Spider-Man 2: BEST Ways To Get Hero Tokens

The best ways to get Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2 include completing various side activities and side missions.

There are five best ways to get the Hero Tokens in Spider-Man 2, and these consist of some side missions, as well as side activities. You’ll have to complete the side mission using both Peter and Miles, and some side activities for Hero Tokens get unlocked during the end game. Some missions and activities are easier to complete than others additionally.

Key Takeaways
  • Hero Tokens are important resources needed to craft gadgets as well as gadget and suit tech upgrades.
  • Some suits in Spider-Man 2 will also require these tokens in order to get unlocked.
  • Getting the Hero Tokens during the early game is hard, but The Flame side missions really help.
  • During the mid-game, Cultural Museum side missions also provide a good number of these tokens.
  • Many other activities, including beating Hunter Bases, Symbiote Nests, and Mysterium Challenges, also grant these tokens.

For more insight, here’s a detailed video by eXputer on getting Hero Tokens as quickly as possible in Spider-Man 2:

Important: Do not waste Hero Tokens on getting new suits; instead, get the gadget and suit tech upgrades first.

All The Best Ways To Get Hero Tokens In Spider-Man 2

Here is an overview of all the methods for obtaining Hero Tokens, ranked from the best to the worst;

RankHero Tokens MethodsToken Rewards
1Cultural Museum Side Missions18 Hero Tokens
2The Flame Side Missions20 Hero Tokens
3Hunter Bases20 Hero Tokens (5 for each base)
4Symbiote Nests40 Hero Tokens (4 for each nest)
5Mysteriums22 Hero Tokens (1-2 per Mysterium)

What Are Hero Tokens In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

spider-man 2 hero tokens
The Hero Tokens [Image Taken by Me]
The Hero Tokens are not only used to craft gadgets and new suits, but some suit tech upgrades and gadget upgrades also require you to use Hero Tokens.

This currency is probably the hardest to obtain out of all the other crafting materials, including the Rare Tech Parts. You cannot obtain a lot of Hero Tokens during the early game either and have to wait until more activities unlock, which you can grind.

Not only will you need Hero Tokens to create new suit designs for Peter and Miles, but some gadgets like the Ricochet Web also require these tokens to get crafted. Unlocking the gadgets and their upgrades should be your first priority before buying new suits using the Hero Tokens.

Some suit tech upgrades will also utilize the Hero Tokens, so you will need to be really careful in spending these early on in your playthrough.

Best Ways To Get Hero Tokens

Five different types of side activities and missions will reward you with the Hero Tokens. The amount of Hero Tokens that you receive also depends on the difficulty level of these activities.

1. Cultural Museum Side Missions

spider-man 2 hero tokens
The Cultural Museum Side Mission In Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
There are two Cultural Museum side missions that unlock after the 14th main quest. Both of these side missions collectively reward you with 18 Hero Tokens, which is huge, and the difficulty level of these quests is not hard either.

They are pretty straightforward and just task you with solving a simple puzzle paired with fighting random Thugs. Lastly, both of these side missions can only be attempted with Miles Morales.

2. The Flame Side Missions

item in the game
The Flame Side Mission In Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
These side missions can only be attempted using Peter Parker, and there are four of them in total, which are unlocked after the 6th main quest. You can actually obtain a total of 20 Hero Tokens by completing all four of the quests, which are more than the Museum missions.

However, the difficulty level of The Flame side missions is much harder than the Museum ones. This chain of questlines is also probably my favorite category of side quest in Spider-Man 2.

3. Hunter Bases

spider-man 2 hero tokens
The Hunter Base In Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
You can unlock Hunter Bases after completing all of the Hunter Blinds in a specific district. There are four Hunter Bases in total located in Harlem, Upper West Side, Financial District, and Downtown Brooklyn. Completing the Hunter Blinds in these districts will reveal the location of the bases.

Each Hunter Base rewards players with 5 Hero Tokens as well, and you can make a total of 20 Hero Tokens from all four bases. You can easily take out these bases by taking out the Hunters using stealth.

4. Symbiote Nests

item in the game
The Symbiote Nest In Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
The only drawback of this side-activity is that it unlocks during the end-game after the arrival of Venom in the main plot. Otherwise, the Symbiotee Nests are 10 in number, and completing each will reward you with 4 Hero Tokens, which makes for 40 Hero Tokens in total.

As for the task, you’ll need to fight Symbiote enemies for a given time limit until the whole Symbiote Nest is destroyed. These are not that difficult since you’ll have access to all abilities during the end game.

5. Mysteriums

spider-man 2 hero tokens
The Mysterium In Spider-Man 2 [Image Taken by Me]
Just like the Symbiote Nests, the Mysteriums are also 10 in number but unlock quite early during the mid-game. Completing each Mysterium gives you the opportunity to earn 1-2 Hero Tokens, and the last one actually rewards you with 4 Hero Tokens.

So you can actually earn a total of 22 Hero Tokens from these challenges if you manage to get a gold rank in each. Each Mysterium has a different challenge waiting for you, which you have to complete within a given time limit.

My Thoughts On Hero Tokens

After beating the main campaign of Insomniac’s latest superhero adventure, I can safely say that doing the Museum and Flame side missions was the best method for me to get my hands on Hero Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Additionally, I first used these tokens for gadgets and suit tech upgrades before buying new suits for Peter and Miles.

Spider-Man 2 has finally been released, and you can purchase various editions of it. If you had pre-ordered the title, then you can also pre-load it. The new features in Spider-Man 2 not only improve upon the traversal but also the gameplay. The new cast of characters and villains is also really interesting.


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