Spider-Man 2 Black Symbiote Suit [How To Get & Abilities]

Learn everything about how you can get the Black Symbiote suit in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5, as well as its skills and abilities.

The Spider-Man 2 PS5 Black Symbiote suit is one such anticipated outfit transformation for Insomniac’s Peter Parker that fans have been waiting for a while. As someone who got to experience that transformation sequence firsthand, it feels insanely satisfying to use its brutal abilities against enemies and bosses. But with that aside, the main question remains of how and when you can unlock the Spider-Man 2 Symbiote suit for yourself.

Spoiler Warning: The requirements to unlock the Black Suit in Spider-Man 2 are via a specific main story mission containing major narrative spoilers, which I’ll discuss in the guide.
Key Takeaways
  • The Symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2 finally lives up to the hype, boasting powerful abilities and a dark side of Peter Parker.
  • The Symbiote Suit is unlocked via the 16th Main Story Mission, “Good Men”.
  • In-game, it is referred to as the Black Suit and grants unique abilities such as the devasting Symbiote Punch and the crowd-control Symbiote Yank.
  • The best skills in my experience to increase the Suit’s viability include Surge (Don’t Resist) and Symbiote Blast (Might).

For a better hands-on experience, here’s a detailed video guide by eXputer on the unlocking procedure and abilities of the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2:

How To Unlock The Symbiote Suit In Spider-Man 2

spider man 2 symbiote suit ps5
The Black Symbiote suit (Image by Me)

Without spoiling too much, the Symbiote suit unlocks partway through the main campaign, specifically through the ‘Good Men’ chapter, which is the 16th Main story mission in the game.

This is a stealth-based mission where you mainly control and play as Mary Jane Watson, who investigates the abducted Dr Curt Connors, AKA The Lizard. At the end of her section, you will gain control of Peter Parker again, and after a couple of pivotal story cutscenes and moments, you will be granted the Symbiote Suit along with an introductory sequence to its abilities via combat.

I’d rather not talk about those story moments because they’re extremely spoiler-heavy, and it’d be best to experience them yourself when you reach this mission in-game to unlock the Suit.

Abilities And Characteristics

The Symbiote suit grants Peter a plethora of new abilities, but most of all, it also slowly alters his demeanor and personality, one that makes you love the performance of Yuri Lowenthal (Peter’s VA) even more than usual. In case you do not know, the Symbiote creature mainly carries features allowing Black Tentacles to be used from the suit for abilities.

There are four main abilities of the Symbiote Suit, including an Ultimate type ability that can be activated by pressing L3 + R3, which are the following:

Symbiote Punch

spider man 2 punch
Symbiote Punch (Image by Me)

The following ability allows you to unleash a devasting punch, knocking back enemies and even sticking them onto walls on impact. I found the ability to be especially viable against single-target foes. More importantly, it became a clutch for me to use against certain boss fights in the main story due to its damage.

Symbiote Strike

spiderman 2 symbiote abilities
Symbiote Strike (Image by Me)

The Symbiote Strike ability is interesting, one that I would say gets underutilized due to how useful it is in large crowd-control battles. The ability allows you to lunge forward at enemies, gathering them up and launching them into the air, which you can then follow up with a jump to engage them in mid-air combos with another ability.

I found it especially helpful when dealing with multiple enemies at once to reposition myself or gain control against the overwhelming swarm of targets.

Symbiote Blast

sym blast spiderman 2
Symbiote Blast (Image by Me)

The Symbiote Blast is my favorite ability of this Suit due to how powerful it can become with a skill upgrade and how it can destroy mobs of enemies within a second. As the name states, the ability launches Symbiote spikes in all directions, which can greatly damage and push back enemies. The range of the ability is especially deadly in close-encounter combat spaces of the game.

Symbiote Yank

spiderman 2 symbiote yank
Symbiote Yank (Image by Me)

Symbiote Yank is similar to the above-mentioned Blast ability, as it essentially allows you to grab multiple enemies at once using the Symbiote’s tentacles, which can prove to be viable in crowd-control situations, but in my experience, I also found it to be an optimal ability to use against the single-target bosses such as The Lizard.

Symbiote Surge

spider-man 2 symbiote abilities
Symbiote Surge (Image by Me)

Lastly, Symbiote Surge is similar to Kratos’ Spartan Rage, where once you have the Surge meter in the top right full, you can press down on the L3 + R3 button to activate a special ability that allows you to quickly defeat enemies in rapid succession without getting interrupted using powerful attacks. The surge meter must be recharged again to use this ability by defeating enemies or using your other Black Suit abilities to fill the meter.

Best Skills To Get

the best symbiote skills
Best Symbiote Skills (Image by Me)

Finally, I would also like to mention that the Symbiote suit has its own skills, which can greatly increase its viability when used in gameplay. As shown in the image above, these skills are to the left side of Peter’s skill tree, which are initially locked in the starting hours, as you might have observed.

I strongly recommend saving a few skill points early on so that you can instantly invest in the following skills when you get the Black Suit:

  • Symbiote Blast (Might): The following skill upgrades the intensity and damage of the Symbiote Blast ability.
  • Symbiote Yank (Empowered): The skill increases the number of targets you can grab simultaneously with the Symbiote Yank ability.
  • Surge (Don’t Resist): Surge Meter gains are increased.

My Take On The Symbiote Suit

spider-man 2 symbiote suit
My hours of Spider-Man 2 (Image by Me)

The Black suit, or as fans like me call it universally, the Symbiote suit, has been an adored staple for the Spider-Man franchise across movies, comics, and even animated adaptations of Spider-Man.

Insomniac has nailed both the terrifying look of it and making its abilities feel exciting to use in gameplay. As someone with over 20+ hours now (PSN: Liontamer5540) and close to the end, I assure you this is the best adaptation of the coveted Black suit.

This concludes my guide to the Symbiote Suit in Spider-Man 2; if you enjoyed reading this, please let me know about any other questions or queries related to it. For my in-depth thoughts on the overall game, check out my Review of Spider-Man 2 and the list of the Best Skills I wrote.

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