Best Rainbow Six Extraction PC Settings: FPS & Performance

The Most In-depth Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings Guide featuring Windows, AMD, Nvidia, Graphics, and more optimized settings.

Exputer is pulling all the stops to bring you all the latest and greatest content for Rainbow Six Extraction. This best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide will help you play the game at great performance without compromising on FPS.

Update: Due to Rainbow Six Extraction failing to meet the developer’s expectations, they’ve shut down the development of the game. This means some bugs may get patches here and there won’t be any major updates or content additions.

Ubisoft News On R6 Extraction
Ubisoft News On R6 Extraction (Image from R6E Discord)

I’ve benchmarked Rainbow Six Extraction on the following PC specs: 

  • CPU: Intel i7-11800H
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD
  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
Key Takeaways

To run R6 Extraction on a PC, you’ll need at least AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel i5-4460 for a CPU, AMD RX560 or NVIDIA GTX 960 for a GPU, and 16 GB of RAM.

The following graphics settings give your FPS a major hit:

  • Shadow Quality
  • Reflections Quality
  • Level of Detail
  • Effects
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Sprawl Quality

I’ve had a good experience playing R6 Extraction on my PC, even in the early days of its release (used a 2070 back then). The overall game is more demanding than Rainbow Six Seige due to more in-game effects and the high-resolution textures of aliens and the environment. Its optimization isn’t the best, but definitely not the worst. 

Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings

Best Rainbow Six Extraction In-game Settings
Rainbow Six Extraction Best In-game Graphics Settings

The graphics settings for Rainbow Six Extraction are almost identical to Rainbow Six Seige. However, the optimization isn’t. Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t optimized as well as Seige. But since I had the early access version, hopefully, the optimization will get better with updates.

Quick Graphics Settings Summary

SettingWhat to Set it to
Display ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour Monitor's Native Resolution (e.g., 1920x1080)
MonitorSelect Primary Display
Refresh RateSelect the highest Available
Aspect RatioAuto
Field of View75+
Brightness50% or above
Widescreen LetterboxOff
HDROn (if available)
Texture QualityHigh
Texture Filtering8-16X
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyOn + Boost
Shadow QualityMedium
Shading QualityHigh
Reflection QualityMedium
Level of Detail QualityMedium
Effects QualityMedium
Ambient OcclusionMedium
Sprawl QualityMedium
Lens EffectOff
ADS Depth of FieldPersonal Preference
Image Sharpening (Nvidia)Off
Anisotropic Filtering (Nvidia)Off
VSync (Nvidia)Off
Threaded Optimization (Nvidia)On
Anti-Lag (AMD)Enabled
Radeon Image Sharpening (AMD)Enabled
Anti-Aliasing Method (AMD)Multisampling
Texture Filtering Quality (AMD)Standard
Tessellation Mode (AMD)Override Application
Maximum Tessellation Level (AMD)Off
OpenGL Triple Buffering (AMD)Disabled
Reset Shader Cache (AMD)Perform Reset
FreeSync (AMD)On (if available)
GPU Scaling Mode (AMD)Best Performance

The first section we’ll optimize is the Display section which contains the main settings that affect your screen resolution and viewing experience etc. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Display Settings
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Display Settings

Display Settings

  1. Display Mode: Set the game to full-screen to allow your PC to prioritize the game, enhancing frame rate performance.
  2. Resolution: Use your monitor’s native resolution (e.g., 1920×1080, 2560×1440) to avoid image degradation and to optimize performance over increasing FPS by lowering resolution.
  3. Monitor: For multi-display setups, choose your primary display. The game defaults to the first display if only one is connected.
  4. Refresh Rate: Set to the highest available to enhance your gameplay experience, even if the game isn’t as competitive as its counterpart, R6 Siege.
  5. Aspect Ratio: Set to auto to allow the game to detect and apply the best aspect ratio for your display.
  6. VSync: Turn off to reduce input lag and prevent FPS capping by your monitor’s refresh rate. Enable it only if you experience screen tearing.
  7. Field of View: A higher Field of View can show more details but might affect FPS. Adjust between 75 and 100 based on your preference and performance.
  8. Brightness: Keep at 50% or adjust higher to ensure visibility in darker game areas without compromising display health.
  9. Widescreen Letterbox: Disable this setting to remove unnecessary screen bars, providing a full visual field.
  10. HDR: Enable on HDR-compatible displays to significantly enhance visual quality. Be mindful of potential eye strain in darker environments.

Graphics Settings

  1. Overall Quality: Set to Custom, allowing you to adjust each setting individually based on your preferences and system capabilities.
  2. Resolution Quality: Keep fixed at 100% to prevent dynamic resolution scaling from blurring the visuals.
  3. Texture Quality: High – Essential for spotting small traps and environmental details critical to gameplay.
  4. Texture Filtering: Set between 8X to 16X. Higher settings like 16X offer clearer textures without a significant performance hit.
  5. Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: Enable with the ‘Boost’ option to significantly reduce input lag and enhance response times.
  6. Latency Flash Indicator: Keep off, as it serves only to test the Reflex technology and has no gameplay benefit.
  7. Nvidia DLSS: Set to Performance mode to maximize FPS. Adjust to Quality if you notice excessive blurriness.
  8. Shadow Quality: Medium – Shadows in Extraction are primarily aesthetic, reducing this setting boosts performance.
  9. Shading Quality: High for smoother in-game textures, though Medium can be used if prioritizing performance.
  10. Reflection Quality: Medium or Low – This setting is resource-intensive due to shiny surfaces in the game; reducing it can help maintain stable FPS.
  11. Level of Detail Quality: Medium – Balances the rendering distance with performance, ensuring enemies are visible without overloading the GPU.
  12. Effects Quality: Medium – Maintains good visual quality for dynamic effects like explosions and wall breaking without major performance sacrifices.
  13. Anti-Aliasing: T-AA with an option to adjust sharpness up to 50% or more, smoothing out textures effectively with minimal hardware impact.
  14. Ambient Occlusion: Medium – Enhances visual depth and shadow detail without a significant hit to performance.

    Display Settings for Rainbow Six ExtractionBest Rainbow Six Extraction Graphics Settings Part 1

  15. Sprawl Quality: Medium – Balances the appearance of the game’s enemies with performance, especially in scenes with multiple adversaries.
  16. Lens Effect: Off – Eliminates artificial visual distortions, offering a cleaner and more immersive viewing experience.

    Graphics Settings for Rainbow Six ExtractionBest Rainbow Six Extraction Settings Part 2

  17. ADS Depth of Field: Personal Preference – This setting can be adjusted based on whether you find it visually appealing or distracting during aiming.

Here is a quick settings comparison at different graphical presets in different scenes:

  • Low Graphics Preset With TAA
    Low Graphics Preset With TAA

Nvidia Control Panel Settings For R6 Extraction

Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Now we’ll optimize Nvidia Control Panel settings for Rainbow Six Extraction. First, make sure that your GPU driver is up-to-date as the latest game-ready driver contains important optimizations for Rainbow Six Extraction.

After you’ve installed the latest drivers, reboot your PC then apply the following settings.

Here’s a Summary of R6 Extraction Nvidia Settings

Image SharpeningOff
Anisotropic FilteringOff
FXAA - AntialiasingOff
Gamma Correction - AntialiasingOff
Mode - AntialiasingOff
Background Max Frame Rate20
Low Latency ModeOff
Max Frame RateOff
Open GL Rendering GPUSelect GPU here
Power Management ModePrefer Max Performance
Shader CacheDriver Default
Monitor TechnologyG-Sync
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA)Off
Anisotropic Sample Optimization - Texture FilterOn
Negative LOD Bias - Texture FilteringAllow
Quality - Texture FilteringHigh Performance
Trilinear Optimization - Texture FilteringOn
Threaded OptimizationOn
Triple BufferingOff
Vertical SyncOff

This concludes our Nvidia Control Panel section of the best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide. All these settings were thoroughly tested and provided a good mix of quality and performance. So rest assured, you’ll get the best performance out of your game.

AMD Radeon Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction

AMD Radeon Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings for AMD Settings

This section includes the most optimized AMD settings. If you’re running Rainbow Six Extraction on an AMD GPU, these settings are sure to boost your performance in-game.

Quick Look At AMD Settings For R6 Extraction

Radeon Anti-LagEnabled
Radeon ChillDisabled
Radeon BoostDisabled
Radeon Image SharpeningEnabled
Wait for Vertical RefreshAlways off
Anti-AliasingUse Application Settings
Anti-Aliasing MethodMultisampling
Morphological Anti-AliasingDisabled
Anisotropic FilteringDisabled
Texture Filtering QualityStandard
Surface Format OptimizationEnabled
Tessellation ModeOverride Application Settings
Maximum Tessellation LevelOff
OpenGL Triple BufferingDisabled
Reset Shader CachePerform Reset

After you’re done optimizing AMD Radeon settings for Rainbow Six Seige, hit Apply to save all settings. I also recommend turning on FreeSync and GPU Scaling Mode to get the best gameplay experience.

Bonus Windows Optimization Tips

Window Tweaks for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Windows Tweaks for Rainbow Six Extraction

Now I’ll be covering all the Windows 10/11 tweaks that will make your game run buttery smooth. So without further waiting, let’s begin. 

  • Update Windows: Update your OS to the latest build to get the best features and optimization patches.
  • Run R6 Extraction As An Admin: Running Rainbow Six Extraction with administrator privileges will ensure that your game has the highest level of clearance and no other policy or setting can influence it. This results in the best, uninterrupted performance.
  • Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling: Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling helps improve gaming and heavy workload performance significantly. You can turn on this setting in Windows Settings > System > Display > Graphics > Change Default Graphics Settings.
  • Switch To Ultimate Power Plan: Using this power plan will result in maximum performance in games. You can unlock this option by entering this command in Windows Power Shell: “powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02 -d5df -448d -aa00 -03f14749eb61.”
  • Terminate Unnecessary background Apps: This will clear out the load on the CPU to help improve performance in-game.
  • Use Windows Game Mode: It helps boost the performance of games but stops any unnecessary background applications. This will divert all the valuable system resources towards Rainbow Six Extraction.

Performance Overview For R6 Extraction

I was fortunate enough to play Rainbow Six Extraction on launch and explore every setting in detail.

The game’s optimization could get better over time, but generally, the state of the game is not bad. With a 3070, I was getting solid performance on 1600p, but switching to 1080p Ultra settings got me over the 100 FPS threshold which was great considering the high-detailed texutres of environments and enemies. 

There have been instances of the game failing to launch or getting FPS drops randomly. This mainly happens when players are running the game on outdated GPU drivers (as also pointed out by Abdul Haddi in his R6 Extraction review).

The game’s optimization is good. Couple that with my best settings and you’ll have the best performance in the game without any issues. I hope that this guide helped you gain more FPS, and for any more questions, you can comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Rainbow Six Extraction with a Controller on a PC?

Yes. Similar to Seige, Rainbow Six Extraction comes with the full support of selected controllers. I’d recommend using Microsoft Xbox One S or Series Controller to play on PC.

How can I get even more FPS in Rainbow Six Extraction?

If you’re still lacking the performance you desire, then you can use the dynamic resolution as a last resort. In Rainbow Six Extraction in-game settings, turn down the Resolution quality and adjust the target framerate according to your wish. Your visual quality will take a major hit, but your FPS will boost significantly.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have a solo mode?

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction does have a solo mode that also scales the difficulty down.

How many friends can I play with within Rainbow Six Extraction?

You can make a party of a maximum of 3 members, including you, in Rainbow Six Extraction missions.

While you are here, also try out Best COD Vanguard Settings.

Latest Performance Updates

Rainbow Six Extraction Latest Patch:

  • Fixed the error where HDR settings kept getting turned on automatically, even if they were disabled in-game.
  • FPS Limits and HDR do not get reset when launching the game.
  • Windows 11 does not get identified as Windows 10 by the benchmark tool.
  • Players can bind “Push to Talk” to Tilde Key. 
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