Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul Guide

Learn all there is to know about Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul and it's overall stats for players!

Warhammer 40K Darktide recently came out with a patch update as of 15th December that followed the release of two new weapons alongside a few other changes being brought to the game. Players might want to get to know more about the Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul and how it operates! 

Key Highlights:

  • The Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul is a recently released weapon that just got added to Warhammer. 
  • The newest update rolled out on 15th December and introduced both the power maul as well as a Crusher weapon. 
  • The best way to get the Power Maul will be to get to level 11 and get the new weapon in-game. 
  • The main benefit of having the weapon will be that you will be able to have one more weapon to mess around with as an Ogryn. 
  • The Weapon is tailor-made for the Ogryn class and other classes like Zealots will not be able to use it. 

Recent Update 

A few days ago, Fatshark Forums ended up sending out a recent community update, precisely the fifth update, and they talked about many important changes that would be coming to the game shortly. 

The main thing that they talked about in the start was simply about the support that they had gotten from the player’s end, and how their main aim would always be to make the game as better as possible to create an even more of a positive experience for the entire Warhammer player base. 

The update was set out to release on the 14th, but it was pushed back a day and just released on the 15th of December

Power Maul Weapon 

Power Maul
Power Maul (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the biggest changes that the game was gonna be brought was going to be the release of two new weapons. One of them was the Indignatus MK Ive Crusher, which was speculated to be for the Ogryn but ended up releasing as a zealot-focused weapon. 

Now, when it comes to the second weapon, it is the Achlys MK I Power Maul. the power maul itself is designed to be an Ogryn-centric weapon, specifically made for the players who ended up choosing the Ogryn class when they first started out playing the game. 

Now, when it comes to the overall design element of the weapon itself, it’s a one-handed power maul that the player will be able to equip in one hand and go insane on enemies. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but it can support the player whenever they are being hoarded by enemies. 

The weapon resembles eerily that of a bat, perfect for bonking enemies left, right and center. As ogryns are so fight-focused, they will quite possibly head into any fight that they can encounter, therefore the power maul becomes an even more interesting weapon to mess around with, simply because of how fun it looks. 

When it comes to the overall availability of the weapon, players need to have crossed at least level 11 in their player level, which is only then when they will be able to unlock it and equip it to their character. 

Weapon Details 

Let’s move on to weapon details, shall we? The Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul will have an overall rating of 266, and the MK I will be an anointed type weapon. 

When it comes to the light attack, players will be able to have an overall light attack of 159, while the heavy attack will be set to 164. 

With the weapon, there will be no significant change brought to the overall sprint speed of the player however the overall dodge distance will be decreased by 12.20%. 

Now, when it comes to the dodge limit, the dodge limit will be set to 3, and the stamina will be increased by +4 for players. 

As for the actual use of the weapon, the power maul will mainly be considered to be a crowd-control weapon. If there is any moment where there are enemies that are consistently ambushing you and there is a crowd of enemies all around you, then the power maul will be able to take care of them without you getting hurt too much.

As for the special action of the weapon, anytime you can successfully land a hit against enemies which is considered to be your next attack, the weapon will gain extra effectiveness, making it even more useful. 

Another small perk that the weapon offers is that if you are ever in the presence of enemies like groaners or any kind of enemies like the pox walkers, then you will be able to deal 4% increased melee damage against them. 

With its skullcrusher skill, players will also be able to have their overall damage output increased by a total of 5% if the player has already been staggered by opponents whenever they are in the middle of a hefty combat. 

As for the attributes, there will be a set base that the player will get. When it comes to the damage, the power maul will have its damage set to 39%, while its overall crowd control will be set to 38%, its penetration will be set to 42%, defenses to 28% while its overall power output will be set to 42%. 

Ogryn Class 

Ogryn (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s talk a little about the class that the weapon is tailor-made for. The ogryn class is going to also be known as skullbreakers and they don’t let their name go stale, since Skullbjreaker is exactly what the Ogryn is. 

They are able to go head-first into any battle that they encoutner and will be the first ones to carelessly go into a battle, not knowing what lies ahead of them. It doesn’t matter whether they live or die, all Ogryns want to do is murder enemies and get as many fights in as possible. 

Ogryns are also known to be extremely strong, and they are almost also known to be on the defensive side as well, but their damage really won’t lack no matter what, therefore players that aim to play as an Ogryn will be glad to know that they don’t really sacrifice any damage output in return of being strong. 

Apart from that, Ogryns will also be to intake excessive damage from the enemy’s end without needing to worry way too much about having their HPs drained. All in all, the Ogryn class is definitely one that players should try out. 


When it comes to feats, there will be a total of 3 feats that players will be able to get for every 5 levels. Whenever the player ends up reaching level 5, you will be able to get a total of 3 feats that will be from the following: 

  • Best Form Of Defense: Anytime the player is successful enough to carry out hit many opponents with a singular melee attack that is considered to be heavy will be able to gain back 20% toughness. 
  • Smash Em Good: This skill is similar to the other one, as instead of hitting multiple enemies, all payers need to do is hit one enemy with the same heavy melee attack that they are able to carry out in order to regain 20% toughness. 
  • Lynchpin: If there are any allies that are present in coherency, or if you are alone in combat, with Lynchpin, you will e able to get a total of 100% toughness replenishment

Whenever the player ends up reaching level 10, there will be 3 other feats that you can come across: 

  • Blood And Thunder: Anytime the player is able to launch out a heavy melee hit against any kind of enemy, there will be an extra bleed stack that will be granted to the player, which can be incredibly useful in combat. 
  • Heavyweight: With Heavyweight in hand, players will be able to gain an extra 50% melee damage output against enemies like Crushers, Plague Ogryns, Bulwarks as well as reapers. Now, when it comes to enemies like these, players will also gain 50% extra damage negation on their end. 
  • Bombs Away: If players are also able to carry out an attack against opponents such as the flak armored, unyielding, or any kind of carapace armored using your Big Box of Hurt, it will cause the grenades to be opened up and attack the enemy. 

At level 15, players will be able to get three other types of feats as well: 

  • Towering Presence: With the first feat, players will be able to have their overall Coherency Radius increased by a total of 50% whenever they are in combat. 
  • Bullfighter: If you are in a battle alone or if you have a fellow ally who is coherency with you, and you encoutner an elite enemy and are successfully able to take them out, then you will have the Bullrush cooldown increased by 10%. 
  • Lead The Charge: Anytime the bull rush has been summoned forth, any allies that are present in coherency will have their overall movement speed enhanced by a total of 25% for about 4 seconds. 

Whenever the player is able to reach level 20, the three feats that will be present will be: 

  • Bloodthirst: For every bleeding opponent that is unfortunate enough to be present in the general range of your melee attacks, the player’s overall damage resistance will be enhanced by 10%
  • Die Hard: If you end up being severely hurt by enemies and your health dips below 25%, then players will be able to get an extra 100% toughness replenishment. 
  • Hard As Nails: For every enemy in the combat field that has either been incapacitated or has been knocked down, the total amount of damage that the player takes in will be reduced by 25%. 

If players are able to get to level 25, then the feats that they get will be amongst these: 

  • Raging Bull: For every initial attack that you are able to carry out on your enemies, and for the next melee attack that the player carries out, the overall damage will be enhanced by 5%
  • Knife Through Butter: For every heavy attack that you are able to get fully charged
  • Payback Time: With payback time in hand, anytime players are unfortunate to get hurt by any kind of opponent, they will be able to outlaunch attacks against them with 20% extra damage against the same type of opponent. 

Lastly, if players are able to finally make their way over to level 30, the last 3 feats will be from the following: 

  • Bull Gore: Players will be able to get 2 extra bleed stacks if there are any opponents that were unfortunate enough to be hit by the bull rush. 
  • Non-Stop Violence: For every bull rush hit that the player is able to dish out against enemies, they will be able to regain 10% toughness
  • Unstoppable: Overall distance being traveled by bullrush is enhanced by 100%. 


Moving onto the talents, there will be a few abilities that players will be able to encounter whenever they end up playing as the Ogryn and use the Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul. 

As for the main ability, players will be able to use bull rush, which will allow them to head forth towards the general direction of their enemy, after which they will be able to cause severe knockback ad will be able to gain 25% attack speed as well have their overall movement speed by up by 25% for a total of 5 seconds. 

As for the Aura, players will be able to use Intimidating Presence, which will basically increase the heavy melee attack by a total of 10% against opponents. 

As for the Blitz, the bix box of hurt can be used which will allow any player in the combat field to launch out a box of grenades towards the general direction of the enemies and will be able to launch out a singular high damage hit. 

As for the iconic skills, there will be 3: 

  • Excessive Force: Melee’s stagger against enemies will be increased by about 25%, making it a lot easier to take out enemies. 
  • Loyal Protector: If you are in the middle of reviving yourself or are helping your fellow allies and end up being damaged by enemies, then you will no longer get interruptions from enemies. 
  • Thick Skin: Toughness damage negation will be enhanced by 20%, while health damage negation will be pumped up by 20%. 


And there we have it! The weapon can be used on the Ogryn class as the update states, and with that, we will wrap up our Warhammer 40K Darktide Achlys MK I Power Maul guide! 

For players that are just getting started with the game, our Warhammer 40K Darktide Walkthrough guide will introduce you to everything that you need to know about the game! 

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