Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List [2023]

In our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list, we are going to rank All Operators from best to worst to help you choose the best ones.

For those who don’t know, Rainbow Six Extraction is a complete spinoff of Rainbow Six Siege, so you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the two. Along with weapons, mechanics, and some other stuff, the Operators are also similar. And today, we are going to write down a Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list in which we are going to rank all 18 Operators to help you select the best Operator in the game.

Key Highlights
  • Rainbow Six Extraction features 18 operators to help players fight off aliens. 
  • Rainbow Six Extraction Operators are ranked based on their skills, base stats, and the loadout each one of them carries.
  • The Best Operators include Vigil, Lion, Finka, and Alibi. 
  • The Worst Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction is Sledge. 

The following R6 Extraction tier list is based on our personal preference. You might not find some Operators at par with others, and that’s totally okay. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list to see how these Best Operators perform in the game. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Operators 
S-Tier Vigil, Lion, Finka, and Alibi
A-Tier Smoke, Tachanka, Gridlock, Doc, and Fuze
B-Tier Ela, Pulse, Hibana, and Jager
C-Tier Capitao, Nomad, IQ, and Rook


S-Tier in our tier list has the best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators you can use in the game. No other Operator can come close to them in terms of skills and stats. If you want to play with possibly the best Operator in the game, then we’ll suggest you pick from this tier. 


We’ll start our tier list with Alibi. When it comes to helping out teammates, there isn’t anyone better than her. It is because she possesses the ability to distract her enemies while revealing their location as well.

At level 1, Alibi can use her Prisma tool to deploy a decoy that attracts all nearby enemies towards itself. Furthermore, if the decoy gets attacked, then it also ends up revealing the location of the enemy. The best part is that once you hit level 2 with Alibi, you will be able to deploy a total of three decoys. It means that you’ll have a drone for almost every corner. She also has a passive called Enhanced Reflexes that gets unlocked at level 5, increasing her reload speed, weapon swapping speed, and aiming speed by 35%.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

As for her weapon set, Alibi comes equipped with the Mx4 Storm SMG at her base level, a weapon that can help you instantly empty the magazine into your target. But if you’re not a fan of the SMG and are looking for something more deadly, then Alibi also has a fully automatic shotgun, the ACS12, which becomes available at level 3. 

Overall, Alibi is the best Operator Rainbow Six Extraction who can assist her teammates in many ways. She is the kind of operator who can prove useful in every match. You can use her decoys to avoid gaining the attention of the enemies. Furthermore, you can also use the decoys while reviving your teammate as you won’t have to worry about the enemies marching towards you as they’ll be busy attacking the decoy. 


Next up, we have Finka. She is yet another fantastic Operator who can help her teammates out in tough times. In fact, her abilities make her one of the most useful Operators in the entire game. This is because she can get her downed teammates back on their feet in no time. And if you’re someone who has played the game, you already know how bad it is to have a downed teammate. 

Finka has her Adrenal Surge ability at level 1. Along with reviving downed teammates instantly, it also increases the stats of her teammates, thus giving them a power boost. She has a passive Speed IV that unlocks at level 8, increasing her movement speed by 30%. It helps her with reaching her downed teammates quickly and easily. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator

Another great thing about Finka is that she has the SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle in her arsenal at the start. For those who don’t know, this weapon is considered one of the best assault rifles in the entire game. The downside about it is that it stores only 30 bullets in its magazine. However, if you level her up all the way to 9, you’ll get access to the 9x19VSM sub-machine gun. You’ll also gain access to the SASG-12 shotgun, the GSH-18 handgun, and the 6P41 LMG as you’re making your way up to level 9.

Overall, as you can judge for yourself, Finka is a great operator who possesses one of the best abilities in the entire game. Having someone on your team who can revive you instantly if you get knocked down can put you at a great advantage in the match. There can be times when you’re down, and a group of Archaeans starts piling up on you. It is when her ability will prove to be useful as she will prevent such incidents from taking place by quickly getting you back up on your feet.  


Keeping track of the enemy’s movement is crucial in Rainbow Six Extraction. And when it comes to tracking enemy movements, there isn’t any other Operator who does a better job than Lion. Thanks to his ability, he and his teammates can see where the Archaeans are headings, which helps the team create a plan of action. 

At Level 1, Lion has the EE-ONE-D Drone in his arsenal that he can deploy on the ground. The drone marks all moving enemies red for a short period of time, and this is visible to all teammates. Thanks to this, you’ll know where the target is coming from or whether there is alien hiding behind a wall waiting to attack you or not. The drone can also be used again after it cools down, and the cooldown time decreases as you level up. In addition to this, the detection range of the drone also increases. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Lion’s primary weapon is the V308 Assault Rifle. The thing which I love about this weapon is the extended magazine, something that helps you stay on the move without worrying about loading again and again. If you want something that can help you clear corners quickly, then you can unlock the SG-CQB shotgun at level 6. 

Overall, Lion is easily one of the best Operators who can save you and your teammates from surprise attacks. Furthermore, by knowing the exact location of your targets, you and your teammates can quickly come up with a plan that will save you both bullets and health. His primary weapon at base level is also pretty amazing and is capable of dealing a lot of damage. Therefore, along with fantastic tracking skills, Lion comes packed with tremendous firepower. 


Vigil is the kind of Operator who will disappear when he’s needed the most. Jokes aside, he does possess an ability to disappear into thin air, something that prevents all his enemies from seeing him. It makes Vigil the stealthiest Operator in the entire game. 

At level 1, Vigil comes packed with an ERC-8 Disruptor that allows him to become undetectable by cloaking for a short period of time. Unlike the Operators mentioned above, his abilities might not allow him to assist his teammates directly, but he can still help them out by going into tough spots alone.

For instance, you can tell them to stay behind cover while you go and pick up the objective without being seen by a single enemy. He can increase the cloak duration and decrease the cooldown time by leveling up. The best part is that once you hit level 10, then your entire team can disappear into thin air by using his ability. What’s better than having your entire team walk past by enemies without them seeing you? 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Talking about his base weapon, Vigil carries around the K1A1 weapon at the start. While this weapon might not be the best machine gun in the game, it can still do wonders if used by the right hands. But if you’re not a fan of machine guns, then you can level up to get your hands on the BOSG.12.2 shotgun at level 3 and the MK 14 EBR marksman rifle at level 9.

As you can see for yourself, Vigil is the kind of guy who can get things done alone without relying on his teammates. It does not mean that he isn’t someone you can trust with teamwork. A well-organized plan can help you quickly complete objectives while keeping everyone alive. If you’re someone who always loves to have a stealthier approach towards taking down enemies, then you should definitely pick Vigil without thinking another second. 


A-Tier Operators in our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list are extremely strong. They might not have earned a spot in the top tier, but they still are some of the best Operators to use in the game. In other words, they won’t let you down. 


The first Operator that we would like to mention in our A-tier category is Fuze. In the above tier, we mentioned characters who could revive their teammates, track the movement of their targets, and take a stealthier approach towards taking down Archaeans. However, Fuze is the complete opposite of all of them. This is because he is the kind of Operator who focuses only on one thing: making things go kaboom!

At level 1, Fuze comes equipped with Cluster Charges which he can use to take down an entire group of aliens instantly. These charges can be placed on walls, and upon activation, they send out cluster grenades on the other sides of the wall, destroying everyone and everything inside the room.

The only downside about these Cluster Charges is that they only work on destructible walls. However, since Extraction is the kind of game that features a lot of destructible walls on each map, you’ll be able to find them everywhere. But if the charges worked on regular walls, Fuze would definitely be an S-Tier character. 

R6 Extraction Operator

Fuze uses the 6P41 light machine gun at his base level. While this weapon offers decent damage output and comes equipped with an extended magazine, its recoil is somewhat average. Therefore, you will need to learn how to control it properly. But you don’t have to worry about this as you’ll gain access to the AK-12 Assault Rifle at level 3, which is a pretty decent weapon. Furthermore, at level 7, the charge count and the grenade count are also increased.

Overall, Fuze is the kind of Operator who can clear the way for his teammates quickly. When paired with suitable Operators, he can do wonders. For instance, Lion can use his ability to let him know whether there are any enemies behind a specific wall or not, and Fuze can then use his Cluster Charges to destroy them within seconds. Therefore, if you’re someone who likes to have an aggressive approach in the game, then Fuze is the Operator to go with. 


Next up, we have Doc. By reading his name, you might have already guessed what he is capable of doing; that is healing. After Finka, Doc is easily the best healer in Rainbow Six Extraction. If there weren’t a slight limitation to his ability, Doc would have been resting in the S-Tier category along with Finka. 

Doc has an advancement called Health Shots which, at level 1, allows him to heal himself or his teammates for 15 health. In addition to this, he can also use this Stim Pistol to revive himself and his teammates. Now, you must be thinking, why isn’t Doc in the S-Tier category with such an excellent and easy-to-use ability?

Well, the problem is that he has a limited number of Health Shots in his stim pistol. This means that you will need to make every shot accurate and worth it. Otherwise, you will be putting yourself and your teammates at a disadvantage.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

As you level up, you will be able to increase the amount of health healed by the Stim Pistol quickly. However, it will take you a while to increase the Health Shot count as this will happen at level 7, where the shot count will be increased to 4, and then at level 10, when the shot count will be increased to 5. 

However, the thing which makes up for his limited Health Shots is his starting loadout. Doc has the SG-CQB shotgun at the base level as his primary weapon, which is easily one of the best weapons for close-ranged combat. It means that if an enemy ends up getting close to your face, you can blow them away instantly with a single shot. You’ll also get access to the Mp5 SMG, the P90 SMG, and the HK417 marksman rifle as you level up. 

Overall, Doc is a fantastic Operator. He had the potential to be the best Operator in the game, but the limited Health Shot count makes me pick Finka over him. Extraction is a game where you need to be quick in certain situations. And since Doc needs a clear shot with his Stim Pistol, you might end up losing a Health Shot if enemies are approaching you quickly. It does not mean that you should avoid picking him up, but you will need to learn not to panic while using the Stim Pistol. 


Gridlock is yet another Operator on our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list who has an aggressive playstyle. When it comes to map control, I don’t think an Operator can do the job better than her. It is because she can play both offense and defense by using her equipment.

Gridlock comes equipped with Trax Stringers, which allow her to set up traps. If an enemy passes over the trap, then not only do they receive damage, but their movement also gets slowed down as they pass over it. You can place the trap wherever you like, and depending on the placement, they will either help you become offensive or defensive.

For instance, you can place them at different corners, something that will prevent your enemies from landing a surprise attack on you. Furthermore, while you’re trying to take down an Elite, you can use the traps to slow down the movements of other enemies that might get in your way.

Aggressive Operator

Initially, you’ll start with only a few traps. However, you’ll quickly see an increase in the traps at level 4 as you’ll be able to use four traps. Furthermore, traps will also start deploying faster from this level onwards. However, keep in mind that the trap count will next increase only at level 10, where you’ll be able to use a total of 5 traps. As you level up, you’ll also get to see an increase in the amount of damage the traps deal. 

At level 1, Gridlock has the F90 Assault Rifle as her primary weapon. The amount of damage it deals is lower than some of the other assault rifles in the game, but its high fire rate makes it up for that. At level 3, you’ll get access to the M249 Saw LMG, which can help you create havoc on the map. And if you’re looking for a shotgun or a better assault rifle, then you’ll have to make your way up to levels 6 and 9, respectively. 

Overall, Gridlock is a great map control Operator who can prevent enemies from attacking her teammates. She can also make certain tasks easier for her team, such as protecting objectives. 


By just taking a look at Tachanka, you’ll be able to tell that this guy comes with massive firepower. This is true, considering he can deploy an LMG wherever he likes, which can either be used by him or his teammates. And we all know how such things can benefit you in a game like Extraction, where strong creatures are lurking around in every corner.

Tachanka’s Mounted LMG advancement lets him deploy an LMG. This turret comes packed with 200 rounds, which is a lot. And just at level 2, this number increases all the way up to 400 rounds. What this means is that you will be able to take on every enemy in your sight without worrying about the bullets running out.

Tachanka also happens to have the Enhanced Reflexes perk, which unlocks at level 5. It increases his aiming speed, reload speed, and weapon swapping speed by 35%. The best part is that once you reach level 10, you’ll be able to deploy an additional turret on the ground, and the bullet count will go all the way up to 600.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

As for his primary weapon, Tachanka carries around the SASG-12 shotgun, which suits his style. This weapon is perfect for taking down enemies at close range. Later on, at level 3, you can make a switch to the 9x19VSN SMG and to the AK-12 assault rifle at level 9.

Overall, Tachanka is an amazing Operator who has earned his spot in the A-Tier category of our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. He sure is a valuable asset to REACT. The kind of firepower he carries around is just unique, and something that can help you get out of critical situations. He would have been an S-Tier Operator if his turret count was two from the beginning. 


Out of all the Operators in our Rainbow Six Extraction, Smoke seems like the one who was excited to take on the Archaeans the most. This is because by using his creative chemistry skills, this Operator developed special grenades that can be used to tackle the aliens.

Smoke can use Remote Gas Grenades called Z9 Grenades in combat that can be used in multiple situations. Not only do they block out the sight of the enemies, but they also receive damage for as long as they remain in the gas. This type of equipment can help you take on an entire group of enemies if used right. You just can’t throw it randomly at a corner and expect it to help you gain an advantage in the match. 

The Inventor

At the start, you’ll only have a few Z9 Grenades in your arsenal, but the number will increase to 4 as soon as you hit level 2. Another amazing thing is that once you hit level 7, the damage dealt by the gas increases to 85, and enemies affected by the gas also become scanned. This means that you’ll be able to track their movements as well.

When paired with the right kind of equipment, the Z9 Grenades can do wonders in a match. You can even use them against powerful enemies such as the Elite, as the extra damage will always put you at a great advantage. 

As for the loadout, Smoke has the L85A2 assault rifle as his starting primary weapon. Later on, you’ll unlock the FMG-9 SMG, which is an ideal weapon for close-ranged scenarios. His remaining weapons, the M590A1 shotgun and the MP5K SMG are also meant for close-ranged situations. This kind of means that Smoke can blind his enemies by using his Z9 Grenades and then use this moment to target them from close-ranged. 

Overall, Smoke is a great Operator who can do wonders even at level 1. His grenades are something that makes him a great addition to the team. While they won’t help you take down the threat all by their own, the damage they deal will let you use fewer bullets to take down your target.  


B-Tier Operators reside somewhere between strong and weak characters. They are not the kind of Operators who struggle against their enemies, but you should expect a lot from them. 


First up in the B-Tier category of our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list is Jager. When it comes to map control, Jager does an excellent job. By using his abilities, you’ll feel as if another teammate is fighting by your side as he is capable of placing a turret on a wall. However, while this all sounds amazing, there are some disadvantages to it as well. 

First, let’s talk about the good stuff. At level 1, Jager’s Active Defence advancement allows him to place an automated turret. This turret attacks every enemy that it sees and deflects incoming projectiles. It means with the turret placed right next to you, you won’t have to worry about an enemy attacking you out of nowhere.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Now, coming to the disadvantage. At level 1, the turret comes equipped with only three rounds, which is just too low. This number further gets increased to 5 at level 2, which still isn’t enough. The only round count that sounds right is 8, which unfortunately becomes available at level 10, which is the final level. And for those who don’t know, getting an Operator to level 10 is a pretty time-consuming process. The amount of damage the turret deal also only increases when you reach level 7. 

His primary weapon, on the other hand, is the M870 shotgun. This weapon can help you take down powerful enemies instantly in close range. As you level up, you gain access to the MP7 submachine gun at level 3 and the 416-C Carbine Assault Rifle at level 6. Therefore, if you’re not a fan of shotguns, you’ll have much better options at higher levels.

Overall, Jager is the kind of Operator who isn’t meant for everyone. His low current round count is something that will prevent a lot of players from picking him up, just as it prevents me. While I’m not saying that Jager is a bad Operator, there are much better options available than him. But if you’re not someone who is bothered by it, then you can go ahead and try this Operator out. 


Hibana could have been an A-tier Operator, but only if her abilities were slightly better. We previously talked about Fuzed, an Operator who has an aggressive playstyle. Hibana also belongs to the same category, only that her abilities limit her at some point.

At level 1, Hibana has a grenade launcher called X-Kairos that allows her to fire explosives towards her desired location. These explosives can be detonated remotely, and they do a good amount of damage as well. However, the thing which I personally don’t like about this grenade launcher is that it offers only a few rounds at the beginning. The explosives round count can be increased to 4, but that will happen only at level 7. Furthermore, when you compare her abilities with other aggressive characters such as Fuze, they don’t seem that powerful.

Explosives Expert

But if you’re someone who still wants to give Hibana a chance, then we will suggest you take her all the way to level 10. It is because, at this level, you automatically gain a round for the X-Kairos after every 45 seconds.

Furthermore, the damage dealt by each explosive is also increased to 480. This is the only time when Hibana seems like a worthy Operator to me. If such benefits were granted to her at early levels, then she might have been an A-tier Operator for me. 

Another thing that I don’t like about Hibana, which some of you might disagree with, is her primary weapon. She has the Type-89 Assault Rifle at the beginning, which is a pretty slow weapon. Considering she is an aggressive Operator, Ubisoft should have given her a better starting weapon. When leveled up, Hibana gains access to the Supernova shotgun at level 3 and the MP5SD SMG at level 9, which is a great weapon. 

Overall, Hibana is the kind of Operator who can do wonders but only when she is at level 10. Other than that, there isn’t much to her that would make you pick her over an A or S-tier character. 


As we have mentioned before, having the luxury to know where your enemy is can help you do wonders in Rainbow Six Extraction. Pulse, just like Lion, is yet another Operator who can increase your visibility and prevent you from getting attacked suddenly.

The Operator carries around a Cardiac Sensor, which acts as a Heartbeat Sensor. This piece of equipment can help you detect VIPs, MIAs, and even nests through obstacles. As you hit level 2, the detection range increases to 40 meters. The best part is that the Heartbeat Sensor automatically detects Nests within 8 meters when it’s holstered starting from level 7. And once you hit level 10, the sensor detects all enemies within 10 meters when holstered. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Now, while this may seem amazing and all, it still isn’t close to what Lion can do. His Heartbeat Sensor can help you stay a step ahead of your enemy by letting you know their last location, but Lion’s drone can do much more than that. The only time when the sensor seems useful is at level 10, but it will take you a lot of time to reach there. Therefore, when you have a much better option available, it seems pointless to pick Pulse.

Pulse’s starting loadout features the M1014 shotgun. He can start using the UMP45 SMG after he reaches level 3. Then, at level 9, you gain access to the 556XI assault rifle. This means that for most of the time, you’ll be carrying around a loadout meant for close-range action. But this does make sense, considering Pulse’s gameplay revolves around detecting enemies and then eliminating them quickly.

Overall, Pulse is a decent Operator who can help you gain an advantage over your enemies. But the only thing which makes me hesitant about picking him up is that there is a much better tracking Operator available in the game. If his abilities had some other unique touch, I would have definitely placed him in the A-tier category.  


Ela is yet another Operator on our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list who makes sure to put on a good show by destroying things. She has mines in her arsenal which she can use against different types of enemies. When used by the right player, these mines can help you take down even the toughest of opponents. However, there still exists a big flaw about them.

Ela has GRZMOT Mines, which can stun every enemy that gets caught inside their blast. Sine, they are sticky proximity mines; they’ll stick on any surface. Such type of equipment can help you immensely with trapping your enemies. You can throw them at a door where you’ll know an enemy will come out of and boom! In addition to this, you can have them placed around you so that you can focus on a single target without worrying about getting attacked from behind or sides.

Mines Expert

However, a significant disadvantage is that Ela can not throw these mines very far. She can only throw them to a short distance, which kind of limits their use. Mines are meant to serve as traps most of the time, and having the luxury to throw them far away would have made them more useful. This is a reason why Ela resides in the B-tier. If her GRZMOT Mines could have been thrown at a further distance, she would have definitely earned a spot in the above tier. 

Ela’s starting primary weapon is a close-ranged base weapon, the Scorpion EVO 3 A1. She also gets a hold of the FO-12 shotgun at level 3 and the M762 Assault Rifle at level 9. Just like Pulse, she also offers a close-ranged loadout until you reach a higher level. 

Overall, Ela’s abilities do limit her to some extent, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose her. The stun duration and the recharge time of her mines do increase as you level up, and you can use them against powerful enemies despite their range. 


Now we come down to the C-Tier category of our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. These Operators are weak and will only make you feel like a burden on your team. There aren’t many uses of these Operators, and hence they have earned a low spot in our tier list. 


Just like some Operators mentioned above, Rook loves to help his teammates out. He grants them extra protection by providing them with armor plates and preventing them from getting killed quickly. But this is something that can be done through something else as well.

Rook can drop an Armor Pack, through which he and his teammates can pick up armor plates. These armor plates will allow you to take more damage. Furthermore, anyone wearing the armor plate will not get KO’d. After you reach level 2, you’ll have an armor plate automatically attached to you when you start the match. And at level 10, you’ll get an armor plate attached to you after you get revived as well.

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

The kind of protection you get with Rook’s armor plates is phenomenal, but what makes him a low-tier Operator is that there already exists Body Armor equipment in the game that anyone can use as a React Tech option. The worst part is that the Body Armor equipment works the same as Brook’s armor plates, making him seem useless. I mean, why would you choose an Operator for something that you can already get with any other Operator? 

Another bad thing about Rook is that his starting primary weapon, the P90 isn’t a great weapon. It’s only effective in close-ranged scenarios, but the kind of stats it offers are weaker than most of the other close-ranged weapons. You do get access to the HK417 marksman rifle and the SC-CQB shotgun, but that will happen at level 6. 

Overall, there isn’t any reason for you to choose Rook. Since other Operators can utilize armor plates by using the Body Armor equipment, there isn’t any reason to play with Rook. If only he alone had the luxury to use and distribute armor plates, then he would have an Operator worth picking. 


IQ is the kind of Operator who you’ll love at first but then hate once you get to know more about her. Her ability to detect equipment seems great and all, but there is a considerable flaw attached to it.

IQ has a RED MK IV Spectre in her arsenal, something through which she can detect REACT Equipment behind walls and other obstacles. Furthermore, once you reach level 2, you can start detecting Spores, Arch Spines, Nutrient Nodes, and Sower mines. At level 7, the detector will begin sowing Lirkers and Smashers on the radar. And finally, at level 10, you’ll be able to detect all enemies even if they are cloaked. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Now, all of this seems pretty helpful, and you must be wondering why she has been placed in such a low tier while having such an excellent piece of equipment.

Well, for starters, her detector has a pretty low range, and you’ll need to be extremely close to something in order for it to detect it. And the second thing, which is the main flaw, is that you can only use the detector if you have your secondary weapon equipped. This means that using the equipment will mean lowering your guard. 

IQ has the AUG 12 assault rifle as her starting primary weapon, and you’ll unlock multiple other weapons, such as the M870 shotgun, the MP7 SMG, the 552 Commando assault rifle, and the G8A1 LMG as you level up. 

As you can judge for yourself, IQ isn’t the kind of Operator worth picking. Her equipment works similar to Pulse’s, only that it’s worse than it. The range limitation and the requirement of having the secondary weapon equipped just don’t feel right. 


Nomad is yet another Operator on our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list whose abilities seem only useful when you don’t know that the same can be done by using a React Tech. It is something that makes her not worth picking as there are much better options available than her.

Nomad has an Airjab Launcher through which she can shoot a mine towards her target. The explosion caused by the mine knocks back every enemy that is within its blast radius. Furthermore, if there are any hazards in the area, then the mine makes sure to clear them as well. Once you hit level 2, you can start carrying around a total of four mines and then six mines when you hit level 10. The mines also allow you to annihilate Nests, Blinding Spores, Grunts, Spikers, Breachers, Sowers, Sludge, and Roosters after you hit level 7.

R6 Extraction Operator

Now, coming down to why Nomad isn’t worth picking. If you use an Impact Grenade, which you can pick as a React Tech option, you’ll be able to do the same stuff as Nomad’s mines. This means that picking up Nomad just for her mines isn’t worth it, considering you can use something similar with any other Operator.

Another thing that bugs me about Nomad is that you unlock her at Development Milestone 17, meaning that she is one of those Operators that you’ll unlock at a really far point in your game’s journey. And using such an Operator at such a point in the game just doesn’t make sense to me.

When it comes to loadout, Nomad doesn’t offer anything pretty in this aspect as well. Her starting primary weapon is the AK-47M assault rifle. While the damage output of this weapon is decent, the recoil is poor. You gain access to the ARX200 assault rifle, the AUG A3 SMG, and the TCSG12 shotgun as you level up. Of all these, only the shotgun is a solid weapon for me, which unfortunately gets unlocked at level 9. 

Overall, since you can use Impact Grenades with other Operators, you have no reason to choose Nomad. 


Capitao had the potential to become at least a B-tier operator in our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list, but only if the developers didn’t make his crossbow so weak. At first, you’ll think that it’s an amazing weapon that can help you bag in kills silently. But later on, you’ll realize how annoying it can get to use it. 

The Operator offers a TAC MKO Crossbow. This weapon can help you silently take down your target. Furthermore, it allows you to choose between two types of bolts; Smoke Screen and Venom bolts. Both have their own uses, with the Smoke Screen bolt allowing you to block the vision of your enemies and the Venom bolt helping you deal some extra damage. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Now, let’s talk about the annoying things about this weapon. In order for the bolt to work, you will need to make sure it hits the target. To make things worse, if you end up missing the target, you won’t be able to pick up the bolt again. Instead, you will need to find an Ability Recharge crate to refill your Crossbow’s ammunition. The worst part is that you can’t increase your bolt count until you hit level 10, after which you’ll come packed with four bolts for each type.

As for his primary starting weapon, he uses the Para-308 assault rifle. Now, this is the only good thing about him as this assault rifle happens to be a decent weapon that has a great damage output and you won’t have a problem with its recoil as well. You can further gain access to the M249 LGM, the SPAS-15 shotgun, and the M12 SMG as you level up.

Even though the Crossbow may seem like a useful weapon at first, it just isn’t. If the developers added the options to pick the bolts back up if you miss the shot, or if they increased the bolt count at the starting level, then it might have been a solid weapon. But in the current scenario, Capitao isn’t just worth picking, considering there are much better Operators working under REACT. 


D-Tier Operators are the worst ones to use in the game. You should avoid choosing them at all costs. Currently, I believe only one Operator in Rainbox Six Extraction deserves the D-tier spot. However, we will update the list if Ubisoft decides to add more Operators to the game similar to him. 


Finally, we have Sledge, the worst Operator in our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. His method of dealing with Archaens involves getting up close and personal with them, something which can put you at a great disadvantage in the game.

Sledge comes equipped with a Sledgehammer, which you can use to destroy breakable walls. Furthermore, you can also use it to strike enemies, something through which you can stun them. When you hit level 2, the hammer will start delivering a more powerful attack. And at level 10, you’ll be able to deal more damage and stun almost every enemy in your sight with the hammer. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Unfortunately, while it seems fun to attack the aliens with a giant sledgehammer, it isn’t. You’ll most likely get eliminated quickly if you take this approach. You’ll always stay at risk when you’re close to your target, so it just isn’t worth charging towards them with a sledgehammer in your hand. 

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Sledge starts with the M590A1 as his primary weapon, a shotgun that has a great damage output. You can acquire the SMG-11 machine pistol at level 3, and later on the L85A2 assault rifle and the AR33 assault rifle.

Overall, Sledge isn’t the kind of Operator who can help you survive long in a match. His overall kit isn’t useful and is weaker than almost every other Operator in the game. All of this makes him the worst Operator to use in Rainbow Six Extraction. But if you still want to go ahead and see what it feels like to bonk an Archaen with a sledgehammer, then we won’t stop you from choosing him. 

Tier List Criteria

Rainbow Six Extraction has a total of 18 Operators. Each Operator has a different playstyle and is unique in his/her own way. They come with their own set of skills and loadout as well. We ranked the Operators based on the kind of skills they offer and the loadout they carry around. Operators who have skills that are more useful have been placed in the top tiers, while those who have either weak or useless skills have been placed in the lower tiers.

Ranking Based on Experience and Research

We have ranked the characters based on our experience of the game. In addition to this, we have also conducted in-depth research about them on the web. We made sure to spend our time with each Operator to see how they perform in different situations. 

Why Trust Us

Our main aim is to provide players with a tier list that is unbiased and easy to understand. After playing the game for a couple of days, we curated this tier list and ranked each Operator to present everything in front of you. We were also trusted by Ubisoft officially to review the game. 


This marks the end of our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. We hope that it will help you choose the best Operator to fight against aliens. Before you leave, make sure to check Rainbow Six Extraction’s best settings for maximum FPS. 

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