Company Of Heroes 3 Gets Rated For PS5 And Xbox Series X|S

The game is coming out on PC but console versions were not announced.

Like any form of media, gaming has a plethora of genres for people to choose from. Most popular games belong to the more prominent genres like action-adventure, RPG, or horror. But, one genre that is probably a bit underrated in the gaming world is real-time strategy. 

Games like Age of Empires, Rome: Total War, and StarCraft have been a massive part of every gamer’s journey. Strategy games might not be the most popular genre, but it is a very successful pillar of gaming. One of the best strategy game series is Company of Heroes.

The Sega franchise took the world by storm when it first came out to critical acclaim in 2006. Since then, the Company of Heroes has been a major triumph for Sega with a second sequel coming out next year. And, the third game might be bringing the series to consoles for the first time.

Major Takeaways:

  • Company of Heroes 3 is coming out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series according to the Taiwan digital rating committee.
  • This is the first time in franchise history a game will release on consoles.
  • It is going to hit the shelves on February 23, 2023.

Company of Heroes 3 has been rated for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S by the Taiwan digital rating committee. Gematsu is responsible for finding this info as they first spotted the listing. As you can see in the screenshot below, the strategy game is coming to next-gen consoles:

Company of Heroes 3
Taiwan rating for Company of Heroes 3

This is a first for the series as no previous game has come out on any console. Only mobile devices, iPadOS, and PC got the first game in the series. Company of Heroes 2 meanwhile only came out on PC, so this is a pleasant surprise for the fans. 

Company of Heroes 3 PS5 Listing
Company of Heroes 3 PS5 Listing

You should note that officially, Company of Heroes 3 is still going to release only on PC. No announcement has been made about a console release from Sega or developer Relic Entertainment. However, most of the time these ratings are true so we should expect an official announcement soon. 

Company of Heroes 3 was originally going to come out on November 17, 2022, but a delay pushed this release date to February 23 of next year. Maybe this is due to the fact it will come out on consoles this time around. Only time can tell whether we will be able to play the strategy game on our consoles or not.

The franchise is returning after a 10-year break with Company of Heroes 3 and will release officially on Steam. It is safe to say there is high anticipation for the game due to its glorious past and interesting World War II setting. Hopefully, we get to enjoy this game on our PlayStation and Xbox too.

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