Warhammer 40K Darktide Indignatus MK Ive Crusher 

Learn all there is to know about the Warhammer 40k Darktide Indignatus MK Ive Crusher for players!

Warhammer 40K Darktide recently announced a new patch update that would be bringing forth several changes to the way the game operates and the general equipment collection. Players might want to know what the Warhammer 40k Darktide Indignatus MK Ive Crusher is, and it would be added to the recent update!

Key Takeaways
  • The Warhammer 40k Darktide Indignatus MK Ive Crusher is an upcoming weapon that was announced in a recent patch update. 
  • Another weapon plus more updates are coming for the players on December 15th!
  • The crusher was speculated to be used on the Ogryn or Zealot classes. 
  • The main benefit of having the crusher is simply that you can access and test out a new weapon during combat
  • The best way to get the new weapon is to wait until the patch update goes live.

Indignatus MK Ive Crusher 

One of the main weapons that the forum talked about was the Indignatus MK Ive Crusher. There wasn’t a whole lot of information that was given to the community by the forum itself, and rather the forum only listed the name of the weapon and didn’t showcase any stats or any showcases. 

The actual update was originally supposed to be out on the 14th of December, but it has been pushed back a day and is speculated to be out on the 15th of December. As per the community discussions, it was speculated that the Warhammer 40k Darktide Indignatus MK Ive Crusher itself could either be for the Ogryn class, which we will discuss below. 

Ogryn Class 

Ogryn (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the Ogryn class, they are known to be one of the strengthiest classes, and they are also known to just go head-first into any fight that they can find, simply because they love to fight that much. 

While being one of the strength classes, they can also be quite strong in combat as they can deal devastating blows to enemies, knocking them down and out instantly. They can appear deadly to enemies who dare approach them and will wipe them out. 

Ogryns have a fierce style of fighting that allows them to be reckless but also makes the player who chooses the class have immense amounts of fun. As described by an anonymous bully, Ogryns will be able to be one of the biggest, meanest, and angriest fighters in the arena. 


Ogryn Abilities
Ogryn Abilities (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to their talents, they have quite a few on their backs.

Let’s take a look at what they are:

  1. Bull Rush:
    • Charge forward, causing knockback to enemies.
    • Gain 25% attack speed and movement speed for 5 seconds.
  2. Blitz – Big Box of Hurt:
    • Throw a box of grenades enthusiastically, dealing significant damage to the targeted enemy.
  3. Iconic Skill – Thick Skin:
    • Increase toughness damage negation by 20%.
    • Gain 20% health damage reduction.
  4. Aura – Intimidating Presence:
    • Increase heavy melee attack damage by 10% for the player and allies in Coherency.
  5. Excessive Force:
    • Increase melee stagger inflicted on enemies by 25%.
  6. Iconic Skill – Loyal Protector:
    • Reduce interruption when damaged while reviving or assisting allies.


Moving on, let’s discuss a little bit about the feats that players can encounter whenever they level up if they are playing as an Ogryn.

At level 5, there will be three feats that players can access: 

  • Lynchpin: Increases the overall toughness replenishment for players by 100%. 
  • Smash Em’ Good: Heavy melee attacks on a single enemy replenish 20% toughness.
  • Best Form Of Defense: Heavy melee attacks on multiple opponents together replenish 20% toughness.

At level 10, players get the following feats: 

  • Blood And Thunder: Heavy melee attacks grant one extra bleed stack.
  • Heavyweight: Increases melee damage output and damage reduction by 50%. 
  • Bombs Away!:Using Big Box of Hurt against certain enemies causes grenades to explode at the enemy.

At level 15, these are the feats that you can expect to get: 

  • Lead The Charge: Activating Bull Rush grants allies in coherency 25% movement speed for 4 seconds.
  • Towering Presence: Increases the overall coherency radius by 50%. 
  • Bullfighter: Bull Rush cooldown is reduced by 10% when you or an ally in coherency kills an elite enemy.

At level 20, you get these feats: 

  • Hard As Nails: Decreases damage intake by 25% for each ally knocked back by enemies.
  • Die Hard: Toughness replenishment is increased by 100% if your health is below 25%.
  • Bloodthirst: Damage resistance is increased by 10% for each bleeding enemy in range.

At level 25, players can get these feats: 

  • Knife Through Butter: Heavy attacks at full charge have unlimited cleave.
  • Payback Time: When an opponent damages you, your damage output is increased by 20% against the same enemy.
  • Raging Bull: Damage is increased by 5% on the next melee hit.

At level 30, these three feats will be revealed: 

  • Unstoppable: Increases the distance traveled by Bull Rush by 100%.
  • Non-Stop Violence: For each Bull Rush hit, you regain 10% toughness.
  • Bull Gore: Enemies hit by Bull Rush receive 2 extra bleed stacks.


Zealot (Image Credits Exputer)

Zealots are characterized as fearless preachers who enter battle without fear of death. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to deal devastating blows to enemies, and their focus is on killing the enemy regardless of the circumstances. As they aim to sacrifice themselves, their attacks become more powerful, making them formidable in combat. Community members have been speculating about the Ogryn and Zealots’ roles and potential releases in the game.



  1. Chastise The Wicked: Dash toward a targeted opponent, regenerate 50% toughness, and boost the damage of the next melee attack by 25%.
  2. The Emperor’s Will: Increases overall toughness damage negation by 7% for allies in coherency.
  3. Swift Exorcism: Increases overall melee attack speed by 10%.
  4. Until Death: Grants invulnerability for 5 seconds every 90 seconds when taking lethal damage.
  5. Martyrdom: Increases player’s damage by 5 whenever health is reduced by 15%.
  6. Zealot’s Blitz: Grants access to the “Stun Grenade” ability for effective crowd control.


Now, when it comes to the feats that will be used by the zealots, at level 5, players will be revealed with these three feats: 

  • Purify In Blood: Melee kills return 50% of toughness.
  • Enemies Within Enemies Without: Gain 5% toughness per second within 5 meters of 3 opponents.
  • Faith Restored: Gain 75% toughness damage negation for 4 seconds after a critical hit

At level 10, players get these feats: 

  • Retribution: Attack speed increased by 10% when health is below 50%.
  • Bloodletting: Melee crit chance increased by 10% for 3 seconds after a melee attack against bleeding opponents.
  • Punishment: Impact increased by 30% for 5 seconds when hitting 3 or more opponents.

At level 15, the following feats will be accessible: 

  • Benediction: Increases toughness damage negation by 15% for allies in coherency.
  • Holy Fervor: Provides 20% power to allies in coherency for 5 seconds upon gaining a stack of martyrdom.
  • Inspiring Excoriation: Chastise The Wicked returns 20% toughness to allies in coherency.

At level 20, these feats will be revealed: 

  • Thy Wrath Be Swift: No stun from enemy melee attacks; increased movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds after taking damage.
  • Holy Revenant: Regain health based on damage dealt during Until Death.
  • Faith Restores All: Regain 25% of damage taken from enemy attacks for 5 seconds.

At level 25, players will gain: 

  • Honour The Martyr: Martyrdom gains 6 max stacks.
  • Emperor’s Executioner: Deal 25% enhanced ranged damage based on enemy proximity.
  • Rising Conviction: Gain 4% increased overall damage output for 5 seconds upon hitting an enemy; max 5 stacks.

At level 30, players can get these feats: 

  • Invocation Of Death: Critical melee hits reduce Chastise The Wicked cooldown.
  • Purge The Wicked: Chastise The Wicked gains two charges.
  • Fury Of The Faithful: Attack speed increased by 20% for 5 seconds.

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