Warhammer 40K Darktide: Unyielding Enemy Guide

Learn what is an Unyielding Enemy in Warhammer 40K Darktide & how to defeat easily.

What Is An Unyielding Enemy 

You are not able to stagger an Unyielding Enemy with regular attacks as well. Once an unyielding enemy has started their attack, you are not able to interrupt it using normal means. An Unyielding Enemy is typically very big, and when you get hit by one of their attacks, it deals an absurd amount of damage. 

The damage you deal to these Armor types will depend on the type of armor you are hitting. Some enemies in this category have a mix of different types of armor on their bodies. For example, the Bulwark’s torso, thighs, and head are considered unyielding, while their arms and shins are covered in Carapace armor.

You can find a bit more information on this in the Bulwark section. With all these attributes combined, an unyielding enemy truly becomes unyielding, as the name suggests.

Key Highlights:

  • An unyielding enemy is a subcategory of armored-type enemies.
  • Regular attacks don’t work on unyielding enemies.
  • The type of armor you attack determines the damage they receive.
  • The way you take down unyielding enemies can differ depending on the enemy
  • Methods of defeating notorious unyielding enemies such as Beast Of Nurgle, Bulwark, Plague Ogryn, and Reaper.

How To Defeat An Unyielding Enemy

While these Unyielding enemies may seem invincible at first glance, there are several methods you can use to defeat them. The exact strategy to use against an Unyielding Enemy will depend on the specific enemy. 

But there are still some general things you can keep in mind while fighting these enemies.

  1. General Tips:
    • Maintain Distance: Stay at a safe distance from Unyielding Enemies.
    • Target Weak Spots: Look for weak points on these enemies and aim for them.
    • Avoid Attacks: Dodge their powerful attacks, as they deal significant damage.
  2. Types of Unyielding Enemies:Beast Of Nurgle:
    • Weak Spot: Target the big yellow bump on its back.
    • Beware Tail Attack: Avoid its tail swing attack.
    • Coordination: Work with teammates, circle around, and attack the weak spot.
      explaining warhammer 40k darktide unyielding enemies
      Beast Of Nurgle | Copyrighted by Exputer


    • Weakness: Ranged attacks on arms and shins, melee on the unyielding side.
    • Shield Defense: Don’t engage directly; coordinate with the group.
    • Exploit Back and Slowness: Attack from behind while it’s focused on a player.
      explaining unyielding enemies in warhammer 40k darktide
      Bulwark | Credit: Exputer

    Plague Ogryn:

    • Weak Spot: Attack its head.
    • Boss Level: Considered a boss; be prepared for devastating attacks.
    • Teamwork: Distract from the front while others target the head.
      explaining Warhammer 40k darktide unyielding enemy
      Plague Ogryn | Image credits: Exputer


    • Unique Threat: Use close-range melee attacks.
    • Avoid Ranged Fire: Don’t keep distance due to Heavy Stubber.
    • Quick-Witted Movement: Close in, target unyielding parts, and coordinate with the team.
      How to beat an unyielding enemy warhammer 40k darktide
      Reaper | Screenshot: Exputer

Remember that teamwork, coordination, and adapting to each Unyielding Enemy’s weaknesses are key to defeating them.


Warhammer 40K: Darktide introduces many terms you can use to refer to certain things in the game. These terms can be very confusing to understand for someone who has never played the Warhammer series before. One of these terms includes an “Unyielding Enemy”; this term is a bit more straightforward than any of the others. Since it somewhat defines what the type of enemy is, but not exactly. 

With everything covered, we now wrap up this Warhammer 40K: Darktide Unyielding Enemy guide. We hope now you have a good understanding of what an unyielding enemy is and the ways to defeat that enemy. Use these methods mentioned in this guide to annihilate all the monstrosities in your journey to victory. 

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