Warhammer 40K Darktide: Best Ogryn Feats

Feats that enhance the crowd control and damage intake of Ogryn work the best with its playstyle in Warhammer 40K Darktide.

Ogryn in Warhammer 40K Darktide is a tank class, that specializes in crowd control, boss fights, and damage absorption, shielding the teammates from axes and bullets of enemies and keeping the focus away from them. If in the right hands and the best feats selected for the playstyle, an Ogryn Build can play the role of a great support unit in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

Key Highlights

  • Over the course of the game, up to 30 levels, players unlock 18 feats for Ogryn with 3 feats unlocking every 5 levels.
  • Out of 18 total feats, the player has been given the choice to select only 6 feats for the build.
  • Smash ‘Em Good, Heavyweight, Towering Presence, Die Hard, Raging Bull, and Unstoppable are the best feats for Ogryn in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
  • The utility of feats is subjective and is not compatible with every build for the character. So it is highly recommended to experiment along the way as well.

Best Ogryn Feats 

For Ogryn you should center your feats around a build that lets you have maximum crowd control while also letting you withstand a huge amount of damage for as long as possible. In layman’s words, your playstyle should be in accordance with what a tank does, which is to provide cover, shield teammates, and provide support. Below we have listed the best 6 feats out of 18 for Ogryn in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

Smash ‘Em Good! –  Level 5

Level 5 Feat
Selecting the best Level 5 Feat – Smash ‘Em Good [Image Captured by us]
  • Toughness: 20% increase (executing heavy attack)

The first feat we would like to recommend for Ogryn is Smash ‘Em Good! which restores 20% of your toughness for every successful heavy attack. Aside from the obvious toughness replenishment benefits during normal encounters, what makes this feat really useful is its utility during boss fights or even special enemies.

Confronting these bigger enemies head-on is something that would be expected of you as an Ogryn the ability to restore toughness via every heavy hit is something that you could really come in handy during these encounters.


Best Form of Defence… essentially does the same thing, so it doesn’t make sense why you would choose this when the activation of this feat has a less easy way of activation, which is hitting multiple enemies at once with your heavy attack.

Lynchpin is a general skill that gives you a passive toughness replenishment but Smash ‘Em Good! is a much better feat if you want to make a specific tank build.

Heavyweight –  Level 10

Level 10 Feat
Selecting the best level 10 feat – Heavyweight [Image Captured by eXputer]
  • Damage: 50% increase (against specific enemies)
  • Resistance: 50% increase (against specific enemies)

Heavyweight increases your melee damage by 50% against Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, and Reapers and reduces your damage intake against the same enemies. Again reiterating the aforementioned point, as an Ogryn you’ll need to engage bigger enemies in melee combat.

With 50% damage output and 50% reduced damage intake you’ll have the definitive melee advantage while allowing you to withstand these types of enemies for far longer than you previously could.


Blood and Thunder is another great skill that you unlock at level 10, but the thing is that most normal enemies wouldn’t survive your heavy melee hits, so the only use of this feat would have is against bosses or bigger enemies.

It definitely does give you the damage advantage but the damage reduction stat that comes with the Heavyweight feat gives it a slight upper hand in our opinion. And as far as Bombs Away is concerned, it’s too niche to use in most encounters.

Towering Presence – Level 15

Level 15 feat
Selecting the best Level 15 feat – Towering Presence [Image by eXputer]
  • Coherency: 50% increase 

Coherency is a mechanic that the game kind of hammers home with the feats of its various operators. Even if you don’t select any feats that give your allies in coherency a boost of some sort, the increase in coherency radius of your character can let you benefit from the boosts your allies have to offer, granted that they have some sort of ally coherency related feat equipped


Lead the Charge gives your allies in coherency a movement boost, but the duration is quite short the gain in movement speed isn’t as great as the perks gained from equipping other feats.

Bullfighter is great for giving your iconic ability a cooldown but how elite doesn’t spawn that frequently during encounters making Towering Presence a much better overall passive skill in comparison.

Die Hard –  Level 20

  • Toughness: 100% increase (health below 25%)

As someone who will face hordes and bosses head-on, your health bar is something you will forget about in the midst of mayhem, and as someone who plays the role of shielding his allies and diverting attention to yourself, you don’t want to be in a critical state and retreat briefly from the battlefield, leaving your less tanky allies vulnerable to the enemies.

Die Hard gives you an instant +100% toughness if your health falls below 25%, which not only gives you a reminder to refill your health whenever you get a chance but also keeps the flow of the battle going. Aside from the obvious tank-like traits another thing that Ogryn is really great at is reviving allies which is exactly why he should remain on the battlefield the longest.

So if your health falls below 25% while reviving an ally, this feat can come in and give you a lifeline when you need it the most.


Bloodthirst would actually be the recommended feat if you equip Bullfighter in the previous feat tree, but even on its own it works great against hordes but not so much when facing bosses.

Hard as Nails offer a similar benefit to what Die Hard offers, although the latter is a much better feat for general scenarios.

Raging Bull –  Level 25

Level 25 feat
Selecting the best Level 25 feat – Raging Bull [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
  • Damage: 5% increase (on every melee hit)

This feat equipped you to receive a 5% increase to your next melee hit after landing a successful melee attack. This skill is absolutely solid when against hordes or bosses because in close quarters you will be using your melee attacks a lot and this can work wonders when in a tough situation.

Additionally, cleaving through multiple enemies with your melee attack will increase the boost to your melee hit. So in simple words, as long as you are engaged in melee combat your damage will increase over time.


Payback Time seems like a nice strategy on paper but in actual combat, you don’t really tend to stand in front of enemies and make keep hitting them while also taking in the damage. So in certain situations, it can work but if you are taking in a lot of damage you will most probably retreat instead of dealing the increased damage back.

Knife Through Butter works great when combined with those heavy melee feats otherwise Raging Bull is a better skill in general and has benefits that are visible for most of the encounter.

Unstoppable – Level 30

Level 30 feat
Selecting the best Level 30 feat – Unstoppable [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
  • Distance Covered: 100% increase (for Bullrush ability)

Unstoppable increases the distance traveled by 100% when using the Bull Rush ability. It cannot be blocked by any enemy except for monstrosities. On paper, this increases your distance to reach enemies and deal damage to more enemies, but it has another great use which is making up for Ogryn’s slow speed.

Unstoppable can also be highly useful for running toward your allies while throwing all enemy’s in your path away to revive them. Additionally running to safe haven or to a healing pod is also one of its uses. In layman’s words, the utility of this feat depends on how creative you can get.


Bull Gore is great if you have other bleed-related feats equipped since it will essentially let you build your Ogryn into a Blood Ogre build, but otherwise, Unstoppable can be a great feat if you don’t have those feats equipped.

Non-Stop Violence is also a superb feat if you have feats that sync with Non-Stop Violence, especially the ones that give you an additional attack boost to Bull Rush or at least decrease its cooldown timer, but then again it all comes down to the build you are using and Unstoppable is a much better feat overall that can pretty much go with any build without feeling odd.

Other Feats

As mentioned above, pretty much any feat of any class in Warhammer 40k Darktide can be the best if you are using a build where the feat in question can be very useful. Apart from the 6 aforementioned feats, below we have listed the rest of the feats you unlock for Ogryn after progressing to level 30.

  • Lynchpin – Level 5: Grants a +100% toughness to all allies in coherency.
  • Best Form of Defence… – Level 5: Upon hitting multiple enemies with a single heavy melee attack, the Ogryn’s toughness is restored by 20%
  • Blood & Thunder – Level 10: Stacks up and bleed by +1 on every heavy melee hit.
  • Bomb Away! –  Level 10: Grenades are released around the target if the carapace armored enemy is hit with a Big Box of Hurt.
  • Bullfighter – Level 15: You are granted a +10% Bull Rush cooldown whenever you or your ally in coherency takes down an elite enemy.
  • Lead the Charge – Level 15: Allies in coherency are granted a 25% movement speed for 4 seconds after activating Bull Rush.
  • Hard as Nails – Level 20: For every ally that is knocked out, Ogryn receives a -25% damage decrease.
  • Bloodthirst – Level 20: Ogryn receives a 10% increase in damage resistance for every bleeding enemy in his melee range. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Payback Time – Level 25: You are granted a +20% increase in damage against enemies of types that have just dealt you damage. This window only lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Knife Through Butter – Level 25: Unlimited cleave is granted to fully charged heavy attacks.
  • Bull Gore – Level 30: Upon hitting enemies with Bullrush, enemies are inflicted with 2 stacks of bleed.
  • Non-Stop Violence – Level 30: 10% toughness is restored for every successful Bull Rush hit.


Just like other classes,3 feats are unlocked after every 5 levels with the process continuing till you reach level 30. In total, you will unlock 18 feats for Ogryn and will have to select 6 best feats that suit your build the most.

The question of the best feat is always in the realm of mystery since it totally depends upon the type of build you are using. That is exactly why it’s always recommended to try out every feat at your disposal if the above-mentioned feats aren’t working for you because at the end of the day the feats that are recommended might not be compatible with the build you are using. But generally, these feats will work great for the most part.

In case you are new to the series or have just begun the game with Ogryn and are confused with the type of build you should use, we highly recommend our Warhammer 40k best Ogryn builds guide.

Furthermore, if you are considering making a new save slot for another class but are skeptical about the playstyle of each class, we recommend going through our best Veteran, the best Zealot, and the best Psyker build guide in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

This concludes our guide on Best Ogryn Feats in Warhammer 40k Darktide. Let us know about your favorite feats in the comments below.


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