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Enjoy the Era of Althea Snaps, Traits, and Races Tier List All at Once!

With the arrival of the Era of Althea, Fans of Roblox can feast upon its vast, enthralling worlds. Loaded with dark mysteries, intense battles, and stunning feats, the game welcomes you to conquer as an undefeatable combatant of all time, and our Era of Althea tier list will help.

Key Highlights
  • Era of Althea’s exciting mysteries are studded with a total of 9 Snaps, 7 Traits, and 6 Races, all regarded as crucial aspects of the entire game. 
  • To determine an Era of Althea Snap’s strength, Rarity and Drop Rate Chance in percentage are used, while overall usability and effectiveness are significant determinants in the case of Traits and Races. 
  • Having that considered, Era of Althea Snaps that compete as the best in terms of strength are Light, Time, and Heavenly Body, while the least recommended option is Water

Here’s a summary of the Tier List  based on Era of Althea:

Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers Snaps Traits Races
S-Tier Time, Light, Heavenly Body Blade Master, Elven Blood Noble, Elf
A-Tier Explosion, Wind  Alchemist, Resilient Jakkon
B-Tier Frost, Dark  Smith, Game Addict Xoviac, Liger
C-Tier Fire, Water Traitless Human

Unlike most modern video games, Era of Althea’s mechanics is heavily influenced by three key aspects–Snaps, Traits, and Races. Considering that, formulated below are separate Era of Althea Snap tier list, Trait tier list, and a Race tier list, so you know what selection to roll out.

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Snap Tier List Breakdown

Era of althea snaps
Tier List of Snaps

We have tried building our Era of Althea Snap tier list around rarity as much as possible. It was done considering the usual nature of the game and how rarity is by far the most solid indicator of strength in it–the rarer the snap, the better. 

This means a C-tier snap could possibly outclass a higher-ranking one depending on the employer’s particular playstyle and skill. All in all, as the tier list is majorly focused on populace opinion, we recommend picking the top tier snaps only if you look forward to not wasting any more time but succeeding ASAP! 

Tiers Era of Althea Snaps 
S Time, Light, Heavenly Body
A Explosion, Wind 
B Frost, Dark 
C Fire, Water
Snap Chance of Summoning Gameplay Aspect What Made US RANK?
Time 0.3% Highly Valuable One of the strongest Snaps, rare but with immense power.
Light 35% Offensive Offers powerful moves like Light Blades, Light Rain, and Light Beam.
Heavenly Body 1% Versatile Highly versatile with multiple uses, making it robust despite lower chance of summoning.
Explosion 5% Close-Range Combat Ideal for short-ranged attacks, excellent for close encounters.
Wind 75% PvP & Versatility Offers quick attacks like Blade Shower and strategic moves like Towering Tornado.
Frost 5% Defensive Known for defensive moves like Ice Wall and Ice Age, requires careful execution.
Dark 75% High Damage Potential Features moves like Dark Bombs and Striking Dark, challenging but powerful.
Fire 75% Offensive but Challenging Aim Includes Hell Rain, Wildfire, and Fire Blast, requiring precise aiming for effectiveness.
Water 75% Common Offers basic utility without standout qualities, making it a lower-tier option.

Era of Althea Trait Tier List 

Era of althea traits
Tier List of Traits

Traits in the tier list are luck-based facets of the gameplay and can be tricky to get if you are after new ones. The ranking below classifies each of the seven traits available in the Era of Althea as of now. 

Nevertheless, if you are fond of employing swords, you can go for Blade Master. Heavy crafters will like Smith, while those who find themselves casting spells a lot will love Elven Blood. On the other hand, Blacksmith and Resilient are more niche specific, so if that’s ok with you, you can pick them too! 

Anyways, here is how all the Traits compete together: 

Tiers Era of Althea Traits
S Blade Master, Elven Blood
A Alchemist, Resilient
B Smith, Game Addict
C Traitless 
Trait Tier What Made US RANK?
Elven Blood S Ideal for magic users, doubles mana storage for extensive spellcasting.
Blade Master S Enhances Weapon Mastery and Damage, perfect for those seeking dominance in physical combat.
Alchemist A Speeds up item use, HP recovery, and ailment healing, offering strategic battle advantages.
Resilient A Increases stamina, allowing for better defense and strategy formulation, especially suitable for beginners.
Smith B Boosts forging rate by 10%, facilitating quicker access to advanced weapons and gear.
Game Addict B Provides a 50% experience gain bonus, aiding in faster progression.
Traitless C Offers no advantages, leaving players at a disadvantage. Recommended to switch to a more beneficial trait as soon as possible.

Era of Althea Race Tier List

Era of althea races
Tier List of Races

Races in the Era of Althea provide players with different bonuses and skill levels. Just like Traits and Snaps, Races also heavily modify how a player is actually going to perform on the field. Similarly, selecting the best fit race also depends on what attributes you value the most. 

Tiers Era of Althea Races
S Noble, Elf
A Jakkon
B Xoviac, Liger
C Human
Race Tier What Made US RANK?
Noble S Offers a balanced level of Snap, Cleverness, and Strength, with a Magic rating of 7, providing a well-rounded set of attributes.
Elf S Specializes in magic, granting a maximum Magic amount of 10 and a Snap of 10. Less effective in Strength, making it highly suitable for magic-focused gameplay.
Jakkon A Excels in Strength with a rating of 10, ideal for Warrior mode players. However, it offers lower Magic, Cleverness, and Snap ratings of 5, making it a more situational choice.
Xoviac B Features high Cleverness at 10, perfect for players valuing strategy over brute strength. However, it lacks in other attributes such as Snap and Magic amount.
Liger B Provides increased speed, but does not offer well-rounded attributes in Strength, Snap, Magic Amount, or Cleverness, making it a niche choice.
Human C The most basic race with no special attributes, making it a less desirable option compared to others. Recommended to switch to a more advantageous race if possible.


We have put in substantial effort and time to compile this ultimate tier list of all the in-game Snaps, Traits and Races. Each of the elements made part of our list was thoroughly studied in order to produce the most credible hierarchy between tiers S to C.

Our main intent has always been putting forth the best information possible so you can enjoy the most worthy picks and, ultimately, a great headstart in your favorite video games. 

Nevertheless, while you go through our ranking above or any of our vast variety of tier lists in the future, don’t forget that they tend always to be subjective! Although we try our best to cover only the popular opinions that prevail in the larger gaming community, it is always better to take tier lists as mere guidelines. 

Players don’t always have to stick with the general rankings as the rule of thumb; personal preferences should be prioritized. For instance, if you end up liking a Snap ranked in the lowest tier, don’t hesitate to choose it. 

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