Battlefield 2042 Season 4’s New Map Leaks Online

The Flashpoint map's layout is now available to be seen.

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  • Battlefield 2042’s upcoming Season 4 has started seeing a slew of leaks appearing online, and its planned map has also reportedly leaked.
  • The Flashpoint map features a wide range of key points to suit the need of every player. It is ideal for Breakthrough mode, and for close-quarters combat.
  • The recent leaks have also shed more light on the upcoming weapons and saw the reveal of their descriptions. 
  • Season 4 is set to release on February 28th and will bring the last Specialist with it. Season 5 has also already been confirmed for the title.

Battlefield 2042’s launch was shrouded by a polemical atmosphere, with the game receiving criticism for many reasons. However, the title has slowly managed to turn itself around, and it is still in the recovery phase. Its upcoming Season 4: Eleventh Hour is thought to be the bringer of change, and its new map has leaked online. 

The new season launching on February 28th has already started seeing the arrival of major leaks. For instance, its upcoming map Flashpoint seems to have emerged online. The map was posted in the r/battlefield2042 subreddit by the user u/PieceofLiquidSmoke, and it highlights the overall layout and details of the upcoming linear map.

Battlefield 2042’s upcoming flashpoint map in Season 4. The layout features all the aspects of the upcoming map.

The Flashpoint map takes place in South Africa, and it was a “once-thriving biodiversity hotspot, now an abandoned development complex doomed for failure,” as described by the developers. The map is perfect for the Breakthrough mode. Close-quarters combat, with a mixture of vehicles, will likely play an integral role here.

The map features various sectors, each having its own merits and demerits. For instance, the F1 sector is ideal for close-quarters combat around the power reactor core. The other prominent sections include Flag G1, which is an ideal spot for snipers and long-ranged combat.

The leak actually originates from a now-deleted video; a creator had broken NDA and posted a detailed video about the upcoming Season in Battlefield 2042. Regardless, the YouTube video has now been deleted, but some of the info still appears to be spreading ablaze online.

The video described every capture point and delivered a more in-depth look into the upcoming weapons and the vehicles. The descriptions for a few weapons were also revealed in the video. The upcoming vehicle CAV Brawler was also shown, which adds to the allure of the upcoming season, and new skins also made an appearance.

The last officially confirmed Specialist coming to Battlefield 2042 was also hinted at in the video. Blasco is a Recon Specialist, which will utilize a new gadget, the X6 Infiltration Device, that will aid her in traversing the chaotic battlefield with her teammates without alerting any motion-sensing technology in the game.

Season 5 was also seemingly teased for the future, which will bring more guns and weapons. Moreover, skins, cosmetics, and other content has already been officially confirmed for Season 5. 

The new leaks are not a surprise, and even Season 3 was accidentally leaked by the developers themselves. However, it remains to be seen how much Season 4 will alter the latest AAA Battlefield entry. 

Battlefield 2042’s recent updates and seasons have managed to slowly bring a large number of players back to the FPS game. A lot of users are flocking back to see how far the game has improved, and its player count has slowly increased because of the massive reworks done across the title’s maps and other features.

Regardless, most of the community has moved on, and the developers have brought a variety of sales, such as reducing the price tag to $9.99 only, to attract new players.

What are your thoughts about the new map and the other prominent additions coming to Battlefield 2042 Season 4? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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