Fan Creates An Animation For Deltarune and It’s Breathtaking

A show of superb talent

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, one of the greatest Role-Playing games to have ever set foot in the gaming industry has never disappointed. Toby has always had a unique way of story-telling, and this can be seen in Deltarune just as well.

For Toby breaking the fourth wall was second nature to him, and he wanted to go to the next level. With Undertale, therefore, he accomplished that task.

Undertale garnered huge success due to its many amazing bosses, great music, amazing locations, extremely deep lore, and horror which goes miles above what Resident Evil will ever achieve. But wait, Undertale is not the only work of Toby.

Deltarune is Toby Fox’s latest title which has completed 2 chapters in development, and those 2 chapters were so well made and written that it spawned a new level of fan support never before seen. Apart from dedicated mods and entire new storylines, we might have found a winner.

This fan artwork is one of the cleanest animations to have ever set foot in the world of gaming, and the fact that it was made solely by one person makes this all the sweeter. That is it for the formalities, let us move on to the lore behind the animation: Who is this stringing angel of thread?

The entity in question is known asSpamton,” a robot designed for advertisements and selling products, like the name dictates, Spam and Ton. The character on paper may sound like a jolly person to be around, but what Spamton goes through before his final battle with “Kris,” the protagonist of the game is, heart-wrenching.

Spamton was a normal robotic salesman until a deal he made pushed him to the brink of oblivion. He went from a popular and charismatic salesman to a broken individual now guided by the string of fate, that is until he met you that his fate took a curveball.

You see, this animation shows us what a salesman looks like. Spamton is always smiling, hitting you with flashy attacks, quite literally ‘Spams’ hundreds of miniature-sized enemies, and uses telephones as an attack.

Frostbyte knew what he had to do in order to make this artwork feel like it is something out of the game, and by adding all these elements, it is safe to say that he succeeded immensely.

Nearing the end of the animation, we get a glimpse of Spamton’s past, where the phone that made the deal that broke his life is still sitting idle, and all too vivid. Just before death, Spamton gets a phone call, and as his character dictates, he took a risk with yet another deal, but this time he lost.

Deltarune is a must-play, not only for the bosses it houses but for the relatable stories as well. Players will remember this encounter with the ludicrous salem-man as long as they keep playing the game, remembering just how lucky they were, that it wasn’t them on the other side of the phone.

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