Counter-Strike 2 Beta Build Has Already Leaked Online

The surfaced build's multiplayer cannot be played.

Story Highlights

  • Counter-Strike 2 beta build has already leaked on the web, and the torrent is available for the community to download. 
  • The leak is suspected to originate from one of the beta testers invited to play the limited-time beta branch.
  • Only the single-player mode appears to work in the leaked files, and the community is unable to access multiplayer.
  • A notable insider has corroborated the leak, and the leaked torrent files appear to be free of any malicious malware or viruses.

Counter-Strike 2 beta build is already spreading like wildfire around the web after an unexpected leak emerged online. The limited-time beta build is only available to about a thousand Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players currently, but many excited fans have begun pouring into the new beta branch after the leak went live. The Twitter user “@masterchaerge” initially reported on the major leak, which is making rounds on a torrent site.

The leading theory suggests that one of the thousand players that were invited to test out the new Counter-Strike 2 update was able to leak the entry online. The authenticity of the surfaced files has also been confirmed, suggesting that it is not fake and can be played by the community. The Twitter user has already been able to access the files and play the game using the renowned Goldberg Steam emulator after the leak emerged.

However, the leaked beta branch of the Counter-Strike 2 update is only playable in single-player for users accessing the torrent files, and they will currently miss out on all the multiplayer fun to be had. The massive Counter-Strike 2 leak was further verified by an accredited insider, vx-underground, who reported on the specifics of the internal Activision hack last month that leaked sensitive employees’ info and games-related specifics.

The insider also scanned the leaked files to ensure no lingering malicious malware or viruses are waiting to pounce on the excited fans. However, we still suggest downloading the leaks at your own risk, as the files could still be hiding any spyware or other risky inclusions that could affect your device. Note: We will not be linking to the exact download site, and we do not affiliate or condone the illegal leaks in question.

Valve’s recent announcement of the Counter-Strike 2 has been all the hype in the gaming industry, with many fans celebrating the joyous occasion. The alluring entry will be updated to the next version, and its current name will also be altered to reflect the change. Regardless, players will be able to keep their old inventories, and skins will carry over without any impediments in the way.

In other good news, Counter-Strike 2 could also be arriving on the Android and iOS mobile platforms, as suggested by some variables in a recent datamine. However, Valve has not officially commented about the prospect for now, and it could just be some dormant code. Regardless, the arrival of a mobile Counter-Strike 2 could highly change mobile eSports in the future.

CS: GO is among the most popular games on the Steam platform despite the title’s lifespan reaching over a decade. Its popularity is reflected by the number of concurrent players still enjoying the FPS shooter. It is still busy shattering its records, as reflected by a recent milestone in active player count reaching over 1.3 million players relishing the octane-inducing shooter simultaneously. 

Counter-Strike 2 is suggested to be the CS: GO killer by the developers, and it is slated to release in the Summer of this year. The internal testing is already underway, as noted above, and more players could be invited to officially test out the new Source 2 engine update in the coming months.

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