Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Increase Maximum Health

You can Increase the max Health in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by earning skill points and by collecting Essence Crystals.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you have two methods to boost Cal Kestis’ health and force levels. One way is to level up by defeating enemies and earning skill points, which can be spent to enhance Cal’s abilities and increase his overall health and force meters. Skill points can be used at meditation points. The second way is to increase Cal’s health and force meters is by collecting Essence Crystals.

Key Takeaways
  • In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players can increase health and force levels by leveling up and collecting Essence Crystals.
  • Essence Crystals provide benefits such as increasing maximum health, force or boosting experience points (XP).
  • Force Essences are luminous gems that may be found throughout Jedi Survivor in various areas.
  • To increase Cal Kestis’ maximum health, players need to find and collect Force Essence Crystals that grant health boosts.
  • Several Essence Crystals can be found on the planets of Coruscant, Koboh, and Shattered Moon, with additional locations accessible later.

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How To Increase Health Using Essence Crystals?

Force Essence Crystal Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health.
Force Essence Crystal

Essence Crystals are valuable collectible items in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that play a crucial role in enhancing Cal Kestis’ abilities. These crystals can be found scattered throughout Jedi Survivor, often hidden in off-the-beaten-path locations or rewarded after completing certain challenges. When collected, Essence Crystals provide one of three benefits: increasing maximum health, increasing maximum Force, or boosting experience points (XP) to help players unlock more skills in the skill tree.

  • Force Essences are glowing crystals that can be found in various locations.
  • When Cal interacts with them, he kneels in front of them and absorbs the power they hold.
  • These essences can either increase his maximum health or maximum Force, depending on the specific essence reason.

Locations Of Essence Crystals

I found every location in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health. You need to find and collect Force Essence Crystals that specifically grant health boosts. Here are some early-game locations where players can find these crystals on the planets of Coruscant and Koboh:


Undercity Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health Undercity
Undercity Meats
  • Undercity Meats – A Force Essence Crystal may be found in the corner of a well-lit passageway just before gaining the Confuse Force power. This will most likely be their first health-boosting crystal.

Koboh Essence Crystals: First Visit

After completing the initial stages in Coruscant, you will travel to the planet Koboh. During your first visit to Koboh, you will encounter several Essence Crystals that you can collect to upgrade your character’s abilities. Here is a detailed breakdown of each Essence Crystal that you can find during your first visit to Koboh:

  • XP is the first essence. You must go inland from Koboh until you reach the Derelict Dam quick travel spot. Look in the opposite direction you came from to see where the Droids and Stormtroopers are.
  • A cosmetic chest and an Essence Crystal may be found beneath the improvised platform.
  • You can land on firm ground and walk towards an open room.
  • You must first grasp a rope and then wall run to reach the crystal.
  • Health is the second essence. You must check the cliffside path from the Derelict Dam fast travel location, which is further away from the dinosaur.
  • You will soon come upon a Gorocco, a boar-gorilla hybrid that you must battle.
  • After defeating the Gorocco, you will be able to unlock the door and locate the Essence Crystal.

Rolling Mines

Force is the third essence. You will visit a facility with many Rolling Mines after defeating the Gorocco. A gadget at the end of the facility, near the Tactical Jacket, constantly creates Rolling Mines. Allow the Rolling Mine to lead you to the right side of the cliffs, where you’ll find a Prospector, a workbench, and a lift.

  • Continue down the route, defeating another Gorocco along the way, until you reach the summit and can collect the Essence Crystal.
  • It’s critical to remember this place since you’ll return to it later.

Force is the fourth essence. Rambler’s Reach Outpost, a little distance from town, may be seen from Southern Reach. This Essence Crystal may be found nearby in another region named Hunter’s Quarry.

  • You must use the ledge and vines to enter the interior of the main structure, where a Rolling Mine spawner is located.
  • Allow the Rolling Mine to follow you outside before grabbing and throwing it at the sludge-covered wall to gain access to the crystal.

Shattered Moon Essence Crystals

The Shattered Moon is a planet in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and it has several Essence Crystal locations to discover. Here are the details:

Essence #1: Force: As you progress deeper inside the Shattered Moon complex, you’ll finally grapple to reach the big centrifuge.

Essence #2: Health: After defeating the Shiverpede enemies and acquiring Essence #1, you’ll proceed to the next area. There, you’ll encounter a large room with several walls that have a glowing blue texture.

  • You need to use the Lift ability on these walls to progress.
  • At the end of this room, there’s a small platform you can jump onto with the crystal.

Stone Spires And Lucrehulk

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health Lucrehulk

The Koboh Essence Crystals in the Stone Spires and Lucrehulk areas are accessible later once the player has acquired more traversal abilities.

  1. First Crystal Health:
    • It can be found at the Riverbed Watch outpost.
    • The player needs to take out the enemies here and climb to the top of the outpost to find the crystal.
  2. Second Crystal Force:
    • It is a Force Essence obtained by acquiring the Koboh Grinder ability for BD-1. This skill is earned as part of the campaign in the Koboh Spires section.
    • Once the player has this ability, they can burn away the gunk to reveal the crystal.
  3. Third Crystal XP:
    • It is located in the core area of the derelict Lucrehulk.
    • To obtain this crystal, the player needs to backtrack after obtaining the Lift and Slam Force Power.
    • Once the player has this ability, they can lift the large door that leads to a ledge with the crystal.
  4. Fourth Crystal Health:
    • The Player can pick up after defeating the boss.

Shattered Moon Essence Crystals

Automated Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health All Shattered Moon
All Shattered Moon

During this section, you will be passing through a large chamber where a giant laser beam is constantly firing, and you need to use Merrin’s Charm to phase through the green barriers when the beam is not firing. After getting past the third and final green barrier, the crystal is positioned at the conclusion of this segment.

  • This crystal can be challenging to reach since you need to avoid getting caught by the laser beam while phasing through the barriers.
  • Timing is critical, and your motions must be slow and exact. At the end of the segment, the crystal will be waiting for you.

Koboh Essence Crystals: Fogged Expanse And Mountain Observatory

Essence #1: Health: Crystal in this section is located in the Fogged Expanse. As you advance further into this area, you’ll eventually come across a cliffside area with several Rolling Mines. Make your way across the region, using your traversal abilities to reach the top of the cliff, where the Essence Crystal may be found.

  • Essence #2: It is a bit later before you arrive at the Imperial base, and you will find Force tear there.
  • Essence #3: is located in the Mountain Observatory – Diagnostics Corridor.

Koboh Essence Crystals: Late-Game

 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health Gorocco
After Defeating Gorocco, you can get Health Essence

In the late-game section of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players will have access to most of the traversal abilities, allowing them to explore previously unreachable areas and find more Essence Crystals.

Force is the fourth essence. Rambler’s Reach Outpost, a little distance from town, may be seen from Southern Reach. This Essence Crystal may be found nearby in another region named Hunter’s Quarry.

You must use the ledge and vines to enter the interior of the main structure, where a Rolling Mine spawner is located.
Allow the Rolling Mine to follow you outside before grabbing and throwing it at the sludge-covered wall to gain access to the crystal.

  • Essence #1: Force: Head to the fast travel point at the Abandoned Dam and retrace your steps to the location where you previously encountered the Pit Droid near the downed spacecraft.
  • Essence #1: XP Recall the location within the Abandoned Dam that featured an elevator – the same spot where you had to demolish walls using a Rolling Mine. Be ready to fight Gorocco.
  • Essence #2: XP The subsequent pair of crystals are situated near each other within the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Begin by inspecting the metallic hut located at the rear of Doma’s Emporium. You’ll need to employ a variety of skills, including BD-1’s Slice, Lift, and Merrin’s Enchantment.
  • Essence #3: Health This can be found in the column above, situated over the Bilemaw creature in the area known as Swindler’s Wash. While the Air Dash is the only technical requirement for this task, it’s still acceptable to come back and complete it later. Perform a couple of wall runs, ensuring that your second run achieves the greatest height possible for your jump.

Increasing Cal’s Health From The Resilience Skill Tree

Another best way to increase the max health of Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is through the Resilience Skill Tree upgrades. Players can improve Cal’s overall survivability during combat by investing Skill Points (SP) into these upgrades. Here is a breakdown of the Resilience Skill Tree upgrades that directly contribute to increasing Cal’s maximum health:

  1. Survival Skills: Cost: 1 Skill Point
  2. Improved Survival Skills: Cost: 2 Skill Points
  3. Expert Survival Skills: Cost: 2 Skill Points

To unlock these upgrades, players must first earn Skill Points by defeating enemies, exploring the world, and discovering secrets. Once they have acquired enough Skill Points, they can access the Skills menu at any Meditation Point to spend them on the desired upgrades.

  • In addition to these upgrades, other skills in the Resilience Skill Tree can benefit Cal’s health and healing abilities.
  • For example, skills that improve the effectiveness of BD-1’s Stim canisters or increase the number of Stims Cal can carry can indirectly enhance his survivability.

Wrapping Up

You cannot possibly survive without increasing your health meter, or maybe I am underestimating you. This is from the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Increase Max Health guide. I hope you consider checking out Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle and Survivor Crashing guides.


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