Cancelled Scarface 2 (2008) Gameplay Footage Has Emerged Online

Recent gameplay footage from an inside source unveils the history of the forgotten Scarface sequel.

Scarface: The World Is Yours was the first installment in the franchise, but it was also the last. Released back in 2006, it had received generally positive feedback and was a direct sequel to the movie. Scarface begins during the final scene of the film, with the mansion of Tony Montana under attack from assassins sent by Alejandro Sosa.

The sequel, Scarface: Empire, was cancelled for reasons unknown, until now. Recently, a YouTube content creator by the name of Mafia Game Videos made the announcement. He revealed that the reason for the cancellation was Activision after it acquired Radical Entertainment, the parent company for the franchise.

He says that Activision garnered no hate for the franchise. It was only that it was working on other open-world titles. Hence, conveying support to Scarface wasn’t well in its interest. Mafia Game Videos was also one of the two key developers who lost years of effort on the game’s production.

Earlier in May, the developer also revealed some in-game screenshots from the Scarface sequel. Most of these images show us the deserts and buildings of Las Vegas, but the actual build could have been something much greater.

Recently, the gameplay footage for Scarface 2 has also been unveiled. The general plot dictates that Tony Montana was forced out of Miami and went to make his new empire in Las Vegas. However, the mob doesn’t like cocaine on their streets. This starts a cartel war where you take on casino warlords and build your own empire at the same time.

In the video, Mafia Game Videos shows us unseen footage and concept images of what the game could have been. He also generalizes the idea for the plot, though it never left the ground. The gameplay looks strong and crisp for a game from 2008. Although the team working here was shifted to Prototype, the memories of Scarface 2 faded. “It is regarded as the Holy Grail of Mafia video games and is something Mafia fans have been have been dreaming off”

Seeing and analyzing all of this information, it can be deduced that if Activision didn’t interfere, this could have turned out to be one of the greater titles of the 2000s. Nevertheless, Scarface has a strong identity, mostly as a cinematic universe. However, translating that glory to a gaming port would extend that glory to new heights.

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