Stray Vending Machines: Locations & Uses

This Stray guide will explain in complete detail of all the locations of Vending Machines in the game including the uses of these machines.

There are a total of four different vending machines that you can discover in the Slums of Stray. Additionally, they play an important role in obtaining energy drinks in the game. Energy Drinks are key items and are required for purchasing things or goods in Stray. In Conclusion, Vending Machines will provide you with these Energy Drinks.

Key Highlights
  • Vending Machines in Stray are scattered throughout the slums, which reward us with Energy Drinks that can be used to purchase items. 
  • You can find 4 Vending Machines throughout the playthrough:
    • Near the Guardian (robot in a red robe).
    • Opposite side of the Guardian.
    • Rooftop of the Slums.
    • Rooftop with gray-colored barrel.

What Are Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks are used as a currency by one of the merchant robots in the game. So you can realize the importance of these items in the game. You’ll need energy drinks to buy some quest items that you’ll need for the story. 

All Vending Machine Locations In Stray

As we have discussed earlier, you can find a total of four vending machines in the Slums. They are very cleverly hidden around the map, and you’re gonna use the versatility of a Cat’s traversal physics to reach their locations. Now we will discuss the location of these vending machines in complete detail.

Summarized location of Vending Machines in Stray: 

Vending MachineLocationDescription
#1Near the Guardian in the SlumsBlue vending machine opposite the robot musician
#2Opposite direction of the GuardianWhite vending machine with "RIP HUMANS" graffiti
#3Rooftops of the Slums (climbing required)Vending machine enclosed by a railing
#4Backtrack from the third vending machine rooftopFinal vending machine on the right

Vending Machine #1

Description A blue vending machine right next to the Guardian in Stray
Location Next to the Guardian in the Slums

The first vending machine is near the Guardian in Stray. He can be very easily spotted in the Slums of Stray. Basically, the Guardian is a robot wearing a big red robe. You can easily distinguish him from afar. Getting near the Guardian is key to reaching the first vending machine in the game.

Stray vending machines
The Red Robe Wearing Guardian standing near the Merchants

The Guardian is also holding a huge pole in his hand and some merchants are also sitting beside him. Once you reach the guardian, simply take a left. You will see some stairs on the left of the Guardian. Go down these stairs and you’ll see two green trees which are a sign that you are in the right spot of the Slums.

stray vending machines
The First Vending Machine in Stray that is blue in color

Once you go down the stairs, you’ll see a robot musician on your left and the first Vending Machine in Stray on your right. The machine is simply located in the opposite direction of the robot musician and is blue in color. Run up to the vending machine and interact with the numeric keypad to get an energy drink as well.

Vending Machine #2

Description A White vending machine next to the “RIP HUMANS” graffiti sign
Location Opposite to the Guardian in the Slums

For our second vending machine, we’ll have to restart our route from the Guardian in the red robe holding a pole. Once you’ve retraced your path back to that guardian robot, go in the opposite direction of the guardian robot. Simply make your way towards the direction that the robot is facing.

stray vending machines
The Robot that is wiping the Floor

You will inevitably arrive at a wall following this path. Once you do reach the wall, firstly take a right and then go left. When you take that left, you might come across a robot who is wiping the floor. That robot in Stray is an indication that you are on the right path to your second vending machine.

Stray vending machine
The Staircase at the end of the Road on your way to the Second Vending Machine

Keep following that same path until you arrive at the staircase near the end of the road. Climbing up that staircase is your next move. Once you climb those stairs, simply take a left and your second vending machine will be right three. The second vending machine is white in color. There is a graffiti sign near the vending machine as well that says “RIP HUMANS”.

stray vending machine
The Second Vending Machine in Stray that is White in Color

Run up to the vending machine and interact with the keypad once again. You will receive an energy drink as a reward for doing so. Locating the first two vending machines shouldn’t be that big of a hassle. Although, things get a little tougher for the third and fourth vending machines. Do not worry though as we will guide you comprehensively on their locations.

Vending Machine #3

Description Find this Vending machine enclosed to the railing, and receive an energy drink
Location Rooftops in the Slums of Stray

For your third vending machine, you’re going to have to do a little bit of climbing in Stray. Things will now start to get more vertical as you make your way through the rooftops of the Slums. From the second white vending machine, take a left.

Stray vending machines
The Outdoor Units that are placed on top of each other in Stray

After taking that left, go left one more time. Lastly, take a right and you’ll arrive at the spot from where you’ll have to start climbing. Here you’ll see two outdoor units that are placed on top of each other. You will have to jump on top of these outdoor units.

Stray vending machine
The Outdoor Unit is placed inside a Black Grill

Once you’re done getting on top of the two outdoor units look around for another outdoor unit. You’ll see another outdoor unit above you that is additionally fixed inside a black-colored grill. Jumping on top of that outdoor unit in a black grill is going to be your next move.

Stray vending machine
The Blue Roof in Stray

Once you’ve climbed that final outdoor unit, you’ll see a roof that is blue in color around you. Keep jumping on these roof pieces until you reach the very top of the building. At the top, you will find a grey-colored barrel. The presence of that barrel indicates that you’ve climbed the right building. 

the grey barrel
The Rooftop with the Grey-Colored Barrel

Simply fall down from the edge near the grey barrel and you’ll land near a railing that encloses the third vending machine. Sneak your way through the railing and interact with the keypad of the vending machine. You’ve now successfully found your third vending machine and received another energy drink.

stray vending machine
The Third Vending Machine placed inside a railing in Stray

Vending Machine #4

the grey barrel
The Wooden Plank placed under the Grey-Colored Barrel in Stray
Description The last vending machine can be found on the rooftop next to the grey-colored barrel.
Location Backtrack from the third vending machine rooftop

The fourth vending is actually very easy to get to in Stray once you’ve made your way to the third vending machine. Simply backtrack your way to the rooftop with the grey-colored barrel. You will notice that there is a wooden plank under the grey-colored barrel.

Stray vending machine
The Fourth and Final Vending Machine in Stray

Get on that plank and jump your way across the rooftop to get to the building on the other side. Once you’re done jumping on top of the next building, you will find your final vending machine on your right. 

Uses Of The Vending Machines

Vending Machines are used to obtain Energy Drinks in Stray.  These energy drinks can later be used to buy various things at one of the robot merchants known as Azooz. The following items can be obtained from Azooz in exchange for the Energy Drinks in Stray;

  • Memory for B-12 costs 3 Energy Drinks
  • Music Sheet that costs 1Energy Drink

Make sure to collect these Energy Drinks from the Vending Machines in Stray and use them to purchase everything from Azooz in the Slums.

This concludes our guide on the locations of all Vending Machines in Stray. Hopefully, the guide helped you locate each and every vending machine that is present in the slums. Let us know what you think about Stray in the comments below!


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