Amouranth Speaks Up About Twitch’s Ban Regulations

Amouranth discusses Twitch's banning policy, which she is familiar with due to her own bans on the platform

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” is back on Twitch after a break due to a conflict with her husband and former business partner. Her streams are more Overwatch than hot tubs, which she’s excellent with, and Twitch is probably okay with it too.

Amouranth is the only Twitch streamer in the top 100 list and is famous for her ASMR streams. Her streams are focused solely on producing sounds such as whispers, accents, clicks, and other sounds that give a “brain massage.”

Amouranth is also famous on Twitch for her hot tub streams, where she interacts with the audience in a unique way in a pool/tub. Furthermore, the Twitch celebrity has recently expressed her thoughts about Twitch’s banning policy.

Major Takeaways

  • Amouranth is the only female Twitch Streamer in the top 100 list and is famous for ASMR streams.
  • Amouranth said that she hates the banning policy of Twitch.
  • Amouranth added that the Trust and Safety team is responsible for banning without telling the reason.

During an interview with Jake Lucky and Full Squad Gaming, Amouranth spoke to a question about her controversial moments and Twitch’s controversial moments in general.

The streamer said that she hates Twitch’s banning policy. He further added that Trust and Safety team, responsible for the platform’s bans, does not tell the streamers about their mistake and the reason for their banning.

This team, announced in 2020, is responsible for maintaining Twitch’s safety and integrity by assisting with actions such as facilitating healthy streaming habits and creating or updating existing policies.

Twitch issued DMCA strikes without pinpointing the content, reinforcing Amouranth point regarding the staff’s insufficiency of communication.

Amouranth said that if a streamer has a Partnering Manager, the intermediate between streamers and Twitch staff, they don’t give the reason for what the Streamer did wrong, just that there was a violation in a specific category.

She added that Partner Managers are helpful to streamers in case of suspension precisely because Trust and safety do not send any information to streamers. Indiefoxx, a famous ASMR Twitch streamer, also revealed why Twitch Banned her Permanently.

Amouranth is no new to bans because she has been banned five times from Twitch, although all the suspensions were temporary. Ryan “Chap” Chaplo was also the target of Twitch recently.

He blamed Twitch for disabling ads on his channel for something he didn’t do and not telling him the pertinent details. Twitch is working hard to make Twitch a good platform for the public and streamers.

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