UFO Simulator Codes: Active June 2024

This guide features everything you need to know about UFO Simulator Codes in June 2024.

 In this guide, we will talk about UFO Simulator codes, where to redeem them, and how to get your hands on more codes, so stick to the very end.

Key Takeaways
  • UFO Simulator Codes can be redeemed for Coins, Boosts, and Pets.
  • These perks can be used in-store to purchase better upgrades and enhance the gaming experience.
  • To redeem codes, walk on top of the “Have a code?” area in the lobby.
  • For more codes, follow the developers on Twitter and join Discord.
Important: Codes usually expire pretty quickly; make sure to use codes as soon as you find them.

List Of Active Codes

  • Last Checked on June 1st, 2024.

Finding an active code outright is one of the best feelings. With no burden of having to wade through a sea of codes to find the active ones, this is something we all wish for. Today, we have answered this wish, and the following list only includes active codes for UFO Simulator.

Code Reward
FLAMINGO Redeem this code and get rewarded with 750 Coins
ALPHAGG Redeem this code and get rewarded with 750 Coins
SONSOFFUN Redeem this code and get rewarded with 750 Coins
Underworld Valid for a Boost.
Space! Valid for Meteors in Space World.
GlobalMarket Valid for Coins. 
gravycat Valid for 750 Coins.
FutureWeb Valid for 250 Coins.
UFO Valid for 250 Coins.
RAT Valid for Rat Pet.
NEW Valid for 1k Coins.

List Of Expired Codes

This list only includes expired codes for UFO Simulator, and will not redeem any rewards. Make sure to stay away from these codes.

Code Reward
HOLIDAY Valid for Free Rewards.
October Valid for Free Rewards.
RELEASE Valid for Free Rewards.
GemShop Valid for Free Rewards.

How To Redeem Codes?

Now that we have access to active and working codes, we need to redeem them and be proud owners of the rewards paired with them. Redeeming codes is a fairly easy process, and in just a few steps, you can redeem your codes. Follow the steps below to redeem codes.

Redeeming UFO Simulator codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming UFO Simulator codes.
  1. Launch UFO Simulator.
  2. Head into the lobby and look for the “Have a code?” area there. 
  3. Walk over to that place, and a window will pop up.
  4. Enter your code into the redemption box.
  5. Press Redeem.
  6. Enjoy your Rewards!

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

Codes not redeeming is an issue that happens frequently, and there are a few major reasons why this happens. Make sure you read our ultimate game codes guide page about this. Luckily, each reason has its own accompanying fix with it, and we are going to help you fix these errors. 

First of all, the major reason why codes do not redeem is a spelling mistake. Incorrect spellings will not redeem a code, so make sure to double-check your spellings before hitting that redeem button. Other than that, codes are also case-sensitive, so incorrect case notation causes codes to not redeem. Our recommendation is to copy & paste the codes directly from above, mitigating human error altogether. 

If your codes still do not redeem after attempting this fix, we have some bad news for you. This means the code has expired and cannot be redeemed any more. Need not worry, though, codes are recycled in and out of the game frequently, and a new code will pop up soon enough. 

Where To Find More Codes?

If you are still in need of a new code and we are all out, first of all, let us know so we can fix that ASAP. Secondly, codes are released by the developers, so you will need to follow their socials to be notified whenever a new code drops. Follow @FutureRBLX on Twitter, the developer of the game and the place to be whenever a new code is needed. You can also join the Official FutureWeb Discord, where you can find new codes as well as all information regarding the game. 

Apart from following and joining external sites, you can check our page whenever you need a new code. We aim to have this page updated with new codes whenever we see them, so make sure to check back when in need. Bookmark this page for ease of access next time around. 

What Is UFO Simulator?

UFO Simulator is a game where your main aim is to abduct people and earn money doing so. Abducted people can be turned into coins, which are used to purchase new upgrades for your UFOs, unlock new areas, and get pets. You can also rob the people of their hats, and equipping them gives you a buff to earn more coins. Eventually, you will start earning gems which will unlock new worlds for you. Have fun Abducting!

What Are UFO Simulator Codes?

UFO Simulator Codes are cheat codes providing a quick boost when needed. Codes are redeemable for Coins, Boosts, and Pets, which can be used throughout the game to better your gaming experience. Coins are the in-game currency, and getting a bunch of coins will help you to buy out upgrades!

Final Thoughts

This is all we have related to UFO Simulator Codes for now, and we hope we were of tremendous help to you. In the meantime, check out our guides on Bad Business Codes, a game we believe might be your style. Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one!

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