Stray Badge Locations: All 6 Badges 

This Stray Badge Locations guide will uncover all 6 badge locations for players to discover!

There are also tons of collectibles to collect in Stray, and in my Badge Locations guide, I will uncover where you can find all 6 badges that are scattered throughout the maps! 

Key Takeaways
  • Music Sheets Badge: Collect eight scattered music sheets throughout the map.
  • Outsiders Badge: Complete a storyline related to the slum area; the robot man rewards you with the Outsiders Badge and asks you to take it to his father.
  • Plant Badge (Antvillage): Collect purple, red, and yellow plants, and give them to Malo.
  • Cat Badge: In a street with neon lights, find a shop with a computer. On the highest shelf, unlock a Digicode Safe using the code 8542 to obtain the badge.
  • Police Badge: Locate a dead robot policeman at a specific location and retrieve his badge.
  • Neco Badge: Find a worker’s keys and return them to him to receive the Neco Badge.

Stray Badge Locations

Information on all the Badge Locations: 

BadgeLocationHow to Get
Music BadgeThe SlumsTake all 8 music sheets to the Morusque
Outsider BadgeDead City: Dead EndStart Chapter 7 "Dead End"
Plant BadgeAntvillageCollect Purple, Yellow, and Red Plants
Cat BadgeA Store near PaoudreEnter code 8542 in the Digicode Safe
Police BadgePolice Station in MidtownClimb the ACs in the alley and enter a tiny window
Neco BadgeNeco Corporation FactoryFind the keys inside the factory and take them to the worker

Music Badge

Let’s start things off by finding out the first Music Badge Location in Stray! There will be a total of 8 music sheets that players will need to find! 

Music Sheet One

Stray First Sheet Music
First Sheet Music

When you first enter the checkpoint for the Slums, keep heading down the alleyway, jump up the rooftops, up a cooler, and keep heading up by jumping on top of a few air conditioning units. 

Keep heading up, and when you get on top of a few tin roofs, jump down into a hole through the tin roofs. Make your way up the AC units until you reach the balcony of a house, and after entering the home, go into the small storage room, where you will need to climb a few boxes, and you will be able to get your hands on the first sheet music! 

Music Sheet Two

Stray Second Sheet Music
Second Sheet Music

For the second sheet in Stray, make your way back to the same alleyway, and at that point, you want to jump over to a red-colored vending machine. After getting on top of a roof, do a high jump onto another tin roof. Take a right and jump onto a balcony by jumping onto a few pipelines. The second sheet of music will be placed on a table. 

Music Sheet Three

Stray Third Music Sheet
Third Music Sheet

From the same place that you got your second music sheet, jump down onto the pipelines, balance across it, and keep going forward. Through an open window, enter a seemingly empty house, and keep heading forward until you reach a door that has all of its glass broken. Besides the bed, there will be a small bookcase with sheet music placed on top of the books. 

Music Sheet Four

Stray Fourth Music Sheet
Fourth Music Sheet

For this one, you want to do a full 180 and go back to the pipelines that you entered the house through, keep going across the pipelines until you can jump onto a tin roof, jump across the small gap and steer left. Head down, and then up an air conditioning unit, and leap back up on the roof where a few string lights are being hung. 

Head straight into a library, steer left, and the stray music sheet will be conveniently placed on a piano for the player to pick up. 

Music Sheet Five

Stray Fifth Sheet Music
Fifth Sheet Music

For the fifth music sheet, Stray players will need to go back to the slum checkpoint, and head right and down the stairs. Grab an energy drink, and keep heading straight until you encounter a robot with a small metal plate. Giving the robot the energy drink will grant you a music sheet in return. 

Music Sheet Six

Stray Sixth Sheet Music
Sixth Sheet Music

Go back to the checkpoint, keep going straight down the alleyway, and take a left through where the door is open. Steer left from there and go up the stairs, turn right, and right by the gaming table, there will be a dining table whereby players can leap onto to get their hands on the sixth sheet of music. 

Music Sheet Seven

Stray Seventh Music Sheet
Seventh Music Sheet

For the seventh sheet, you want to make your way back to the checkpoint, then go back down the alleyway, and keep going ahead until you hit a dead end. Steer left then right, scratch on a door whereby a robot will open it, and when you enter the home, the music sheet will be present on a painting. 

Music Sheet Eight

Stray Eighth Music Sheet
Eighth Music Sheet

Go to the checkpoint, head down the stairs, go into the first left open door, and then go back, and go into an ending street, and when you take your first left after hitting another dead end, you will need to use a Digicode. The code is 1283, and it will give you your 8th music sheet, completing the Stray Badge Locations for slums

Players will need to hand in the music sheets to get their music badges

Outsiders Badge

Stray Talking To Seamus
Talking To Seamus

To obtain the Stray Outsider’s early-game badge, complete the full storyline related to the Slums open-world area. In a cutscene, a man will open a door for you, leading you outside. Throughout the quest, you’ll need the assistance of the robot named Seamus.

  1. Seamus will express concerns about Zurk eggs consuming him, and players must repeatedly engage in dialogue with the robot.
  2. After a series of conversations, the man will mention giving you a “badge” and instruct you to take it to his father.
  3. He assures that his father will recognize you as a friend.

The man hands you the Outsiders badge and offers to open the door for you to show it to his father. This marks the acquisition of your second badge. Ensure you reach the next checkpoint to save your progress.

Stray Outsider Badge
Outsider Badge

Plant Badge in Antvillage

The next badge will be available to players only after they complete a set of three tasks, which include collecting a purple, red, and yellow plant and handing it over to a person named Malo. 

Purple Plant

Stray Purple Plant
Purple Plant

After making your way over to the Antvillage, do a 180, and grab onto the tree perch, whereby you can head up it, and you will be able to grab a Purple plant from one of the ones available in the tree branches. 

Red Plant

Stray Red Plant
Red Plant

Head back down the perches and go towards the balcony edge, where there will be a small bucket in which you can jump into the head down.

  1. Wait for the bucket to touch the ground, after which players in Stray will be able to grab onto a plank of wood and then make their way over to a sewage pipeline.
  2. Turn left, jump across two barrels, and make your way to the stoned ground.
  3. There will be a few boxes that you will be able to jump over, and once you do, you will encounter a few plants that are colored red.
  4. Grab onto one of them, and you will have officially collected ⅔ needed to complete the Antvillage badge location in Stray

Yellow Plant

Stray Yellow Plant
Yellow Plant

For the last plant, go back through the sewage pipeline and head up the wooden planks. Steer left and keep running until you can climb up a ladder, and then leap onto a few more AC units. Keep going across the platforms until you encounter some yellow plants laden on a pipeline. After you hand them over to Malo, you will be able to get your Plant badge

Cat Badge

Stray Neon Town
Neon Town

Next up, let’s take a look at the next badge that you can get. There is a pretty simple route for the Cat ​​Stray Badge Locations. To get it, you will need to go into a street where it seems that there is nothing but neon lights; there will be tons of shops filled with all kinds of items and inventory. 

Head forward until you encounter a small shop where there seems to be a computer on the selling end and a customer who is also a robot. Lead up onto the counter and jump onto the checkerboard floor. Once you are in, you will need to steer right, and then you will need to jump onto the shelves that are located there. 

Stray Cat Badge Code
Cat Badge Code

Head onto the highest shelf where players in Stray might be able to encounter a Digicode safe, and entering the code 8542 will unlock the safe. Click on “Inspect Badge,” which will show an overview of the badge, which will have a cat’s face on it. Grab it onto it and add it to your inventory.

Stray Cat Badge
Cat Badge

Police Badge

Window Deadend
Window Deadend

To find the Police badge in Stray, follow these steps:

  1. Upon spawning into the area, face the giant hologram.
  2. Turn right and descend a flight of stairs leading to an alleyway.
  3. Jump up the AC units and orange pipes until you reach a dead end by a window.
  4. Turn left, jump up the AC unit, and continue navigating the rooftops.
  5. Parkour your way up a series of units until you find a barred window.
  6. Leap up to enter the room with a dead robot policeman inside.
  7. Inspect the badge on the dead robot policeman to add it to your inventory automatically.
Stray Police Badge
Police Badge

Neco Badge

Stray Guarded Gate
Guarded Gate

As for the last of the three Midtown Stray Badge Locations for players, this one will be known as the neco badge, and to get it, players will need to find a worker’s keys and give them back to him to get the badge. 

Stray Neco Badge Worker
Neco Badge Worker

Head through a guarded gate, and turn right, making sure to avoid the inspector drone that is roaming around the area. Keep running until you encounter three barrels on top of some dirty water. Parkour across, once again ensuring that you do not get caught by the inspector drone. 

Inspector Drones
Inspector Drones

Jump across two more barrels and hop onto the platform to safety. Players will encounter a half-open door, through which they can slip in, and they will enter a massive empty room. Interact with the worker and he will give you the quest to find his keys. 

Keep running across the platform, hop over the balcony bars, and turn back, steering left from the worker’s location; keep heading forth and take shelter with the dumpster that is being carried by the machinery to avoid suspicion by the drone.

Jumping over a few barrels will lead you to the worker’s keys, and handing them back to the worker will grant you the Neco Bage. With that, I will wrap up my Stray Badge Locations guide! Do not miss out on our Stray Music Sheet guide!

Guide Inspiration and Photo Credit: WarbyGaming on Youtube

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