” This suggests that he, too, will be back in action for the next installment.

What To Expect From Spider-Man 3

Miles taking the lead with Peter supposedly retiring and Cindy Moon embracing the mantle of Silk, we see a shifting dynamic in the hero lineup. The introduction of Norman’s G-Serum confirms the return of Green Goblin, and his encounter with Otto hints at the potential revival of Doc Ock.

Additionally, the conclusion of the Flame side mission sets the stage for Cletus Kasady’s presence in the game universe, foreshadowing the imminent arrival of Carnage. Finally, in comics, Silk’s strong connection to Morlun and the whole Spider quest hints at the possibility of a broader Spider-verse.

It will be interesting to see how Insomniac divides all this content into a DLC and a Full Sequel. That’s about it regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ending. Read eXputer’s review of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to learn more about the game.


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