Best Rainbow Six Extraction PC Settings: FPS & Performance

The Most In-depth Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings Guide featuring Windows, AMD, Nvidia, Graphics, and more optimized settings.

Exputer is pulling all the stops to bring you all the latest and greatest content for Rainbow Six Extraction. This best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide will help you play the game at great performance without compromising on FPS.

Key Takeaways
  • First of all, optimize the in-game display settings, like using fullscreen for Display Mode, disabling V-Sync, putting Field of View between 75-100, and more.
  • Scroll down a bit to Graphics, and put Texture Quality to high, Nvidia Reflex Low Latency to ON + Boost, Nvidia DLSS to performance, and follow the rest.
  • Nvidia settings consist of putting Background Max Frame Rate to 20, turning off Low Latency Mode, and using max performance for Power Management Mode.
  • Additionally, turn off Multi-Frame Sampled AA, enable Threaded Optimization, get rid of Vertical Sync, and make the rest of the changes mentioned in the guide.
  • For AMD settings, enable Radeon Anti-Lag, get rid of Radeon Chill, and turn on Radeon Image Sharpening.
  • Moving to advanced settings, put Anti-Aliasing Method to multisampling, disable Anisotropic Filtering, reset Shader Cache, and adhere to the rest in the guide.
  • Windows 10 settings include running Rainbow Six Extraction as an admin and using Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling.
  • Furthermore, turn on Ultimate Performance Mode, get rid of unused background services or applications, and utilize the Game Mode.

As usual, my Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide will be divided into 4 distinct sections:

  1. Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings
  2. Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
  3. Best Rainbow Six Extraction AMD Radeon Settings
  4. Window Tweaks and Optimizations for Rainbow Six Extraction

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Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings

Best Rainbow Six Extraction In-game Settings
Rainbow Six Extraction Best In-game Graphics Settings

Here is the summary of all the settings you need to make before playing Rainbow Six Extraction:

SettingWhat to Set it to
Display ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour Monitor's Native Resolution (e.g., 1920x1080)
MonitorSelect Primary Display
Refresh RateSelect the highest Available
Aspect RatioAuto
Field of View75+
Brightness50% or above
Widescreen LetterboxOff
HDROn (if available)
Texture QualityHigh
Texture Filtering8-16X
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyOn + Boost
Shadow QualityMedium
Shading QualityHigh
Reflection QualityMedium
Level of Detail QualityMedium
Effects QualityMedium
Ambient OcclusionMedium
Sprawl QualityMedium
Lens EffectOff
ADS Depth of FieldPersonal Preference
Image Sharpening (Nvidia)Off
Anisotropic Filtering (Nvidia)Off
VSync (Nvidia)Off
Threaded Optimization (Nvidia)On
Anti-Lag (AMD)Enabled
Radeon Image Sharpening (AMD)Enabled
Anti-Aliasing Method (AMD)Multisampling
Texture Filtering Quality (AMD)Standard
Tessellation Mode (AMD)Override Application
Maximum Tessellation Level (AMD)Off
OpenGL Triple Buffering (AMD)Disabled
Reset Shader Cache (AMD)Perform Reset
FreeSync (AMD)On (if available)
GPU Scaling Mode (AMD)Best Performance

The graphics settings for Rainbow Six Extraction are almost identical to Rainbow Six Seige. However, the optimization isn’t. Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t optimized as well as Seige. But since I had the early access version, hopefully, the optimization will get better with updates.

Now, accessing the display settings is also the same as Seige. You simply open the settings icon on the top-right of the screen and go to the “Video” tab. Here, you’ll have access to all display and graphics settings for Rainbow Six Extraction. 

The first section we’ll optimize is the Display section which contains main settings that affect your screen resolution and viewing experience etc. 

Rainbow Six Extraction Display Settings
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Display Settings

Simply use the following Best Rainbow Six Extraction settings for the display section. 

Display Mode: Fullscreen

As always, we’ll be putting Rainbow Six Seige Extraction to full-screen mode. Fullscreen mode helps your PC prioritize your game better and provides exclusive resources for it to use. Hence, you’ll get a much better frame rate by simply switching to fullscreen display mode.

Resolution: Your Monitor’s Native Resolution

Select the native resolution of your monitor here i.e. 1920×1080 or 2560×1440 etc. Selecting a lower resolution will result in a boost in FPS, but will degrade image quality substantially. So, best to optimize performance else than try playing at a lower resolution.

Monitor: Select Primary Display Here

In Monitor, select your primary display if you have a multi-display setup. If you have only a single display hooked to the system, then the value will default to 1. 

Refresh Rate: Select the highest Available Here

You’ll definitely enjoy Rainbow Six Extraction at the maximum refresh rate you have. Even though it’s technically not a competitive shooter like R6 Seige, the higher refresh rate still helps make your gameplay experience better.

Aspect Ratio: Auto

Most monitors have an aspect ratio of 16:9. But, you’re might be different hence setting the Aspect Ratio setting to auto will detect the best aspect ratio to use according to your display.

VSync: Off

VSync causes input lag and stuttering in the game. Hence, it’s best to turn it off to also avoid capping your FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate. If you face screen tearing in-game, then you’ll have to use V-Sync. 

Field of View: 75+

The higher Field of View value you’ve set, the more details your screen will have at a time. However, very high values may be weird to play for some games and can also lower your FPS a little. Try to find a value between 75 and 100 that works best for you.

Brightness: 50% or above

Brightness by default is set to 50%. Lowering the brightness too much will make the darker areas in Rainbow Six Extraction a lot harder to see. So, it’s best to find the best brightness value according to your display.

Widescreen Letterbox: Off

If you’re using a widescreen monitor, the Widescreen Letterbox setting will be available to you. However, turning it off is the best solution as it adds unnecessary bars at the top and bottom of the screen. 

HDR: On (if available)

Depending on if you have an HDR-compatible, you may use this setting to improve Rainbow Six Extraction visual quality significantly. However, for some people, the extra brightness of HDR can cause eye irritation in darker rooms which negatively affects your health and gameplay. Hence, use HDR with caution.

Now that we’ve optimized the display settings for Rainbow Six Extraction, let’s jump into the graphics settings. 

Display Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Graphics Settings Part 1

As you scroll down from the display settings, you’ll find graphics settings. There are even more graphics settings than you can find on Seige. Some are familiar while some might be new. Let’s go through each one and use the best Rainbow Six Extraction settings for every graphics setting.

Overall Quality: Custom

Since we need to fine-tune every setting to our liking, we don’t need to set a custom quality level. Hence, set the overall quality to Custom.

Resolution Quality: Fixed – 100%

Rainbow Six Extraction has a new Resolution Quality setting that lets you downscale your current resolution to improve performance. I recommend using Fixed – 100% Resolution Quality as anything lower will make the game muddy due to Dynamic Resolution. 

Texture Quality: High

Textures matter in Rainbow Six Extraction as much they do in Seige. R6 Extraction has small traps and spores in levels that you need to easily spot so you can shoot your way through them. However, using anything under high can make tiny environment details tough to spot. So, put Texture Quality to High for best visuals and performance.

Texture Filtering: 8-16X

Depending on your system. I personally recommend 16X as it’s not really much more demanding than 8X. However, if you want to save every bit of performance possible, then I’d recommend not using anything below 8X in Texture Filtering.

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On + Boost

Nvidia Reflex is a great technology from Nvidia. It drastically reduces Input lag in Rainbow Six Extraction and helps your PC keep up with your reflexes. Set it to On + Boost to get the maximum benefit out of it. 

Latency Flash Indicator: Off

Latency Flash Indicator is a feature to test Nvidia Reflex Low Latency technology. No use turning it on.

Nvidia DLSS: Performance

Nvidia’s leading supersampling technology, DLSS, is making its way to almost every latest title release. It’s a great feature that uses AI to upscale your image from a lower resolution to a higher one without negatively affecting FPS. So, set DLSS to Performance to get the most FPS in Rainbow Six Extraction. If the textures get too blurry for you, switch to the Quality setting.

Shadow Quality: Medium

Shadows might have great use for you in Rainbow Six Seige, but they’re only for aesthetics in Extraction. Better turn Shadow Quality to Medium and gain a boost in performance. 

Shading Quality: High

Set Shading to high as it will make textures smoother in-game. However, if you want to prefer performance, I’d recommend using at least the medium setting. 

Reflection Quality: Medium

Reflection Quality might just be the most taxing graphics setting in Rainbow Six Extraction. There are a lot of shiny surfaces in the levels and FPS takes a hit on high or Ultra. Set the Reflection Quality to Medium or Low if you want to favor performance.

Graphics Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings Part 2

Level of Detail Quality: Medium

The level of Detail setting decides how far away objects render. The higher LOD, the farther objects render and the more load falls on your GPU. Keep the Level of Detail Quality to medium for the best mix between performance and spotting enemies clearly from a distance.

Effects Quality: Medium

If Effects like blasts and wall breaking will reduce on lower than medium settings. So, set Effects to medium to enjoy decent effects quality without sacrificing performance too much.

Anti-Aliasing: T-AA

T-AA is my personal Go To Anti-Aliasing technology from Rainbow Six Seige and it’s the same in Extraction too. It’s super light on your hardware and helps smoothen out textures better than more expensive AA options. You can add T-AA sharpness to 50% or more to sharpen textures to even things out. 

Ambient Occlusion: Medium

Most of the rooms in Rainbow Six Extraction have a dark setting with a light source emitting from pulsating spores. It’s a sight to behold and setting Ambient Occlusion to Medium will let you enjoy it without compromising performance. 

Sprawl Quality: Medium

Sprawl is the enemy in the game with an amazing character design. Depending on your PC specs, if too many show up at once, and they will, you might get FPS drops or even stuttering. To avoid this issue, set the Sprawl quality to Medium. This will make them even more hideous, but who cares, you’ll get a stable framerate.

Lens Effect: Off

Don’t add any artificial distortion effects to Rainbow Six Extraction. Turn off Lens Effect from the game and don’t look back. 

ADS Depth of Field: Personal Preference

ADS Depth of Field looks cool to use, but for some people, it can make aiming a tad bit difficult. It’s your personal choice whether to keep it on or not since it doesn’t have any serious effect on performance.

And there you have it, these are all the best Rainbow Six Extraction settings for graphics options. These settings have been tested to provide you with the best performance possible with negligible loss in visual clarity. Since Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t necessarily a competitive game, having too high FPS isn’t going to matter anyway. 

Now let’s move on to other optimizations you can do to improve your performance in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction

Nvidia Control Panel Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Now we’ll optimize Nvidia Control Panel settings for Rainbow Six Extraction. But before we dive into the settings, first make sure that your GPU driver is up-to-date. The latest game-ready driver contains important optimizations for Rainbow Six Extraction.

Updating your GPU Drivers for Rainbow Six Extraction
Update Nvidia Driver

Simply go to Nvidia Geforce Experience and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Driver” tab and click on the check for driver updates button.
  2. If you have driver updates available, click on download to start downloading them.
  3. After the download finishes, click on “Express Install” to quickly install the GPU update.

After you’ve installed the latest drivers, reboot your PC then apply the following settings.

Image Sharpening: Off

Turn Image Sharpening off as it tends to oversharpen the textures. So it’s best to turn Image Sharpening off to preserve the texture’s natural look.

Anisotropic Filtering: Off

There’s no need to enable Anisotropic Filtering. Keep Anisotropic Filtering off to improve your FPS in-game.

FXAA – Antialiasing: Off

FXAA is a low-cost Antiailiasing method that helps remove jagged-edged in games. However, we’ve already set the required AA mode in Rainbow Six Extraction settings so no need to turn it off. Keep FXAA disabled.

Gamma Correction -Antialiasing: Off

Turn off Antialiasing – Gamma Correction because we don’t really need it in Rainbow Six Extraction. It usually affects OpenGL programs specifically. 

Mode – Antialiasing: Off

Since we’ve already set the required Anti-Aliasing setting in Rainbow Six Extraction in-game settings, no need to turn it here. So, simply turn Antialiasing – Mode off. 

Background Max Frame Rate: 20

Setting Background Max Frame Rate to 20 is a pretty helpful feature if you Alt + Tab out of the games a lot. Once the game is minimized, this feature saves GPU power by dropping the game’s FPS to 20. So if you’re using recording software or streaming Rainbow Six Extraction, using 20 FPS as Background Max Frame Rate can be pretty helpful.


Select all CUDA GPUs here for best performance across all games.

Low Latency Mode: Off

Rainbow Six Extraction already has Nvidia Reflex built into it. Since we’ve already enabled it in the game settings, we don’t need to use Low Latency Mode in Nvidia Control Panel. Better turn it off.

Max Frame Rate: Off

Set Max Frame Rate to off to avoid capping Rainbow Six Extraction FPS to a specific value. 

Open GL Rendering GPU: Select GPU here

Simply select your dedicated GPU in the Open GL Rendering GPU option.

Power Management Mode: Prefer Max Performance

If you want maximum performance from your Nvidia GPU, then set Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance. This ramp-up GPU clock speeds to the max ensuring the best performance, even if the game doesn’t really demand it. 

Shader Cache: Driver Default

Games build Shader Cache over time that helps with performance and visuals. Keep Shader Cache at Driver Default value as this is the best option.

Monitor Technology: G-Sync

If your monitor is G-Sync compatible, then select G-Sync in the Monitor Technology setting. Otherwise, leave Monitor Technology to its default value. Or, chances are this option may not be available to you at all. 

Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA): Off

MFAA is Nvidia’s proprietary Anti-Aliasing technology that no one uses, and neither should you. we’ve already set Anti-Aliasing mode TAA for Rainbow Six Extraction in-game so no need to enable MFAA here.

Anisotropic Sample Optimization -Texture Filtering: On

Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample Optimization helps optimize in-game visuals. This will help improve Rainbow Six Extraction visuals without compromising on performance. 

Negative LOD Bias – Texture Filtering: Allow

Keep Texture Filtering – Negative LOD Bias to Allow as it helps make textures smoother in-game.

Quality – Texture Filtering: High Performance

Set Texture Filtering – Quality to High Performance. This will help improve the game’s performance significantly without compromising on visuals that much. 

Trilinear Optimization – Texture Filtering: On

Texture Filtering – Trilinear Optimization is a similar setting to ASO that will help optimize Rainbow Six Extraction textures and improve performance significantly.

Threaded Optimization: On

Keeping in view the “OK” optimization state of Rainbow Six Extraction, setting threaded optimization to on can help improve FPS. This will help your CPU utilize all cores to boost game performance, stability and get rid of any FPS Drops.

Triple Buffering: Off

Since we’re not using V-Sync, you should turn Triple Buffering off. It’s assists V-sync in maintaining high FPS but we wouldn’t want Rainbow Six Extraction capping at a certain FPS.

Vertical Sync: Off

Similar to in-game settings, disable Verticle Sync (V-Sync) from Nvidia Control Panel as well. Even if you face any screen tearing, use the one in the game.

After you’re done applying settings, hit Apply to save all changes.

This concludes our Nvidia Control Panel section of the best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide. All these settings were thoroughly tested and provided a good mix of quality and performance. So rest assured, you’ll get the best performance out of your game.

AMD Radeon Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction

AMD Radeon Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Rainbow Six Extraction Settings for AMD Settings

This section of the best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide will include the most optimized AMD settings. If you’re running Rainbow Six Extraction on an AMD GPU, these settings are sure to boost your performance in-game.

Before we start tuning AMD Radeon settings, it’s important for you to update GPU drivers. The latest AMD driver contains important performance tweaks and bug fixes that you need to have to see a significant boost in performance. To download the latest update, check out the link right here.

Once you’re finished downloading and installing the latest AMD drivers, follow the steps below to start optimizing AMD Radeon Settings:

  1. After you access AMD Radeon Control Panel, go to the “Games” tab and select Global Graphics Settings from here.
    AMD Global Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
    AMD Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
  2. After you open the Global Settings, you’ll see a ton of settings you can tweak to get the best performance out of Rainbow Six Extraction. The settings we’ll use will help you attain great performance with no compromise to visual quality. So, let’s get started!
Optimizing AMD Radeon Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
AMD Radeon Global Settings

Radeon Anti-Lag: Enabled

Radeon Anti-Lag is a technology similar to Nvidia Reflex in Rainbow Six Extraction. It’s a great alternative to Nvidia Reflex for AMD cards and I would recommend enabling it here.

Radeon Chill: Disabled

Radeon Chill brings down the temperature of your GPU by reducing clock speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a game or not, this feature will lower your FPS drastically and might even cause sudden FPS drops. Better disable Radeon Chill for best performance in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Radeon Boost: Disabled

Radeon Boost might sound like a cool feature that boosts your game, but it’s not. Sure, it boosts your FPS, but it does so by severely dynamically reducing your resolution to meet the target FPS. It’s totally not worth turning on and you should keep Radeon Boost disabled.

Radeon Image Sharpening: Enabled

Radeon Image Sharpening works great in Rainbow Six Seige. It helps make textures crispier and helps you spot infected enemies quicker. Enable Radeon Image Sharpening and then set the slider to your desired sharpening preference. I’d recommend starting at 50% and then increasing or lowering it according to your requirement.

Wait for Vertical Refresh – Always off

As already discussed before, we won’t use Vsync for Rainbow Six Extraction as it caps your FPS to monitor’s refresh rate. So, set the Wait for Vertical Refresh setting to Always Off.

That was all for the main global settings. Now we’ll optimize the advanced AMD Radeon settings for Rainbow Six Extraction. To access Advanced Settings, click on the “Advanced” drop-down right under Global Settings and new options will appear.

AMD Radeon Advanced Settings for Rainbow Six Extraction
AMD Radeon Advanced Settings

Now, use the following best Rainbow Six Extraction settings for AMD Radeon Advanced settings:

Anti-Aliasing: Use Application Settings

Since we’ve already configured Anti-Aliasing in Rainbow Six in-game settings, no need to set it here. Simply leave the Anti-Aliasing option to Use Application Settings.

Anti-Aliasing Method: Multisampling

Use Multisampling in Anti-Aliasing Method to improve Rainbow Six Visual Quality substantially. It will make the texture smooth and also remove any jagged edges without compromising major performance.

Morphological Anti-Aliasing: Disabled

Morphological Anti-Aliasing is known to cause issues like FPS drops and stuttering in games. Turn it off in Rainbow Six Extraction for smooth performance.

Anisotropic Filtering: Disabled

Since we’ve already configured Anisotropic Filtering in-game, we don’t need to use it in AMD Radeon Settings. So, keep Anisotropic Filtering Disabled. 

Texture Filtering Quality: Standard

Set Texture Filtering Quality to Standard as it’s a great mix of visual quality and performance.

Surface Format Optimization: Enabled

Surface Format Optimization helps optimize textures in Rainbow Six Extraction. This means you’ll get better performance with better-looking visuals.

Tessellation Mode: Override Application Settings

Set the Tesselation Mode to Override Application Settings to unlock the setting below it. 

Maximum Tessellation Level: Off

After turning Tessellation Mode as Override Application in the previous setting, turn Maximum Tesselation Level Off. This makes sure that any kind of driver-level tesselation is disabled.

OpenGL Triple Buffering: Disabled

Since we aren’t using V-Sync to avoid input delay, it’s best to disable triple buffering as well. 

Reset Shader Cache – Perform Reset

Shader Cache builds up over time as you continue to play games. However, if the build-up gets too much, it starts to negatively affect your game’s performance. It starts causing problems like FPS drops, stuttering, and even lower FPS in games. To resolve this, AMD Radeon Settings provide a Reset Shader Cache setting that cleans out all the shader cache from your system. It’s especially useful if you don’t frequently update your GPU drivers.

After you’re done optimizing AMD Radeon settings for Rainbow Six Seige, hit Apply to save all settings. After this section, make sure to visit the Display tab next to Graphics. There are some settings here that need your attention, so tweak them as you see fit. We also recommend turning on FreeSync and GPU Scaling Mode to Best Performance in there.

High FPS Optimization for Rainbow Six Extraction

Window Tweaks for Rainbow Six Extraction
Best Windows Tweaks for Rainbow Six Extraction

Finally, we’ve reached the last section of our best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide. This section will cover all the Windows 10/11 tweaks that will make your game run buttery smooth. In addition to the tweaks, the latest builds of Windows also come packed with specialized features geared towards gaming. So we’ll also enable those features as well for maximum performance in Rainbow Six Extraction. So without further wait, let’s begin. 

Update Windows to the Latest Build

As in our previous section, Windows tweaks will also begin by making sure your OS is updated to the latest build. Follow the steps below to check for any updates for your Windows:

Update your Windows to latest build
Update your Windows
  1. Open Windows search and type in “Windows Update.” Click on the first search result that pops up.
  2. Once you’re in Windows Update Windows, click on the “Check for Updates” button on the top right.
  3. If there are any downloadable updates available for your system, it will prompt you to download them. If it doesn’t, it means you’re already running the latest Windows build.

Once you’re done ensuring that your Windows is up-to-date, you can jump straight into the Windows tweaks for Rainbow Six Extraction.

Run Rainbow Six Extraction as Administrator and Disable DPI Override

Running Rainbow Six Extraction with administrator privileges will ensure the best experience. This means your game will have the highest level of clearance and no other policy or setting can influence it. So in other words, it’s a smooth and distraction-free experience. 

Another benefit to playing Rainbow Six Extraction in Administrator mode is that it reduces the chances of crashing or black screens. While you turn on administrator privileges for Rainbow Six Extraction, make sure to also disable the Override DPI Scaling option. Here’s how to do both in one go:

Run Rainbow Six Extraction as Administrator
Run as Administrator and Disable DPI Override
  1. Locate the local installation files for Rainbow Six Extraction. You can directly open the install directory through Ubisoft Connect > Open Rainbow Six Extraction in Application > Properties > Open Folder under Local Files.
  2. Once you’ve located the files, find R6-Extraction.exe, right-click, and click on properties.
  3. A window will pop up. Simply check-mark Run This Program as the Administrator option.
  4. Once you’ve done that, click on the Change High DPI Settings button and uncheck Override High DPI Scaling Behavior.
  5. After you’re done, click on ok to click the second window then click on Apply in the first window to save changes.

These might seem like minor tweaks but the end result from these tweaks can surprise you. Let’s move ahead with other optimizations.

Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

Did you know that the latest build of Windows 10 and 11 has a hidden feature built into it called “Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling?” Most people don’t even know about this yet it can improve the performance of your PC overall.

Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling helps improve gaming and heavy workload performance significantly. If you’re wondering how it works, let me put it in simpler terms.

When your CPU offloads graphics-intensive data on the GPU it can properly render games. While the GPU is processing and sending those frames to display, the CPU gathers additional frames, assigns commands, and prioritizes them so the GPU keeps performing at its best. 

This coordination between CPU and GPU optimizes day-to-day tasks and gaming performance significantly. So, it’s best to enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling for Rainbow Six Extraction. Here’s how to do it:

Open Display Settings to Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling
Open Display Settings from Desktop
  1. Right-click on the desktop and click on “Display Settings.”
Open Graphics Settings to Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling
Navigate to Graphics Settings
  1. Once inside the display settings, scroll down to the bottom and click on Graphics Settings.
Enable Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling for Rainbow Six Extraction
Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
  1. Once inside Graphics Settings, you can toggle the “Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling” feature. In case you’re using Windows 11, you’ll have to first click on “Change Default Graphics Settings” and then you’ll be able to toggle this feature.

Turn On Ultimate Power Plan

Speaking of hidden features that Windows keeps from users, you can also use Ultimate Power Plan. Using this power plan will result in maximum performance in games.

To unlock Ultimate Power Plan Settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Search and type in “Windows Powershell.” Right-click on the first result and run the application as administrator.
    Open Power Shell to enable Ultimate Performance Mode
    Opening Windows PowerShell
  2. Once you’ve opened Windows Powershell, type in the following command to gain access to Ultimate Power Mode.
    Type in command to enable Ultimate Performance Mode
    Windows PowerShell Commands Execution

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02 -d5df -448d -aa00 -03f14749eb61

Once the power mode is unlocked, you’ll have to enable it through the following steps.

  1. Open Windows Search again and type in ” Choose a Power Plan.” Click on the first result.
  2. Here, switch your current power plan to the Ultimate Power Plan
  3. Switch to Ultimate Performance Mode for Rainbow Six Extraction
    Select Ultimate Performance Mode

Once you’ve enabled the Ultimate Power Plan, you’ll have the maximum performance in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Disable Unnecessary Animations in Windows

Windows is famous for its gorgeous animations and transition effects. However, these come at a cost and these may lower your in-game performance. These animations take a heavy toll on your CPU and can even cause low FPS in games. If you want to squeeze every bit of performance you can for your games, then follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Search, type in “Advanced System Settings” and click on the first link.
Open System Settings to Disable Animations
Search Advanced System Settings
    1. A window will open called System Properties. Here, click on the Settings button under the Performance tab. Once you’ve opened Performance Options, copy the exact settings shown in the picture below. 
Disable Animations for Performance in Rainbow Six Extraction
The Best Animation Settings for Windows
  1. After you’re done, hit Apply to save your changes.

After you apply this tweak, you’ll notice that your PC has become noticeably faster at the opening and closing of windows and apps. The animations are quicker, albeit simpler in nature. But this translates to better performance on your PC and Rainbow Six Extraction.

Disable Unnecessary Background Programs

Rainbow Six Expiration is a few patches and bug fixes away before it can be labeled as an optimized game. Keeping that viewpoint in mind, we need to clear the load on the CPU as much as we can to improve performance in-game.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is by disabling auto-starting programs that you don’t need every time. Disabling these programs can lend you a great performance boost in the game.

Simply follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

Caution: Make sure that you know the program you’re about to disable. Don’t disable any important pieces of software that are crucial for Windows operations. 

  1. Open the Task Manager. Now you can either do that by opening the taskbar and selecting “Task Manager” or simply pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHFT + ESC.
    Open Task Manager to Disable Programs
    Open Task Manager
  2. After opening Task Manager, go to the startup tab and view all the applications listed here.
Disable Programs for Performance in Rainbow Six Extraction
Disable Applications You Don’t Use
  1. Here, check all the applications listed here along with the tab “Startup Impact.” Start disabling those applications that have a high startup impact, and you don’t need them auto-running in the background either. 

Once you disable these programs, you’ll not only improve Rainbow Six Extraction Performance but also make your PC faster too.

Use Windows Game Mode

Game Mode is a Windows built-in feature geared towards games. It helps boost the performance of games but stops any unnecessary background applications. This will divert all the valuable system resources towards Rainbow Six Extraction.

However, Game Mode isn’t for you if you want to run other programs alongside your games. Game Mode is known to cause issues with recording software like OBS and Shadowplay. 

With that said, let’s see how you can enable Game Mode:

  1. Open Windows Search Bar and type “Game Mode.” Click on the first result. 
Enable Game Mode for Rainbow Six Extraction
Type Game Mode in Search Bar
  1. The following window will appear. Simply toggle the Game Mode on, and it’s on.
Turn on Game Mode for Rainbow Six Extraction
Enable Game Mode
  1. Since you’re already in this window, you can further boost performance by disabling DVR and other unnecessary features here. 
Disable DVR Settings for Performance in Rainbow Six Extraction
Disable Everything Here

You’ll see a positive uplift in your gaming performance by doing this.

Set Rainbow Six Extraction to High Priority

We’ll be using one of the oldest optimizations in Windows in this final tweak. We’ll set Rainbow Six Extraction priority to high in Task Manager. This will help PC divert resources towards the game a lot better, resulting in inconsistent performance. To do this, simply:

  1. Simply launch Rainbow Six Extraction.
  2. Press ALT+TAB to quickly minimize out of it.
  3. Open the task manager through the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC or by selecting it in the task manager.
  4. Look for Rainbow Six Extraction primary executable, right-click on it and click on “go to details.”
  5. Once you’re on the core process, right-click on it, go to set-priority and select high here.

Rainbow Six Extraction will perform at its best without any FPS drops or Lag.

Wrapping Things Up

I was fortunate enough to play Rainbow Six Extraction on launch and explore every setting in detail. The game’s optimization could get better over time, but generally, the state of the game is not bad. Couple that with our best Rainbow Six Extraction settings guide, and you’ll have the best performance in the game without any issues. I hope that this guide helped you gain more FPS, and for any more questions, you can comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my low-end PC run Rainbow Six Extraction?

It depends on the exact specs of your PC. To run Rainbow Six Extraction, the minimum requirements are at least an AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel i5-4460 paired with an AMD RX 560 or an Nvidia GTX 960. In addition to processor and GPU, you should also have 8GB ram with the latest Windows 10 64bit.

Can I play Rainbow Six Extraction with a Controller on a PC?

Yes. Similar to Seige, Rainbow Six Extraction comes with the full support of selected controllers. I’d recommend using Microsoft Xbox One S or Series Controller to play on PC.

How can I get even more FPS in Rainbow Six Extraction?

If you’re still lacking the performance you desire, then you can use the dynamic resolution as a last resort. In Rainbow Six Extraction in-game settings, turn down the Resolution quality and adjust the target framerate according to your wish. Your visual quality will take a major hit, but your FPS will boost significantly.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction have a solo mode?

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction does have a solo mode that also scales the difficulty down.

How many friends can I play with within Rainbow Six Extraction?

You can make a party of a maximum of 3 members, including you, in Rainbow Six Extraction missions.

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Latest Performance Updates

Rainbow Six Extraction Latest Patch:

  • Fixed the error where HDR settings kept getting turned on automatically, even if they were disabled in-game.
  • FPS Limits and HDR do not get reset when launching the game.
  • Windows 11 does not get identified as Windows 10 by the benchmark tool.
  • Players can bind “Push to Talk” to Tilde Key. 
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