INDUSTRIA’s New Update Brings Balancing, Reworks, And More

Bleakmill Games latest update brings a wide array of patches for INDUSTRIA.

Bleakmill Games’ most popular game INDUSTRIA is a first-person shooter. This game takes you from East Berlin, into a parallel reality, shortly before the end of the Cold War. Journey as you you decipher a dark past in a mysterious parallel dimension. People often relate this series to Atomic Heart with the style of story it took.

Today Bleakmill announced a new path for INDUSTRIA; the comprehensive patch notes target the game-level design and other patches. “We mainly focused on polishing or completely redesigning some unfinished-looking areas in the levels. In places.”

Furthermore, they adjusted the balancing of the weapons and the amount of ammo distributed in the levels. They also reworked the save system, coupled with a bunch of general fixes and adjustments. Around 100 total changes were made to the game in this update, be it in levels or weapons.

  • Added white noise effects to the TV in Nora’s apartment
  • Skipping the cutscene now correctly sets the TV to white noise
  • Fixed the telephone hanging in mid-air when skipping the cutscene
  • The Stasis car is no longer visible until required
  • The cutscene at the end now correctly fades to black (the player was visible at the end)
  • Removed Mr. Bean
  • Fixed a bug where you could ride the elevator back down, soft-locking progress and trapping the player inside
  • Moved first pistol pickup into the post-elevator room and out of the dark
  • Cleaned up old lighting actors
  • Coal in Boiler puzzle now correctly saves its visual state with save games
  • Supply crate added to the Brent cutscene
  • Closed a hole in the landscape near the shop fronts
  • Fixed buggy crow ragdoll (once and for all!)
  • Fixed clipping mailboxes inside apartments
  • Placed a rifle spawn at the Rosendal statue on Streets level
  • Visual overhaul of the Town Hall
  • Visual overhaul of Factory area
  • Fixed collision on suitcases in the train station
  • Crash when going down the stairs into the townhall street has been fixed
  • Fixed a hole in level bounds where the player was able to get stuck (Beach)
  • Added missing collisions to a railing near Train
  • Fixed the beach elevator, so it no longer clips through geometry
  • Fixed the beach elevator, so it no longer pushes the player into the wall
  • Visual overhaul/Layout change of the beach warehouse
  • Fixed inaccurate stair collision
  • Visual overhaul of the section when Nora falls down (bridge collapse)
  • Visual overhaul/Layout change of the underground corridors
  • Complete rescript of underground elevator puzzle + new meshes/design)
  • Visual overhaul of the underground puzzle
  • Visual overhaul of the section after the underground
  • Fixed Underground elevator shader
  • Underground floodlights are now shadow casting correctly
  • Added Scouts to the section after the underground
  • Fixed door in Brent’s building which would clip into walls
  • Removed the doorless door frame in Brents building
  • Visual overhaul of the rooftop area
  • Fixed some bad collisions around INDUSTRIA’s greenhouses on the rooftop
  • Visual overhaul of Brents shack
  • Fixed the door animation when entering Brent’s shack
  • Fixed buggy glass shader at Brent’s shack
  • Added missing railings to the gate control room
  • Fixed bright foliage lighting on Canal level
  • Added additional enemies inside Brent’s building
  • Added additional enemies after Brent’s building
  • Removed floating grass meshes from tracks
  • The radio, which acts as a music source, can no longer be switched off
  • Removed blockout mesh from Library
  • UI no longer notifies players of picking up weapons while in this level
  • Extreme white flashing artifacts in most interior spaces (inaccurate object occlusion)
  • Nora falling sounds
  • The hound ragdoll
  • The blue fog in lower shadow settings made shadow settings more consistent
  • Some foliage lighting issues
  • An issue that prevented cloud saves from being backed up
  • Rifle bugs make the weapon semi-automatic
  • Normalized several music tracks so they are more audible
  • Removed FOV horizontal clamping for Ultra Wide resolutions
  • Fixed Prophet footsteps not playing correctly
  • Fixed Hound footsteps not playing correctly
  • Added new Hound attack sounds
  • Fixed numerous light sources that caused player hands and physics objects to render black
  • Fixed various LOD meshes throughout
  • Added collision for tree meshes
  • Increased render distance for low shadows
  • Fixed supply crates not always awarding loot
  • Fixed various physical materials (for footsteps & impact sounds and effects)
  • Added several extra flashlight batteries
  • Hive Tanks now render correctly in RTX modes
  • Added occluders to windows and doors in apartments to improve readability and performance
  • Fixed numerous lamps that are off but show an illuminated lamp shade
  • Fix inconsistencies with motion blur settings toggling on/off on various levels
  • Fixed pickup collision for vinyl records
  • Exile sounds are now spatialized correctly
  • Optic shooting sounds are now audible at a distance
  • Bullet impacts from enemies now correctly align to the surface normal they hit
  • The first-person camera is now centered around pivot
  • Various fixes to weapon visuals and feedback
  • End credits now scroll at the correct speed in sync with the music
  • Nerfed SMG damage per bullet
  • Lowered max ammo on all weapons
  • Pistol: 12/24
  • SMG: 32/32
  • Rifle: 4/8
  • Shotgun: 6/12
  • Reduced pickup ammo amount for all weapons
  • Increased scout damage and radius (particularly on hardcore). This means they must be dealt with rather than ignored
  • Supply Crates don’t drop Health or Battery items anymore
  • The rifle is now less accurate in hip-fire
Save System:

(Note: some save game fixes will only work with new save files!)

  • Doors now save correctly
  • Levers now save correctly
  • Planks now save correctly
  • Supply crates now save correctly
  • Spawned ammo pickups (from supply crates) now save correctly
  • Hound enemies will no longer multiply on loading saved games
  • “Power doesn’t reside in the barrel of my gun” (Complete INDUSTRIA without shooting a single bullet, the Axe is allowed)
  • “Shipshape and Shiny” (Complete INDUSTRIA without taking a single point of damage)
  • “Bookworm” (collect all 25 notes)
  • Achievement fix: “The hard way” (now requires all levels to be finished on hardcore, not just the last level)
Known Bugs:
  • Sound becomes muffled for a second while riding the elevator out of the underground (Canal)

These are significant balances and quality of life changes. Something we usually see in many games of the single-player genre. This update should bring new life to the already polished game, making players go down INDUSTRIA’s path again.

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