Dead Space Remake’s Alternate Ending Out In The Open

The alternate ending is achievable only if the specific conditions are met.

Story Highlights

  • Dead Space Remake alternate ending has appeared online ahead of its release in a few hours.
  • The alternate ending is only available in the new game+ mode; the nearly 7-minute video uploaded by Stevivor serves as a walkthrough through the haunting experience.
  • The community has dubbed the alternate ending as more gut-wrenching and darker if the hidden implications are realized.
  • The story of the ending is full of spoilers and is detailed below alongside the surfaced video.

The alternate ending of the Dead Space Remake has seemingly surfaced online as it nears its release. The nearly 7-minute video serves as a walkthrough to venture through the extremely distressing alternate conclusion.

It was uploaded on YouTube by Stevivor in an unlisted video that is likely not to be seen until the game releases after a few hours.

Note: The uncovered video is a detailed walkthrough, which is full of story and location spoilers. We suggest trekking through the video and the rest of the article at your own risk.

YouTube video

The circulated Dead Space Remake ending is full of aching moments, but it appears very well done. However, playing in the new game+ mode is necessary to ensure the ending is unlocked for the player to experience; it is locked during the first run.

The EA Motive’s original climax to Isacc Clarke’s chronicles requires the players to find all the 12 marker fragments scattered across the haunted ship. After accumulating the markers, they need to be placed in the shrine located in the captain’s quarters. The video details all the locations of the marker fragments and the shrine.

Thus, the insane ending is initiated after placing all the markers on the shrine. The alternate ending sees Isacc Clarke succumb to an emotional collapse, with him trying to escape with the ship as everything falls apart around him. The Dead Space marker overtakes Isaac, and he vacates the Aegis VII planet while hallucinating.

The ending sees the protagonist heading to earth while experiencing hallucinations of his love interest, Nicole. The wording of Isaac in the hallucination suggests he is under the influence of the marker, and the conclusion signifies that the Necromorphs are headed straight to earth.

Isaac may have joined hands with the mutated horrors, but that is anyone’s guess. The alternate ending also coincides with the beginning of Dead Space 2, which the community appreciates. The second game sees the protagonist waking up from his crazy breakdowns to find that he has built another marker.

In other words, the alternate ending can be technically seen as a cannon conclusion to the Dead Space 1 story.

The surfaced ending is a slow burn; instead of a scary jumpscare, we see our favorite horror protagonist slowly losing the last bits of humanity left in him through mental collapse and creating markers. The conclusion has led many gamers to call it more gut-wrenching than the original. 

That is not all; EA Motive has made the remake more accessible than its original predecessor. The title supports a slew of accessibility features like Colorblind Mode

The game is slated for a global release on January 27 at 8 am PST/11 am EST, and we will be able to experience the raw horror experience alongside the ending in just a few hours. Moreover, the title has already received an optional update of 1GB that was not announced by EA or the developers at all.

The game has been rated immaculately on Metacritic, and the critics have also credited the remake for preserving the essence of the original Dead Space. Talking about ratings, Watch eXputer’s take on the upcoming horror shooter in the following video:

YouTube video

What are your thoughts about the Dead Space Remake alternate ending surfacing before the game is officially released? Do you think the alternate ending is even more off-putting than the original cannon ending? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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