Ultimate Tower Defense Codes [June 2024]

This guide contains everything you need to know regarding the latest Ultimate Tower Defense Codes and how to redeem them!

Do you want to buy your favorite Towers and Heroes in Ultimate Tower Defense but lack the resources to do so? This Ultimate Tower Defense Codes guide contains all the latest Codes that can be used to obtain Gold, Gems, and exclusive Towers.

Gold and Gems are the main currency in Ultimate Tower Defense that can be spent to purchase rare Towers from the Black Market or Spin Heroes in the Hero Summons for high Tier Units. Additionally, read till the end to learn where to find even more Codes!

Key Takeaways
  • Ultimate Tower Defense Codes can be used to obtain free Gold, Gems, and exclusive Towers.
  • Gems can be used to purchase Towers from the Black Market.
  • ItsJJKEveryday is currently among the latest Codes.
  • Players can redeem the Codes by clicking on the Blue Bird Icon, entering a Code, and clicking the Redeem button.
  • To discover additional Codes manually, players can join the game’s Official Discord Server.
  • Bookmark this page to stay up to date with recent Code releases.
  • If you are encountering any issues when redeeming the Codes, check out the Ultimate Code Guide.

Active Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Below you can find all the currently working Codes for Ultimate Tower Defense. These Codes have been tested and are functioning properly. However, all the Codes tend to expire after a few days from their release. Therefore, be quick to redeem them.

  • Last Checked On: June 1st, 2024
gamebrokenhugeLRedeem this code for +100% Gold for 24 hours (New)
AriseRedeem this code for 50 Re-roll Potions (New)
BroleeEvolutionRedeem this code for 1.5x Gold for 24 hours, 200 Gems, and 5 random crates
NotasGiftRedeem this code for 50 Re-roll potions
ArtifactsRedeem this code for 2 Material Crates and 70 Rolls
EvoItemsPlzRedeem this code for 5 Material Crates
WeHit5kRedeem this code for 50 Re-roll Potions
Easter2024Redeem this code for 50 Re-roll Potions
FreeRerollzzRedeem this code for 80 Re-roll Potions
24HourCode2Redeem for 150 Gems and x200 Rubies
24HourCode1Redeem for 20 EXP Tomes and x30 Re-roll Potions
500kFavsRedeem for 30 Re-roll Potions
FreeGemzRedeem for 200 Gems
Valentines2024Redeem for Kirito or Asuna and 150 gems
AS812D024Redeem this code for 1,000 Gold
2910AL3Redeem this code for 100 Gems
8E8ALERedeem this code for a dragon crate
Sub2ChadSpotRedeem this code for a Limited Mythical unit Rimuru
IAmAGhoulRedeem this code for 100 Gems and 3k Gold
Update2024Redeem this code for a free crate
Christmas2023Redeem this code for 150 gems
ItsJJKEverydayThis Code can be redeemed for 150 Gems.
ByeByeBorisUse the Code to obtain 2000 Gold.
750MillionVisitsObtain 75 Gems for Free.
SpookyScarySkeletonsRedeem the Code for 200 Gems and 2k Gold.
360KLikesClaim for 5,000 Free Gold.
HailLordBorisObtain 150 Gems for free.
leaderboardreset6Gain 75 Free Gems.
SpaceInvasionClaim for a Free Boon.
350KLikesRedeem the Code for 5000 Gold.
easter2023Use the Code for 75 Gems.
TheOnePieceIsRealRedeem the Code for 1.5x Gold Modifier for 24 Hours.
360kLikesAttain 5,000 Gold.
UPDATE2023Redeem the Code for 100 Gems.

List Of Expired Ultimate Tower Defense Codes

Since Ultimate Tower Defense has been out for some time now, quite a lot of Codes have been released over the past few months. I have taken the time to Separate the Active Codes from the Expired ones to save you the hassle. The table below contains all the Expired Codes.

LateJuly4Redeem for 200 Gems.
260KLikesClaim for Free Gold.
MillionMembersUse the Code for 500 Gems.
Easter2022Claim for 250 Gems.
RussoValid for a Russo.
Christmas2022Use the Code for 350 Gems.
GravyUse to obtain the GravyCatMan hero.
330KLikesRedeem for 5000 Gold.
ANIMEClaim the Code for 1000 Gold.
2023Redeem for 350 Gems.
MerryChristmasUse to obtain the Christmas Spidey.
BREN0RJ7Valid for a Bren0RJ7!
StayGreen2022Use the Code to obtain 200 Gems.
600MillionVisitsObtain 100 Gems for Free.
340kLikesClaim the Code for 5,000 Gold.
310klikesRedeem for 5000 Gold.
VeyarThis Code can be used for Veyar.
500MillionVisitsObtain 500 Gems for Free.
300klikesClaim the Code for 5k Gold.
SnowRBXObtain an exclusive SnowRBX.
MajaObtain 75 Gold for free.
Sub2PlanetMiloRedeem the Code for Planet Milo.
320klikesUse the Code for 5k Gold.
BeteroUse the Code to unlock the Tower Betero.
BlueioValid for Blueio.
290KLikesValid for 5000 Gold.
TofuuClaim to unlock the Tower Tofuu.
InemajohnClaim the Code for Inemajohn.
270KLikesValid for 5000 Gold.
100GemsValid for 100 Gems.
120klikesUse the Code for 2500 Gold.
300mvisitsUse the Code to gain 10,000 Gold.
100MvisitsRedeem for 2000 Gold.
170kLikesClaim for 2500 Gold.
140KLikesClaim the Code for 2500 Gold.
230KLikesRedeem for Free 3000 Gold.
150KLikesRedeem the Code for 2500 Gold for free.
130KLikesUse the Code for 2500 Gold.
240KLikesClaim for 5000 Gold.
190KLikesUse the Code to obtain 2500 Gold.
5/30/2021Claim the Code for free 150 Gems.
200KlikesUse the Code for 10,000 Gold.
Blackbeard!Use for 100 Gems.
220KlikesThis Code is valid for 3000 Gold.
valentinesdayThis Code is valid for 2000 Gold.
200MvisitsRedeem the Code for 5000 Gold for free.
210klikesClaim the Code for 3000 Gold.
110KLikesThis Code is valid for 2500 Gold.
5/12Valid for 50 Gems.
250mVisitsObtain 7500 Gold.
50mVisitsValid for 1500 Gold.
100KLikesAttain 5,000 Gold when redeeming the Code.
180KLikesRedeem the Code for 2500 Gold for free.
90klikesClaim for 2500 Free Gold.
80klikesThis Code is valid for 2500 Gold.
20UpdatesClaim for 100 Gems.
PatrickUse for 5000 Gold.
160kLikesObtain 2500 Gold for free.
600kGroupMembersObtain 150 Free Gems.
40KLikesRedeem the Code for free gold and gems.
10KLikesGain 500 Gold.
1000LikesRedeem the Code for 600 Gold.
70KLikesValid for 3000 Gold.
20MVisitsObtain 50 Gold upon redeeming the Code.
MoneyPleaseThis Code can be used to obtain 50 Gold.
25klikesClaim for 2500 Gold for free.
ReleaseUse for 50 Gold.
50KLikesValid for Free Gold.
500LikesObtain 150 Free Gold.
15KLikesRedeem for 500 Free Gold.
5MVisitsUse for 50 Gold.
60klikesClaim the Code for 2500 Gold.
30KLikesValid for Free Gems.
45klikesThis Code can be redeemed for in-game rewards.
SuperObtain 100 Gold for free.
Update4This Code is valid for free gold.
SupermanClaim the Code for free Gems.

How To Redeem Ultimate Tower Defense Codes?

Claiming Ultimate Tower Defense Codes
Redeeming Codes In Ultimate Tower Defense (Image Credit: AntonBoc Gaming)

To enjoy your freebies, you need to redeem the Codes first. Fortunately, the process fo redeeming the Codes is quite easy. Read and follow the list of instructions below to redeem your Codes successfully.

  1. Launch Ultimate Tower Defense.
  2. Click on the blue Bird Icon located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter a Code from the list of Active Codes in the Input Box.
  4. Click the Redeem button.
  5. That is it!

That is everything I have for you for today regarding the Ultimate Tower Defense Codes. If used correctly, these Codes can easily help you become Strong enough to complete the early to mid-game levels with ease. Therefore, I highly recommend that you redeem these Codes and use them to their full potential.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the Comment Section below. Additionally, make sure to check out the Bubble Gum Mayhem Codes for some extra freebies!


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