Soul Calibur 6 Tier List: Ranking & And Worst Characters

This is the Ultimate Soul Calibur 6 Tierlist that will give you an overview of the weakest and the strongest fighters in the game.

Soul Calibur 6 is the latest installment in the Soul Calibur franchise developed by Bandai Namco Studios for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In my Soul Calibur 6 Tier list, I will rank the best and the worst fighters in the game. As explained in our For Honor Tier List, these characters are considered through criteria.

Key Takeaways
  • The top-tier characters in Soul Calibur 6 are Nightmare, Geralt, and Ivy. These characters have a combination of strong attacks, good movement, and powerful combos.
  • The A-tier characters are Sophitia, Talim, and Groh. These characters are also very strong but have some weaknesses that the top-tier characters do not.
  • The B-tier characters are Astaroth, Siegfried, Hilde, Cassandra, Tira, and Seong Mi-Na. These are all viable options but not as strong as the top-tier and A-tier characters.
  • The C-tier characters are Kilik, Xianghua, Azwel, Maxi, Voldo, Zasalamel, and Yoshimitsu. These characters have some weaknesses and are not as well-rounded as the other characters in the game.
  • The D-tier characters are Setsuka and Taki. These characters are the weakest in the game and are not recommended for competitive play.

Here’s a complete summary of Soul Calibur 6 Tier List ranking all the characters:

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
Tiers Characters 
S-Tier Talim, Amy, Raphael, Yoshimitsu, and Cervantes
A-Tier Xianghua, Cassandra, Zasalamel, Ivy, and Sophitia
B-Tier Maxi, Mitsurugi, 2B, Setsuka, and Kilik
C-Tier Hwang, Seong Mi-Na, Taki, Astaroth, and Azwel
D-Tier Siegfried, Tira, Haoh Maru, Nightmare, and Geralt
F-Tier Hilde, Groh, and Voldo
Soul Calibur 6 Tier List
Soul Calibur 6.


The S-Tier includes the strongest fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These are the best characters at the top level of competition within the current Meta.

Fighter Weapon Details
Cervantes Acheron & Nirvana Cervantes made his first appearance as a villain in the Soul Calibur series. He is one of the strongest characters in the game. It will take you some time to master this character because of his high skill ceiling. He is a mid to close-range rushdown character and has great fundamentals.
Yoshimitsu Blade & Sword Yoshimitsu is a versatile character in both Tekken and the Soul Calibur Series. He does not have a very long range, but he has a lot of speed and different techniques to attack the enemy. Yoshimitsu has swift attacks and punishing counters, and he also deals much damage.
Raphael Flambert Raphael is a fast and powerful character. He has a wide range of different combos that allow him to adjust to any situation. He specializes in thrusting and slashing attacks. His throw attacks are hard to avoid and have a long range.
Amy Albion Amy is a very flexible and well-rounded character. She doesn’t have a lot of range but in close-quarter, she can destroy the opponent. Her soul charge is hazardous when she is stacked with Purple Roses. She also has great offenses and parries.
Talim Savage Talim is a fighter with high skill in combat. She possesses dual elbow blades. Talim has powerful combos that reward an offensive playstyle. She can summon a small tornado around her opponent to send them flying.


A Tier features outstanding fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These characters are very good alternatives to the S-Tier and overall viable fighters in the game.

Fighter Weapon Details
Sophitia Sword and Shield Sophitia is predominantly a counterfighter. She has an aggressive playstyle because of her Seraphim Strike and right-side throw. She doesn’t deal a lot of damage but has good combos, and she can also move very fast.
Ivy Ivy Blade She is highly effective in controlling the battle arena. Ivy has a distinctive fighting style that utilizes both long and short-range attacks due to her magical sword. Ivy’s low attacks are one of her weaknesses since they can be easily guarded.
Zasalamel Kafziel Zasalamel has high combat skills with his death scythes, which are unique to the Soul Series. He has decent zoning options brutal and hard-to-read moves that make him a formidable opponent.
Cassandra Sword and Shield Cassandra is well known for her aggressive fighting style. She can place a lot of pressure on her opponents through her fierce combos, stuns, and throws.
Xianghua Sapara Xianghua’s fighting style uses rapid, flowing strikes, which can be mixed up to confuse the opponent and make it hard for them to fight back effectively. She deals good damage for low-risk moves.


B Tier features notable fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These are useful fighters, but they can often be quite situational.

Fighter Weapon Details
Kilik Kali-Yuga Kilik is well known for his defining practice of rod martial arts. He has a good range and speed. There isn’t anything exceptional about his fighting style when compared to the other fighters.
Setsuka Ugetsu Kageuchi Setsuka’s fighting style consists of lightning-fast and damaging attacks. She has a wide range of countermoves and a very dangerous soul charge. Albeit her attacks alone are quite weak, Setsuka can deal a lot of damage once her abilities are maxed out.
2B Contract and Treaty 2B can perform acrobatic leaps, mid-air slashes, and extremely fast evasions. She wields multiple weapons, smoothly switching from one to the other to perfectly suit the situation. Her movelist heavily relies on her aggression shift, which can absolutely wreck her opponents.
Mitsurugi Shishi-Oh Mitsurugi is a robust character who hits very hard and deals a great amount of damage.  He has good range, and his movement is also pretty decent.
Maxi Fatibal Maxi is an outstanding character. He has different stances, each with its peculiarity. Your opponent will need to put in extra effort to adjust to his different stances. It may take you some time to master his playstyle.


This list features the decent fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These fighters can be good picks, but they’re still less strong overall.

Fighter Weapon Details
Azwel Palindrome Azwel’s fighting style grants the unique ability to wield dual swords, a spear and shield combination, and a giant axe. His damage output isn’t great, but he can execute safe, low-hitting shots that help him compete against other fighters.
Astaroth Kulutues Astaroth has a brutal fighting style. His command grabs and attacks can deal a massive amount of damage. His only weakness is his slow movement speed.
Taki Rekki-Maru Taki is known for her deceiving and unpredictable strikes. She can surprise her opponent with her long combos.
Seong Mi-Na Scarlet Thunder Seong’s fighting style involves using extensive strikes and swinging her weapon around. She can also use her weapon as a platform, balancing on the side to kick her enemy.
Hwang Dark Thunder Hwang’s fighting style is very similar to Mitsurugi, except for his throws and kicks. He can deal a lot of guard damage thanks to the life force.


This list features the below-average fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These fighters are not so bad but require extra effort to make them shine in the current Meta.

Fighter Weapon Details
Geralt Steel Sword & Silver Sword Geralt is a decent fighter in Soul Calibur 6. His fighting style is fluid and dynamic, but he has no exceptional traits that make him unpredictable compared to other fighters in the game.
Nightmare Soul Edge Nightmare’s fighting style is more offense-orientated. Nightmare’s moves focus more on overwhelming the enemy with heavy blows and less on stance.
Haoh Maru Fugudoku A lot of his fighting style focuses on his power-based swordplay. He has powerful attacks that can be really effective but are slightly shallow compared to other fighters.
Tira Shrieker Tira’s mechanics can be quite complex due to her state shifting. The giant blade in her hand adapts its form to best suit her fighting style.
Siegfried Clockwork Siegfried has relatively slow attacks that hit very hard. Siegfried can be very effective against players that have a tentative playstyle.  Siegfried’s stances and soul charge are not so powerful.


This list features the worst class of fighters in Soul Calibur 6. These are the most useless or else too difficult to master to be worth the effort.

Fighter Weapon Details
Voldo Manas & Ayus Voldo combines his signature weapons Manus & Ayus, with his distinctive combat style for lethal efficiency. He has a lot of mix-up options and deals a decent amount of damage.
Groh Aerondight Replica Groh can utilize a mix of staff and sword techniques to spin his sabers and increase his range, and he can teleport. Groh’s weakness is his toolkit which does not have many powerful attacks.
Hilde Gae Dearg & Moralltach Hilde’s fighting style allows her to freely switch between her lance and her sword. But she is very vulnerable to mid to long-range attacks due to her lack of floor control.

Best Characters In Soul Calibur 6

Final Soul Calibur 6 Tier List
Final Soul Calibur 6’s Tier List

That was the end of my Soul Calibur 6’s Character Tier List. I adopted the ” S ” format for this Tier List to the “F” ranking. S-Tier Characters are the strongest and the most useful at a high level of competition, and F-Tier Characters are the most useless or the weakest fighters in Soul Calibur 6. Hopefully, my Tier List will help you choose the perfect fighter for your play style.

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