Stray Seamus Door Code: How To Find & Decipher It

In this guide we will look into how to find the door code at Seamus's home using the "Time Will Tell" hint.

Puzzles in the Stray-verse are no joke, they are extremely challenging and really get you thinking. From puzzles like how to get a stray Poncho for Elliot to finding the safe mysterious password, they really get your blood pumping! So now you might be thinking, how on earth do I get to the Seamus Door Code in the stray universe? Well, do not fret; we have the easiest and most fool-proof method jotted down for you! So, let’s get into it, shall we!

Key Highlights
  • After you have snagged the memory go back to the slums
  • Take the bucket and go to the lower rooftop then drop down and keep going in a straight line until you see the red bar sign
  • Go inside the bar and meet Seamus. This is where we find out that Doc is Seamus’ father
  • Momo will hand you the Doc’s notebook which you will have to Seamus, The Notebook states that there is a secret room in Seamus’ house
  • Find the picture of Doc and Seamus in the living room. It will say “time will tell”. 
  • Go to the far-end corner of the same table and start scratching to find the Keypad.
  • Dial 2-5-1-1 into the Keypad and the door should open. 
    Now that the door is open go inside and look for clues about the Doc.

How To Find Seamus Door Code In Stray?

One thing we want you to be well aware of is that this adventure will not be easy. Just like the Stray super spirit detergent puzzle, you will have to be very sharp-witted. So, do not expect an easy puzzle. 

The first thing we want you to do when trying to figure out the door code at Seamus is to of course find the place itself. That seems logical enough, no? If you are a tad bit confused about how to find it, then do not worry, we have got you covered!

Go To The Bar

locate note that momo gave to go to bar
Find momo’s note to go to the bar

As soon as you are finished with Momo’s place and of course, you have snagged the memory we want you to go back into the slums. You are probably already going outside because of the note you must have found on the TV that stated that Momo had gone to the bar.

After this make your adorable B-12 interact with the window next to you. It will effectively allow you to get and behold you are back in the slums!

So now you might be thinking how do I get to the bar? Well, do not worry too much! The way back to the bar is pretty easy. All you have to do is simply use the bucket.

You will take the bucket to the lower rooftop. After doing that you should immediately drop down and start to move in a straight line. Keep going ahead until you see the red sign on the bar. Fun fact, you might not remember it but this was the place where you first meet the guardian!

momo will be at the front of the bar
Momo will be waiting for you at the bar’s door

When you reach the door, you will see that Momo is actually waiting for you outside! He will ask you to come inside and you should follow in.

Go Inside The Bar And Meet Seamus

It may not be obvious at first, but this bar is the very place you will get to meet Seamus and open his door code. There are a couple of things that you will have to do before you get to interact with him.

Firstly, you will have to jump on the stool next to Momo and watch the Transceiver do what it is best known for.

After that Momo will speak to Zbaltazar, a fellow Outsider, who will confirm that they did discover a way back up. Sadly, they had to travel through the extremely risky sewers to do it. It is after this interaction that you will finally be able to meet the infamous Seamus. All your patience is finally paying off!

talk to seamus to get the Door Code in Stray
interact with Seamus to find the Door Code in Stray

You will be disturbed by a grumpy robot named Seamus, who, before departing, warns you about the sewers. But that is not even the most intriguing part! It is here that we find out that Doc is, in fact, Seamus’s father. How the plot thickens!

It is here that, Momo will encourage you to follow the grouchy Seamus back home. It is because, according to Momo himself, he thinks that Seamus’s father, aka Doc, may have a secret lab that B-12 could potentially use.

Get To Seamus’s Place

take the docs notebook so you may Door Code in Stray
get the doc’s notebook to get the Door Code in Stray

As soon as the interaction is done it is pretty obvious that the next step to get the door code is to go to Seamus’s place in the stray slums. Lucky for you the opportunity presents itself immediately after your interaction in the bar.

When you are ready, exit the pub and approach Momo as he makes his way through the Super Spirit Laundry structure and across the corner. He will continue down a lane and come to Seamus’s door, which has neon yellow lighting above it.

You will try to appeal to Seamus again, but he will completely disregard you. Which of course is super frustrating as a player but do not worry Momo has another plan. So, what is his plan?

Well, Momo will give you the Doc’s journal, which you will give to his son Seamus as a peace offering and as proof that there is a hidden room inside his house.

chat about the door code with seamus
Talk to Seamus about Door Code

When you get inside the home, go talk to Seamus and hand him Doc’s Notebook. The notebook mentions a hidden room in their house, but he will need assistance locating it. After all of that, the game is on!

Both Seamus and b-12 will start looking around for clues, and you are so close to unlocking the door code!

Look Around The House

find the door code by looking around
look around the house to find the Door Code

You should start interacting with different parts of the home in the hopes of getting a clue to finding the door. If you are a bit confused about where you should be looking exactly, here is what you need to do.

While you move about the shelves and tables you will notice something interesting. The majority of the paintings on the walls can be scraped to remove them off their hooks.

We want you to go to one particular picture the picture of Doc and Seamus embracing in the far right corner of the living room. Once you get to this particular picture, you should interact with it. When you do you will find that there will be text behind it.

When you translate that text, it will come out as something very intriguing. It will say “time will tell”

locate the keypad
find the Keypad

Find The Keypad

Now that you have the basic code, what next? Well, it is the tricky part. Many players get frustrated at this point and tend to leave, but do not do that. The way out of the puzzle is far easier than it may seem.

You will have to find a keypad where you can input the number you derive from the code. So where do you find the keypad? To be honest you will not really have to move that far.

Just go to the far-right corner of the very same table and start scratching at the small image. It will uncover the keypad.

Locate The Four Clocks

Now all that is left is to find the code that you will punch into the keypad. So how will you find the code?

Well, if you have been paying attention to your surroundings, you must have noticed something odd. Okay, so we will not beat around the bush and tell you exactly what it is.

If you look above the couch Seamus was sitting on, you will notice four clocks hung in a line: two circles and two squares. These clocks are actually stuck at a particular number, seems odd, no? Frankly, it may not be as odd when you consider the fact that all these wall clocks actually go up to 16! But that is neither here nor there!

Use The Clock & Unlock Seamus Door Code

So now things may be starting to add up, using the time may tell hint you found the clocks. These clocks will be stuck at a particular number, and you should use those as your base numbers.

  • These numbers are 2-5-1-1.

Dial this string of numbers into the keypad and voila! The door code at Seamus is open and you are free to go into Doc’s secret lab.

Go Inside The Secret Room

locate the tracker
Find the tracker

Okay so now that the door code has been dialed in go inside the room and start looking around for clues about the Doc. One thing that may jump out at you immediately is a blueprint pasted on the wall. You should go close to that far wall and should translate it.

After doing that, you should go to the whiteboard, where you will find a treasure trove of information. Look at the important data on the whiteboard writing by the entrance door.

In front of the whiteboard, you will find a suspicious-looking box on the top of a big bookshelf. To send the box tumbling to the floor, leap up to the right of the shelves and tap it. You will discover a Broken Tracker inside the box. A tool that could be able to reveal Doc’s precise position!

hand over the tracker to seamus
give the tracker to Seamus

Give The Tracker To Seamus

Once you locate it, you should take action to continue your search for a weapon for the Zurks. You now possess the necessary information to unlock Doc’s secret laboratory in Seamus’ Stray apartment.

We hope the guide was helpful in finding the Door Code in Seamus’s stray home.

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