Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

In our Operator tier list, we are going to rank All Operators from best to worst to help you choose the best ones.

For those who don’t know, Rainbow Six Extraction is a complete spinoff of Rainbow Six Siege, so you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the two. Along with weapons, mechanics, and some other stuff, the Operators are also similar. Today, we are going to write down a Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list in which we are going to rank all 20 Operators to help you select the best Operator in the game.

Key Highlights

Rainbow Six Extraction features 20 operators to help players fight off aliens. 

  • Rainbow Six Extraction Operators are ranked based on their skills, base stats, and the loadout each one of them carries.
  • The Best Operators include Vigil, Lion, Finka, and Alibi. 
  • The Worst Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction is Sledge. 

The following R6 Extraction tier list is based on our personal preference. You might not find some Operators at par with others, and that’s totally okay. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list to see how these Best Operators perform in the game. 

All Operators Comparison

Before you head into the details of the tier list, make sure to check out the operator comparison table below:

AlibiSDefenderViperstrikeIntel, TrapperMX4 STORM SMG and ACS12 ShotgunPrisma
FinkaSAttackerNighthavenFront Liner and Support SASG-12 Shotgun, 6P41 LMG, and SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle Adrenal Surge
LionSAttackerWolfguardIntel and Map ControlSG-CQB Shotgun, 417 Marksman Rifle, and V308 Assault RifleEE-ONE-D
VigilSDefender GhosteyesAnti-gadget and Crowd ControlBOSG.12.2 Shotgun and K1A SMGERC-7
FuzeAAttackerRedhammerAnti-gadget6P41 Light Machine Gun and AK-12 Assault RifleCluster Charge
DocADefender WolfguardSupportSG-CQB Shotgun and P90 and MP5 SMGsStim Pistol
GridlockAAttacker Redhammer Support and Map ControlM249 SAW Lightmachine Gun and F90 Assualt RifleTrax Stringers
TachankaADefender Redhammer Anti-entry and Crowd Control9X19VSN SMG and DP27 Lightmachine GunShumikha Launcher
SmokeADefender NighthavenAnti-entry and TrapperFMG-9 SMG and M590A1 ShotgunRemote Gas Grenade
ZofiaAAttackerGhosteyesBreak and Anti-GadgetM762 Assault Rifle and LMG-EKS79 Lifeline
JagerBDefender Viperstrike Anti-gadget and Support416-C CARBINE Assault Rifle and M870 ShotgunActive Defense System
HibanaBAttackerViperstrike Breach and Front LineSUPERNOVA Shotgun and TYPE-89 Assault RifleX-Kairos
PulseBDefender Nighthaven Intel and SupportM1014 Shotgun and UMP45 SMGHeartbeat Sensor
ElaBDefender Nighthaven Crowd Control and TrapperFO-12 Shotgun and SCORPION EVO 3 A1 SMGGrzmot Mine
EchoBDefenderViperstrikeIntel and Crowd Control (CC)Supernova ShotgunYokai and Level Up
RookCDefender Viperstrike SupportMP5 and P90 SMGs and SG-CQB ShotgunArmor Pack
IQCAttackerNighthavenIntel and SupportG8A1 LMG and 552 Commando and AUG A2 Assault RiflesElectronics Detector
NomadCAttackerWolfguardFront Line and Map ControlARX200 and AK-74M Assault RiflesAirjab Launcher
CapitaoCAttacker ViperstrikeFront Line and Map ControlM249 Light Machine Gun and PARA-308 Assault RifleTactical Crossbow
SledgeDAttackerRedhammer Breach and Anti-gadget M590A1 Shotgun and L85A2 Assault RifleTactical Breaching Hammer


S-Tier in our tier list has the best Rainbow Six Extraction Operators you can use in the game. No other Operator can come close to them in terms of skills and stats. If you want to play with possibly the best Operator in the game, then we’ll suggest you pick from this tier. 

Alibi Alibi is exceptional at helping teammates by distracting enemies and revealing their location with her decoys. She comes equipped with the Mx4 Storm SMG and the ACS12 shotgun, making her versatile in combat situations. Her decoys can be used strategically to divert enemy attention, making her valuable in various scenarios, including reviving teammates under fire.
Finka Finka’s ability to quickly revive downed teammates makes her invaluable in challenging situations. Armed with the SPEAR .308 Assault Rifle, she possesses one of the best assault rifles in the game. As she levels up, she gains access to additional weapons like the 9x19VSM sub-machine gun, SASG-12 shotgun, GSH-18 handgun, and 6P41 LMG, enhancing her versatility in combat.
Lion Lion excels at tracking enemy movements with his ability, providing valuable intel to the team. His primary weapon, the V308 Assault Rifle, boasts an extended magazine, aiding in sustained firefights. Players can unlock the SG-CQB shotgun at level 6 for close-quarters combat. Lion’s ability to reveal enemy positions allows for effective planning and execution of strategies.
Vigil Vigil’s ability to disappear from enemy detection makes him the stealthiest Operator in the game. Armed with the K1A1 weapon, players can choose between the BOSG.12.2 shotgun and MK 14 EBR marksman rifle as they level up. Vigil’s independent playstyle allows him to execute missions solo while remaining a valuable asset in team-based operations with well-coordinated plans.


A-Tier Operators in our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list are extremely strong. They might not have earned a spot in the top tier, but they still are some of the best Operators to use in the game. In other words, they won’t let you down. 

Fuze Specializes in creating explosions to clear paths quickly, equipped with the 6P41 light machine gun and versatile weapon options. Ideal for aggressive gameplay.
Doc Excellent healer with Health Shots and Stim Pistol, armed with SG-CQB shotgun and other versatile weapons. Limited Health Shot count but effective in supporting the team.
Gridlock Strong map control operator with aggressive playstyle, equipped with F90 Assault Rifle and M249 Saw LMG. Capable of offense and defense, beneficial for protecting objectives.
Tachanka Brings massive firepower with Mounted LMG, capable of deploying turrets for heavy defense. Armed with SASG-12 shotgun and versatile weapon options. Valuable asset for firepower and defense.
Smoke Utilizes Remote Gas Grenades to control sight and deal damage to enemies. Equipped with L85A2 assault rifle and FMG-9 SMG, effective in close-range combat. Provides tactical advantages with grenades.
Zofia Specializes in close-quarters combat and asset extraction, equipped with a grenade launcher housing Archaean Stun and Impact Grenades. Capable of self-revival and enduring sensory effects and shock. Suitable for incursions and combat situations.


B-Tier Operators reside somewhere between strong and weak characters. They are not the kind of Operators who struggle against their enemies, but you should expect a lot from them. 

Jager Excellent for map control with turret placement, armed with M870 shotgun, MP7 submachine gun, and 416-C Carbine Assault Rifle. Limited current round count may deter some players.
Hibana Aggressive Operator with explosive abilities, utilizes X-Kairos Launcher for breaching. Starts with Type-89 Assault Rifle, gains access to Supernova shotgun and MP5SD SMG at higher levels. Effective at level 10 but lacks early-game impact.
Pulse Provides visibility advantage with Cardiac Sensor, detects enemies through obstacles. Equipped with M1014 shotgun, UMP45 SMG, and 556XI assault rifle. Effective for close-range combat and enemy detection.
Ela Utilizes mines for area denial against enemies, armed with Scorpion EVO 3 A1, FO-12 shotgun, and M762 Assault Rifle. Abilities limit her to close-range engagements but offers stun duration and recharge time improvements with leveling.
Echo Offers operational efficiency with robotics support and specialized UAV fleet. Equipped with SUG-Supernova shotgun and other weapon options. Abilities require mastery for strategic use, vulnerable without proper utilization. Overall we think Echo isn’t as sturdy as the top operators of Rainbow Six Extraction, but he is surely a good investment for strategic attacks where trapping the enemy can win you games.


Now we come down to the C-Tier category of our tier list. These Operators are weak and will only make you feel like a burden on your team. There aren’t many uses of these Operators, and hence they have earned a low spot in our tier list. 

Rook Provides armor plates for extra protection to teammates, armed with P90, HK417 marksman rifle, and SC-CQB shotgun. Limited usefulness due to redundancy with Body Armor equipment.
IQ Equipped with RED MK IV Spectre to detect REACT Equipment, hindered by low detection range and requirement to equip secondary weapon. Limited utility compared to other detection Operators.
Nomad Uses Airjab Launcher to shoot mines that knock back enemies, armed with AK-47M assault rifle, ARX200 assault rifle, AUG A3 SMG, and TCSG12 shotgun. Limited usefulness compared to Impact Grenades available to other Operators.
Capitao Utilizes TAC MKO Crossbow with Smoke Screen and Venom bolts, armed with Para-308 assault rifle, M249 LMG, SPAS-15 shotgun, and M12 SMG. Crossbow lacks effectiveness due to limitations and better weapon alternatives.


D-Tier Operators are the worst ones to use in the game. You should avoid choosing them at all costs. Currently, I believe only one Operator in Rainbox Six Extraction deserves the D-tier spot. However, we will update the list if Ubisoft decides to add more Operators to the game similar to him. 


Finally, we have Sledge, the worst Operator in our tier list. His method of dealing with Archaens involves getting up close and personal with them, something which can put you at a great disadvantage in the game.

Sledge comes equipped with a Sledgehammer, which you can use to destroy breakable walls. Furthermore, you can also use it to strike enemies, something through which you can stun them. When you hit level 2, the hammer will start delivering a more powerful attack. And at level 10, you’ll be able to deal more damage and stun almost every enemy in your sight with the hammer. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Operator Tier List

Unfortunately, while it seems fun to attack the aliens with a giant sledgehammer, it isn’t. You’ll most likely get eliminated quickly if you take this approach. You’ll always stay at risk when you’re close to your target, so it just isn’t worth charging towards them with a sledgehammer in your hand. 

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Overall, Sledge isn’t the kind of Operator who can help you survive long in a match. His overall kit isn’t useful and is weaker than almost every other Operator in the game. All of this makes him the worst Operator to use in Rainbow Six Extraction. But if you still want to go ahead and see what it feels like to bonk an Archaen with a sledgehammer, then we won’t stop you from choosing him. 

Tier List Criteria

Rainbow Six Extraction has a total of 20 Operators. Each Operator has a different playstyle and is unique in his/her own way. They come with their own set of skills and loadout as well. We ranked the Operators based on the kind of skills they offer and the loadout they carry around. Operators who have skills that are more useful have been placed in the top tiers, while those who have either weak or useless skills have been placed in the lower tiers.

Ranking Based on Experience and Research

We have ranked the characters based on our experience of the game. In addition to this, we have also conducted in-depth research about them on the web. We made sure to spend our time with each Operator to see how they perform in different situations. 

Why Trust Us

Our main aim is to provide players with a tier list that is unbiased and easy to understand. After playing the game for a couple of days, we curated this tier list and ranked each Operator to present everything in front of you. We were also trusted by Ubisoft officially to review the game. 

Changes Due To Recent Patch Update

Last Updated: May 10th, 2022

Here are all the changes that were introduced in the most recent and relevant Rainbow Six Extraction update:

Operator Changes:

  • Doc
    • Doc’s Stim Pistol now heals operators that carry an MIA operator.
  • Finka
    • When Finka is activating Adrenaline Surge, teammates will become immune from getting down.
  • Jäger
    • In Veteran Mode, Teammates will become immune to Jaeger’s Turret explosion.
    • Sower Mines are now destroyable by Jaeger’s Turret.
  • Zofia
    • Zofia’s resistance has been reduced by 10% to Sower Mines.
    • Aim Assist has been improved on KS79 Lifeline.
    • Damage caused by FO-12 has been reduced from 35 to 25.
  • Ela
    • Ela’s resistance to Sower mines has been reduced by 10%
    • FO-12 damage infliction has been reduced from 35 to 25.
  • Capitão
    • Sower Mines will now take damage from Venom Bolts.
  • Nomad
    • During the MIA rescue objective, explosions caused by Nomad’s Airjab can now more efficiently destroy Open Fuel Pods and Fuel Cells.
  • Smoke
    • Sower Mines will now take damage from Toxic gas Canisters.
  • Tachanka
    • LMG Shield now absorbs projectiles much more efficiently.

This marks the end of our Rainbow Six Extraction Operator tier list. We hope that it will help you choose the best Operator to fight against aliens. Before you leave, make sure to check Rainbow Six Extraction’s best settings for maximum FPS. 

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