Destiny 2 Conflux Lost Sector [Walkthrough]

Reap the precious loot of the Conflux Lost Sector In Destiny 2 either solo or in a fireteam!

The Conflux Lost Sector in Destiny 2 features various enemies, including Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, and a boss, the Shayotet Partisan, that can disappear and reappear in different room parts. To help players overcome these challenges, we have compiled a list of tips and strategies. These tips include weapon recommendations, armor and mod choices, and tactics to use during the fight. By following these tips, players can increase their chances of success and reap the rewards of completing this challenging activity.

Key Takeaways
  • Location: The Conflux Lost Sector is in Nessus’ Cistern region, near a northwest Vex waterfall.
  • Preparation: Equip Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, or Glaives, and use seasonal mods.
  • Strategy: Utilize constant movement, cover, shield management, and team communication.
  • Boss Battle: Use Solar supers against the Colossus boss and exploit Champion weaknesses with specific mods.
  • Shayotet Partisan: Target its head, use cover effectively, and employ Solar weapons for optimal damage.

The Conflux Lost Sector

The Lost Sector features a massive room with numerous pillars and elevations, providing players with cover and escape routes. However, players must be wary of multiple Cabal combatants with Void shields, Barrier and Unstoppable Champions, and an increased number of enemies that can surround and overwhelm them.

To succeed in The Conflux Lost Sector, players must prepare the proper loadout beforehand and use the right seasonal mods to take down the Champions as well as the bosses in order to complete it on Legend and Master difficulty and earn some exclusive Exotic armor.

Location And How To Begin

the conflux lost sector in destiny 2
The Lost Sector Location (Image credit: Ebontis YouTube Channel)
  • Head to Nessus and land at the Cistern.
  • Look left for a building with a triangle-shaped entrance.
  • Notice a Vex waterfall to the right.
  • Sparrow over the Vex cave toward the waterfall.
  • Keep a sharp eye out for the entrance, as it’s easy to miss.

Tips And Strategies For Legend Difficulty

the conflux lost sector in destiny 2
Unstoppable Incendior

If you plan on taking on The Conflux Lost Sector in Destiny 2, you need to be prepared for one of the most challenging activities in the game. One of the toughest aspects of The Conflux is the number of champions you’ll face. However, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some essential tips to help you take them down:

  • Utilize Seasonal Mods: Equip Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifles to penetrate barrier shields and use Scout Rifles or Glaives to stun Unstoppable Champions effectively.
  • Watch Out for Modifiers: Be cautious of Scorched Earth Modifier, increasing enemy grenade usage.
  • Environmental Awareness: Stay mindful of surroundings, utilize pillar cover for protection, and plan attacks accordingly.
  • Elemental Weaponry: Carry Solar or Void weapons to handle champion shields efficiently, adjusting to Solar Burn for increased damage.
  • Team Coordination: Work closely with your fire team, communicating effectively, especially on Legend difficulty, to overcome challenging enemies.

In summary, taking on The Conflux Lost Sector is no easy feat. But with these essential tips and a well-coordinated team, you’ll be well-equipped to handle the toughest challenges and emerge victorious.

How To Complete The Conflux On Master Difficulty

If you’re attempting The Conflux on Master Difficulty in Destiny 2, you’re in for a challenge. Here are some tips and strategies to help you succeed:

  • Continuous Movement: Utilize the room’s layout, with pillars and elevations, to keep moving and avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Weapon Loadout: Carry both Scout and Pulse Rifles, preferably with one being Solar for optimal effectiveness.
  • Heavy Weapon Choice: Prioritize the Gjallarhorn for its extra Solar damage or consider the Lament for close-quarters combat.
  • Environmental Awareness: Make use of available cover, such as pillars, to shield yourself from enemy fire and engage foes strategically.
  • Super Deployment: When the boss appears, unleash a Solar super like Dawnblade or Golden Gun for maximum damage output.

Completing The Conflux on Master Difficulty requires the right equipment, strategy, and a willingness to keep moving. Use these tips to stay alive and defeat the toughest enemies in the game. Good luck, Guardian!

Loadout Recommendations

the conflux lost sector in destiny 2
Arbalest, the Best Weapon for this Sector

Choosing the right loadout can make all the difference when attempting to complete The Conflux Lost Sector. The enemies you’ll face in The Conflux have different elemental shields; some are Barrier or Unstoppable Champions. In addition, a Solar Burn increases the damage dealt and received by 50%. Here are some recommended loadouts to help you succeed in The Conflux Lost Sector:

Tips for Choosing Weapons Tips for Choosing Armor and Mods
Primary weapons should include a Pulse Rifle or a Scout Rifle with a Solar damage type, as they’re effective against Barrier Champions. Consider using gear that enhances your recovery or resilience stats, as you’ll be taking a lot of damage in this Lost Sector. 
Secondary weapons should include a Sniper Rifle or a Shotgun with a Void damage type, which are effective against Unstoppable Champions. Equipping seasonal mods to handle Barrier or Unstoppable Champions can make a huge difference.
An Exotic weapon particularly useful for this Lost Sector is the Arbalest, which can handle both Barrier Champions and Void shields. The Pulse Rifle mod is great for dealing with Barrier Champions. In contrast, the Unstoppable Pulse Rifle
A Rocket Launcher or Linear Fusion Rifle with Solar damage is a solid choice for heavy weapons. The Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher is a top-tier choice for its great damage output and Solar damage. The Exotic Sword, The Lament, can damage the boss when used up close. The Anti-Barrier or Fusion Rifle mods can help you stun Unstoppable Champions.

By choosing the right loadout, you’ll be well-prepared to face the challenges in The Conflux Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

Champion Types In The Conflux

the conflux lost sector in destiny 2
Barrier Colossus

The Conflux Lost Sector is known for its challenging Champion enemies, which can pose a significant threat to players attempting to complete the activity. To effectively deal with these Champions, it is essential to understand their types and how to counter them.

The Conflux features both Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. Barrier Champions can create a barrier that protects them from incoming damage.

The barrier can only be broken with weapons with an Anti-Barrier Mod, allowing bullets to penetrate the barrier and damage the Champion. Unstoppable Champions, on the other hand, have an ability that allows them to charge at players and deal massive damage. To stop an Unstoppable Champion in its tracks, players need to stun it using weapons with an Unstoppable Mod, such as Scout Rifles or Glaives.

  • Champion Weaknesses: Barrier Champions are weak to Void damage, while Unstoppable Champions are weak to Solar damage.
  • Weapon Choice: Use weapons with the corresponding damage type to exploit Champion weaknesses and deal extra damage.
  • Counter for Chaff: Chaff disables the radar, but players can counter it by using weapons with the Vorpal Weapon Mod.
  • Vorpal Weapon Mod: Increases damage against bosses and vehicles and highlights them in the HUD.
  • Key Strategy: Understanding Champion types and using appropriate weapons and mods is crucial for success, especially in higher difficulties.

Boss Fight And Rewards

the conflux lost sector in destiny 2
Shayotet, the Final Boss

The Conflux Lost Sector culminates in a boss fight against the Shayotet Partisan, a powerful Vex enemy that must be defeated to access the loot chest. The Shayotet Partisan is located in the far right corner of the room, and players must defeat multiple waves of enemies and Champions before it appears.

  • Boss Mechanics: The Shayotet Partisan shoots tracking projectiles and periodically disappears and reappears.
  • Tactical Approach: Utilize cover to dodge projectiles and anticipate the boss’s movements.
  • Target Priority: Focus fire on the boss’s head, its critical spot, to deal maximum damage.
  • Recommended Damage Type: Solar weapons are effective against the Shayotet Partisan.
  • Enhanced Damage: Super abilities, heavy weapons, and special weapons can expedite the boss takedown.

Upon defeating the boss, players will be rewarded with a loot chest that contains various items, including Legendary and Exotic gear. The specific loot that players receive will depend on the difficulty level and the daily rotation. The Conflux Lost Sector is also a reliable source for farming Exotic armor pieces, as each day, a specific armor slot is targeted, and players have a chance to receive an Exotic piece for that slot.

In summary, the boss fight in The Conflux Lost Sector can be challenging, but with the right tactics and loadout, players can overcome it and claim valuable rewards.

Summing It Up

The Conflux Lost Sector in the game is a challenging and exciting activity that allows players to earn valuable rewards. Whether playing on Legend or Master difficulty, having the right loadout and strategy is essential to completing the mission successfully.

Regarding loadout recommendations, players should bring effective weapons against the Champion types in The Conflux, such as Pulse Rifles, Arbalest, and Scout Rifles. The right mods, such as Anti-Barrier and Unstoppable, can significantly affect dealing with these enemies.

Players should remove the Champion enemies during the boss fight before engaging the Colossus boss. Super abilities like Dawnblade or Golden Gun can damage the boss and help players secure victory. Overall, The Conflux Lost Sector is great for players looking for a challenge and valuable loot rewards.

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