Honkai Impact Tier List: Characters Ranked & Compared

Our Honkai Impact Tier List Ranks The Characters and helps you pick the best one!

We’ll discuss the top characters in the game in our Honkai Impact Tier List. You’ve found the right place if you’re seeking the top Honkai Impact characters to use. So, if you’re new to the game or hoping to strengthen your squad, be sure to keep reading!

Key Highlights

There are about 30 characters featured in the Honkai Impact game. 

  • Honkai Impact characters are ranked based on what perks and tactical options they offer to adjust to the game’s quick combatting style. 
  • The most solid and efficient options of the Honkai Impact caste are SilverWing, Fu Hua, Kiana Kaslana, Bronya Zaychik, and Theresa Apocalypse. These will get rid of enemies as quickly as possible. 
  • Honkai Impact characters that perform the opposite and will instead be crushed by your enemies include Imayoh ritual, Murata Himeko, Crimson Impulse, Kriegsmesser, Sakuno rondo, and Violet Executor. 
  • Powerful characters will strengthen your Honkai Impact squad like none other.

The ranking is determined by each character’s advantages and tactical options in battle. You may use this list to determine which characters are good to use and which ones are not. So choose wisely since having a strong character on your side is necessary for winning the game!

Honkai Impact All Characters Comparison

Here are the stats for characters in Honkai Impact: 

Theresa ApocalypseSSSS1871.0153.0468.0224.048.0
Fu HuaSSSS2673.0102.0601.0256.048.0
Kiana KaslanaSSSS2405.0204.0400.0224.048.0
Bronya ZaychikSSSS1603.0102.0534.0320.032.0
Bronya (Black Nucleus)ASSS1871.0255.0601.0192.056.0
Rita (Artemis)ASSS2405.0204.0668.0224.032.0
Bronya (Valkyrie’s chariot)ASSS1603.0102.0534.0320.032.0
Rita (Phantom iron)ASSS2138.0153.0534.0256.056.0
Bronya (Snowy sniper)ASSS1603.0153.0534.0320.032.0
Reverist CalicoASSS2138.0255.0534.0256.097.0
Yae Sakura (Flame Sakitama)BSSS1603.0255.0601.0128.048.0
Kallen KaslanaBSSS2138.0204.0467.0192.056.0
Murata Himeko (Blood rose)BSSS2673.0153.0668.0224.040.0
Yae Sakura (Gushinnso Memento)BSSS1603.0255.0601.0128.064.0
Murata Himeko (Eclipse vermilion knight)BSSS2405.0255.0668.0192.032.0
Theresa (Luna kindred)CSSS2138.0153.0601.0224.064.0
Murata himeko (Valkyrie’s Triumph)CSSS2673.0255.0534.0224.048.0
Yae SakuraCSSS1603.0204.0668.0128.048.0
Mei (Valkyrie Bladestrike)CSSS1603.0204.0601.0128.048.0
Murata himeko (Scarlet fusion)CSSS2673.0204.0534.0192.040.0
Murata himeko (Kriegsmesser)CSSS2673.0205.0535.0192.040.0
Mei (Crimson Impulse)CSSS1871.0102.0601.0128.040.0
Murata HimekoCSSS3207.0102.0534.0224.040.0
Kallen (Imayoh ritual)CSSS2138.0204.0467.0192.056.0
Kallen (Sundenjager)CSSS1603.0255.0601.0224.056.0
Theresa (Violet Executor)CSSS2138.0205.0535.0257.040.0
Theresa (Sakuno rondo)CSSS1603.0204.0534.0192.056.0

Honkai Impact Tier List

Honkai Impact Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Silverwing, Bronya Zaychik, Kiana Kaslana, Fu Hua, and Theresa Apocalypse
A-Tier Bronya (Snowy sniper), Rita (Phantom iron), Bronya (Valkyrie’s chariot), Rita (Artemis), Bronya (Black Nucleus), and Reverist Calico
B-Tier Rita, Murata Himeko (Eclipse vermilion knight), Yae Sakura (Gushinnso Memento), Murata Himeko (Blood rose), Kallen Kaslana, and Yae Sakura (Flame Sakitama)
C-Tier Murata Kimiko (Scarlet fusion), Mei (Valkyrie Bladestrike), Yae Sakura, Murata Kimiko (Valkyrie’s Triumph), Theresa (Luna kindred), Kallen (Sundenjager), Kallen (Imayoh ritual), Murata Himeko, Mei (Crimson Impulse), Murata Kimiko (Kriegsmesser), Theresa (Sakuno rondo), Theresa (Violet Executor), and Mei


Honkoi Impact S-Tier

The S-tier comes first. Characters that are the finest and highly powerful may be found in the S-tier of this Honkai Impact tier list. They can quickly and easily eliminate the opposition.

Character name WHY S TIER?
Theresa Apocalypse Theresa Apocalypse, the first in the S-Tier, is a clone created by Otto Apocalypse using the genes of a Honkai creature called “Vishnu” and Kallen Kaslana’s DNA. Possessing superhuman strength and the ability to regenerate, she is the founder of St. Freya Academy and the Commander of the Schicksal Far East Branch. Her powerful abilities and good Honkai resistance make her a formidable opponent.
Fu Hua Fu Hua, ranked second in the S-Tier, initially had a somber and distant demeanor but changed after the emergence of the Previous Era Survivors. With several personalities developed from countless memories, she is consumed with her obligations and grew even colder. Despite this, she treats her friends and allies with kindness and respect, making her a powerful ally.
Kiana Kaslana Ranked third in the S-Tier, Kiana Kaslana is a duplicate of the Second Herrscher and possesses the DNA of Kiana Kaslana. Known for her weapon expertise using a baseball bat and dual guns, she is a great option for gamers seeking quick moves and attack speed. With Siegfried Kaslana as her father and Cecilia Schariac as her mother, she brings a unique blend of abilities to the battlefield.
Bronya Zaychik Bronya Zaychik, following Kiana, became an infamous sniper known as the Silver Wolf of the Urals after being trained by the Siberian army. Left orphaned by the Second Honkai War, she met Seele Vollerei after being knocked unconscious by Cocolia. While she possesses a mature mentality, she struggles to comprehend intuitive ideas like Kiana does. Her sniper skills and combat prowess make her a valuable asset.
SilverWing SilverWing, a potent aerial ranged Ice DPS, is a formidable addition to the S-Tier. Her aerial fighting and barrier make difficult boss battles significantly easier, such as against flying enemies like Benares and Elysia. With a straightforward playstyle focused on swapping in, using Combo ATK or Ultimate to summon a barrier, and spamming Basic ATK, she proves to be swift and effective in aerial assaults.


Honkoi Impact A-Tier

Characters on the A tier list are quite powerful and can hold their own against the majority of foes. Despite being weaker than the S-tier characters, they are nevertheless incredibly strong and useful.

Character name WHY A TIER?
Bronya (Black Nucleus) Equipped with Anti-Entropy technology, Black Nucleus operates in Stealth Mode, rendering it impervious to all damage. She deals 175% more physical damage with her switch attack mecha smash.
Rita (Artemis) Rita Rossweisse embodies the dreadful aspect of the moon in her fourth-generation armor, Artemis, unleashing Crescent particles across a large area in Crescent Mode.
Bronya (Valkyrie’s Chariot) Valkyrie’s Chariot Bronya offers simple controls and effective QTE, dealing significant raw damage. Her Reactive Armor reduces physical damage taken by 28% from a distance. Her unique outfit showcases her distinctive abilities despite the loss of athletic skill due to the X-10 experiment.
Rita (Phantom Iron) Phantom Iron Rita excels in burst, melee, and lightning damage, relying on accumulating SP to summon Stalker Carbon and trigger her ultimate. Her overcharged form grants a significant damage increase, while Stalker Carbon creates an AoE buff/debuff zone, boosting damage for allies and foes.
Bronya (Snowy Sniper) Bronya, known as Snowy Sniper, endured harsh conditions and trained to be a formidable sniper, offering powerful ranged support on the battlefield.
Reverist Calico Reverist Calico is a Melee Ice DPS character causing severe trauma and enhancing team effectiveness by freezing foes. The team deals an additional 35% Total DMG to frozen foes and gains 25% faster SP restoration.


Honkoi Impact B-Tier

B-tier Characters from Honkai Impact are passable but not as powerful as those from the A and S tier list. If you play them right, they can still succeed in the majority of circumstances.

Character name WHY B TIER?
Yae Sakura (Flame Sakitama) Melee DPS battlesuit focused on Time Mastery, Ignite, and Fire Damage. Grants team 25% DEF increase in combat and 6% more maximum HP for BIO type characters.
Kallen Kaslana Powerful Valkyria from the Kaslana dynasty. Clone Theresa Apocalypse shares her DNA, possessing enhanced regeneration powers and created from Kallen’s DNA.
Murata Himeko (Blood Rose) Melee burst DPS battlesuit gaining SP through attacks and dodges. Delivers potent strikes and AOE damage with Blood Pirouette and sprint ATK abilities.
Yae Sakura (Gushinnso Memento) Mid-range DPS battlesuit proficient with Frigid Rave and Icewind, dealing significant Ice DMG and freezing foes. Boosts KE during and after Ultimate for enhanced combat effectiveness.
Murata Himeko (Eclipse Vermilion Knight) Stable melee DPS battlesuit unleashing devastating AOE DMG, especially with Annihilating Flames ultimate. Reliably deals heavy damage to multiple enemies with limited charges.
Rita Durandal’s adjutant and vice-captain of “Immortal Blades,” known as Schicksal’s maid. Conceals true nature as an effective spy and assassin for Otto Apocalypse. Capable of ruthless actions to achieve objectives, adding mystery and formidable depth to character.



The weakest characters in the game are featured on the Honkai Impact C tier list. Because they don’t provide much to your squad and are more likely to perish in battle than other Honkai impact heroes on this tier list, these characters are not advised.

They should be avoided unless you’re using a certain Honkai Impact tactic or are stuck with them since there are no other viable choices.

Character Name WHY C TIER?
Theresa (Luna Kindred) Introduced in Version 2.6, Theresa Apocalypse battlesuit excels in mid-to-close-range DPS, with abilities to restore HP from bleeding opponents and suppress foes with charged attacks. During Ultimate, gains Sanguine Marks for enhanced damage output.
Murata Himeko (Valkyrie’s Triumph) Version 1.8 introduced Valkyrie’s Triumph battlesuit, specializing in heavy and light strikes, massive burst damage, and crowd control. Utilizes Blade Field for sword rain enchantment and Field Shatter for AOE physical damage.
Yae Sakura Previously a shrine maiden in Yae Village, Yae Sakura harbors resentment after her sister’s sacrifice fails to stop the Honkai. Proficient in combat but lacks a Herrscher Core.
Mei (Valkyrie Bladestrike) Version 1.8 introduced Valkyrie Bladestrike Armor, offering high suppression and melee DPS, excelling against solo foes and airborne targets. Burst mode consumes SP to strengthen attacks.
Murata Himeko (Scarlet Fusion) Lightweight battlesuit equipped for battle, capable of immense power output but may overwhelm the user over time. Utilizes Nexus System and battleship-class power source for formidable combat capabilities, albeit considered a last resort by Far East Branch.
Murata Himeko (Kriegsmesser) As part of Valkyrie Assault Squad, Kriegsmesser battlesuit equipped with synthetic stigmata implants, focusing on greatsword combat for severing Honkai Beast carapaces and providing temporary shields.
Mei (Crimson Impulse) Third-generation Valkyrie battlesuit optimized for close-quarters combat, sacrificing mid to long-range abilities. Employs Honkai energy for massive explosive damage in Exceed Mode.
Murata Himeko Despite being a heavy drinker, Himeko is a dependable leader who fights bravely for the safety of others. After rigorous training, she joined Valkyrie Assault Squad, showcasing strong work ethic and combat prowess.
Kallen (Imayoh Ritual) Featured in Kallen Fantasy VII, the Imayoh Ritual battlesuit is bestowed upon Kallen, equipped with dual pistols and a cruciform gun turret for combat. While powerful, the battlesuit’s usage is limited to a select few Valkyries due to its demanding requirements.
Kallen (Sundenjager) Version 2.6.5 introduced Sundenjager battlesuit for Kallen Kaslana, offering mediocre AOE DPS but strong potential for overall DPS and self-healing. Attacks have a chance to ignite enemies, dealing continuous Fire DMG.
Mei As an heiress of Massive Electric Corp., Mei is academically accomplished and admired for her noble beauty and composed demeanor.
Theresa (Violet Executor) Highly elastic materials and a heavy plate construct Violet Executor battlesuit, with spiked skirt capable of shredding foes. Unique combat technique compared to Theresa’s usual style.
Theresa (Sakuno Rondo) Theresa’s will takes shape in the form of Sakuno Rondo battlesuit when dragged into Yae Sakura’s Stigmata Space, undergoing a transformation and merging with Yae Sakura’s stigmata abilities.

Tier List Criteria

After spending a lot of time playing the game ourselves, we have created the ultimate tier list. We examined heroes in the optimal environment to achieve the best grade possible. Every tier list is disputed and ours is no different.

The Honkai Impact Tier List’s main goal is to showcase the best characters in the game depending on how powerful and skilled they are in comparison to other characters. This covers things like damage output, health reserves, and general combat utility. However, you should be aware that the meta and level of each hero might vary with each update.

To determine which heroes are most beneficial for you, the situation you’re in, and your level of advancement, you should try each one on your own. Observe the strategies that other players are implementing as well. In the comments box below, let us know which characters do you favor?

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