Era of Althea Tier List: Snaps, Traits & Races Ranked

Enjoy the Era of Althea Snaps, Traits, and Races Tier List All at Once!

With the arrival of the Era of Althea, Fans of Roblox can feast upon its vast, enthralling worlds. Loaded with dark mysteries, intense battles, and stunning feats, the game welcomes you to conquer as an undefeatable combatant of all time, and our Era of Althea tier list will help.

Key Highlights
  • Era of Althea’s exciting mysteries are studded with a total of 9 Snaps, 7 Traits, and 6 Races, all regarded as crucial aspects of the entire game. 
  • To determine an Era of Althea Snap’s strength, Rarity and Drop Rate Chance in percentage are used, while overall usability and effectiveness are significant determinants in the case of Traits and Races. 
  • Having that considered, Era of Althea Snaps that compete as the best in terms of strength are Light, Time, and Heavenly Body, while the least recommended option is Water
  • In the case of Traits, Elven Blood and Blade Master must be your go-to choice while you ignore the weakest Era of Althea Traint–Traitless
  • Era of Althea Races that are the top amongst all includes Elf and Noble
  • Like all other Roblox mechanisms, choosing the higher-ranked elements will do more good than harm.

Here’s a summary of the Era of Althea Tier List:

Era of Althea Tier List Ranking Table
S-TierTime, Light, Heavenly BodyBlade Master, Elven BloodNoble, Elf
A-TierExplosion, Wind Alchemist, ResilientJakkon
B-TierFrost, Dark Smith, Game AddictXoviac, Liger
C-TierFire, WaterTraitlessHuman

Unlike most modern video games, Era of Althea’s mechanics is heavily influenced by three key aspects–Snaps, Traits, and Races. Considering that, formulated below are separate Era of Althea Snap tier list, Trait tier list, and a Race tier list, so you know what selection to roll out.

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Era of Althea Snap Tier List Breakdown

Era of althea snaps
Era of Althea Tier List of Snaps

We have tried building our Era of Althea Snap tier list around rarity as much as possible. It was done considering the usual nature of the game and how rarity is by far the most solid indicator of strength in it–the rarer the snap, the better. 

The hierarchy below also discusses each snap’s chance drop rate in percentage, so players can figure out how lucky they are if they think of rolling one. However, be very cautious that each of you has its own strengths and drawbacks. 

This means a C-tier snap could possibly outclass a higher-ranking one depending on the employer’s particular playstyle and skill. All in all, as the Era of Althea tier list, is majorly focused on populace opinion, we recommend picking the top tier snaps only if you look forward to not wasting any more time but succeeding ASAP! 

TiersEra of Althea Snaps 
STime, Light, Heavenly Body
AExplosion, Wind 
BFrost, Dark 
CFire, Water


Time is one of the strongest Snaps of the Era of Althea Snap tier list. The Snaps hail with up to 0.3% getting Chance through spins.


Players are offered up to a 35% chance of getting via spins throughout the game. Though not number one on our Era of Althea Snap tier list, Light can be a great option for most players, depending on their usage. 

For instance, one can opt to play with an offensive stance via Light Blades while rendering massive damage to the foes. Light Rain and Light Beam are also amazing moves one can avail in the Era of Althea. 

Heavenly Body 

You will be provided a 1% getting Chance via multiple spin occasions in the game. Nevertheless, Heavenly Body ranks too high despite a subpar Chance percentage mainly because of its versatility. Players are offered more than a few usages of this snap, meaning they’ll be getting one of the most robust snaps in the Era of Althea.


Players fond of short-ranged hits should look no further than the Explosion Snap in the Era of Althea. The Snap offers a 5% chance of summoning via spins and, as said earlier, is a fantastic choice for pulling some close shots on the opponents.


The Wind snap is one of the most popular picks on our Era of Althea Snap tier list that comes with a whopping 75% Chance of summoning in spins. If you play via the PvP meta, the Wind Snap is easily an S-Tier Snap of the list, but for most of the part, it lacks, making for its lower rank. 

Nevertheless, this Snap is one heck of a multipurpose option for fans of versatility. For instance, Blade Shower is the quickest attack on Wind Snap’s list; otherwise, players can also wield the famous Towering Tornado. The option will help build a solid wall to split the foe’s ranks into two confused groups.


Giving a 5% chance of getting via spins, Frost is an amazing defensive-style Snap of the Era of Althea tier list that can prove pretty helpful occasionally. The Snap’s best moves list includes the very famous Ice Wall and Ice Age for a start that can take enemies by surprise and give players a much-needed edge in the battle. 

Nevertheless, players must be cautious about implementing Frost Snap’s magical moves. It is because even a little non-uniformity in a move and its position can destroy the wielder instead of affecting the targeted enemies. 


Like the Wind Snap, Dark has a 75% chance of summoning via spins. It may not be the best, but it is worth your attention. Dark Bombs and Striking Dark are the two famous moves offered by the Dark Snap in the Era of Althea. 

Though both of them are quite challenging to avail to their fullest, experienced players can pull out some massive damage, rendering potential from them. Because beginner players will most probably struggle to do that, Dark Snap ranks lower than the rest in our Era of Althea Snap tier list. 


Fire is a Snap belonging to the common game class, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one on the list. The Snap has a 75% chance of giving in the spins and offers Hell Rain, Wildfire, and Fire Blast-like potent snap magic choices for players to employ against enemies. 

What still makes the Snap unreliable, even though it can easily put your foes on fire, is the aiming of projectiles. Not every player can pull the right aim when wielding the Fire Snap hence making for the lack. Nevertheless, if you are careful not to miss the target, Fire Snap can make up a good option. 


Water is also a Common Snap of our Era of Althea tier list that hails with a 75% summoning Chance in spins. It offers nothing extraordinary hence making for its lower rank. 

Era of Althea Trait Tier List 

Era of althea traits
Era of Althea Tier List of Traits

Traits in the Era of Althea tier list are luck-based facets of the gameplay and can be tricky to get if you are after new ones. The ranking below classifies each of the seven traits available in the Era of Althea as of now. 

Though the list starts with the Trait that is most likely to prove useful in the case of the majority of players and their unique playstyles, all Era of Althea traits can be handy. Therefore don’t forget to try the one that seems to attract you the most (aside from Traitless, of course). 

Nevertheless, if you are fond of employing swords, you can go for Blade Master. Heavy crafters will like Smith, while those who find themselves casting spells a lot will love Elven Blood. On the other hand, Blacksmith and Resilient are more niche specific, so if that’s ok with you, you can pick them too! 

Anyways, here is how all the Traits compete together: 

TiersEra of Althea Traits
SBlade Master, Elven Blood
AAlchemist, Resilient
BSmith, Game Addict

Elven Blood 

The first to rank in our Era of Althea tier list of Traits is the magic lover’s favorite, Elven Blood. This Trait is highly generous in providing its employers with heaps of Mana. Those choosing Elven Blood will love casting magic at their foes while standing back. 

Coming back to the infinite Mana sourcing, Elven Blood will boost your lifetime by doubling the pre-existing storage. This way, heavy magic dealers can dish out some mind-blowing sorcery throughout their Era of Althea journey. 

Blade Master 

If you crave the edge in physical damage rendering that you have always dreamed of, Era of Althea’s Blade Master is what you need. The Trait will provide a two times more robust upgrade to Weapon Mastery and an advantage in Damage. No matter the altercations, players wielding Blade Master will simply outclass the opponents in no time.


Are you that Era of Althea player who gets smacked around pretty often? Maybe this Stamina booster Trait can help! The Resilient Trait of our Era of Althea tier list offers players the buffer they require to get those firm grips in the game. Beginners must definitely pick it.

With Resilient, you will surely feel stronger enough to block even the mightiest of aggro coming towards you. The ability to block ultimately grants you extra thinking time to react with a better plan more effectively. What more does a newbie in the Era of Althea ever want? 


A must-have trait for players who know what they are up to. The Alchemist Trait will pull you on a quicker-than-ever track if you really know how to use it. This means you can consume all items, empty potions, regain HP and recover from status ailments quicker than the foes. 

Though the ability might not seem too massive initially, it can actually make a difference in life and death. Besides, once you bundle it with a few nifty weapons, the fast pacer ability will prove even worth more than expected. 

Nevertheless, beginners should definitely not think of starting with the Alchemist trait of our Era of Althea Trait tier list. In fact, no player should think of taking their first steps with this one. We recommend you think about Alchemist once you know your game.

Game Addict

Given that you have already embarked on your start in the Era of Althea and you need a boost in your battles, Game Addict is a nice choice then. Neither too extraordinary nor severely lackluster, the Game Addict Trait is a pretty calm and consolidated pick to have by your side.

The Trait will let players show off in a decent manner while offering them sweet rewards of 50% additional experience. Isn’t that a cool treat to have once you have successfully passed the beginning challenges? 

That said, it’s certainly not the best Era of Althea’s Trait for the most part, given how its actual usage starts once a player has already made its way through the tough beginning. 


Who doesn’t like an easy boast to forging rate? Of course, no one and the Era of Althea’s realms also seems to consider the feeling. The game’s Smith Trait will help you save time on forging by providing you small but appreciating boosts to your forging rate. 

Players will receive a 10% increase in success rates in finding huge collections of deadly weapons. You can lay your hands on the best possible Era of Althea gear in no time than before! 

Why have we ranked the Trait lower then? It’s situational-based for the most part, with absolutely no advantage in terms of physical damage that most beginners want at the game’s start. 


As the name might have already inferred, this Trait is evidently useless. Honestly, we can’t think of why a player will ever want to choose an empty, perk-less trait, but there’s got to be somewhere for one to begin. 

With absolutely nothing to offer, Traitless will leave the chosen contestant at a disadvantage. Therefore we recommend you move on to a better option as soon as possible unless you are just trying to show off. 

Era of Althea Race Tier List

Era of althea races
Era of Althea Tier List of Races

Races in the Era of Althea provide players with different bonuses and skill levels. Just like Traits and Snaps, Races also heavily modify how a player is actually going to perform on the field. Similarly, selecting the best fit race also depends on what attributes you value the most. 

Based on this as well as keeping up with our Era of Althea Snap tier list and Trait tier list, we’ve graded the most effective Races below. Nevertheless, player-specific gaming styles influence your choice at the end of the day, and if you prefer a weapon-heavy move pool, you will want to go for the Jakkon race. 

However, if magic is more your style, you can opt for an Elf. Here’s how every Era of Althea tier list Race competes together regardless of their situation-based strengths:

TiersEra of Althea Races
SNoble, Elf
BXoviac, Liger


The Race will give you a decent Magic amount rating at 7. Besides, you will also be offered a great balance of levels between Snap, Cleverness and Strength via the Noble Race. 


Even better for magic users than our Era of Althea Race tier list’s number one is the race Elf. The Race grants you a greater Magic amount maxing at 10 along with a Snap of 10. Strength-wise, it’s not as effective as Noble, though, consequently ranking lower in comparison.  


Players who are fans of the Warrior mode in Era of Althea should go with our A-tier pick, the Jakkon Race. Jakkon has by far one of the best Strengths on offer relative to all the other Races that rate at 10. 

Nevertheless, players must compromise on Magic amount, Cleverness, and Snap provided by Jakkon that’s not more than just 5. That said, the lack ultimately makes Jakkon more of a situational-based pick of our Era of Althea tier list and hence ranked lower. 

Remember, general effectiveness is the key for any Race to become the best of the best. 


Ravenclaws should look no further than the Xoviac Race. Though not a generally effective Race, Xoviac offers a solid high Cleverness rating that tops at 10–just the right amount required by aspiring Ravenclaws. As expected, extraordinary proficiency in just Cleverness makes for Xoviac’s below-average ratings for the rest of the attributes, namely Snap and Magic amount. 


Liger is not any above-average Race choice but a decent one for those who like the idea of getting increased speed. That said, players will not be getting a well-rounded option at the bargain of revamped speed. 

This means there’s hardly any good news on offer for the Strength, Snap, Magic Amount, or Cleverness sector. 


Given its lowest ranking, the Human Race of our Era of Althea tier list is somewhat of a letdown, as expected. You will be getting no attributes with this Race at all–not even increased speed like in the case of Liger. 

Instead of sticking to below-average ratings in all game parameters, we recommend Human Race employers switch to another worthy pick at their earliest.


We have put in substantial effort and time to compile this ultimate Era of Althea tier list of all the in-game Snaps, Traits and Races. Each of the elements made part of our list was thoroughly studied in order to produce the most credible hierarchy between tiers S to C.

Our main intent has always been putting forth the best information possible so you can enjoy the most worthy picks and, ultimately, a great headstart in your favorite video games. The Era of Althea tier list was no different and is made to follow the same aim of eXputer. 

Nevertheless, while you go through our ranking above or any of our vast variety of tier lists in the future, don’t forget that they tend always to be subjective! Although we try our best to cover only the popular opinions that prevail in the larger gaming community, it is always better to take tier lists as mere guidelines. 

Players don’t always have to stick with the general rankings as the rule of thumb; personal preferences should be prioritized. For instance, if you end up liking a Snap ranked in the lowest tier, don’t hesitate to choose it. 

You never know when an option sways to the top if bundled with the right playstyle and kit! We hope the tier list above will help you hold firm ground in the tough trials of both the PvE and PvP meta of the Era of Althea. 

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