Final Fantasy 14 Finally Brings The Hammer Down On Ancient Alliance Roulette Exploit

"Cheesers" should prepare to say goodbye to cheesing.

Story Highlights

  • One of the oldest issues in Final Fantasy 14, Alliance Roulette Cheesing, is going to be fixed in patch 6.5. The announcement comes from the recent Live Letter broadcast.
  • Due to the excessive use of this exploit, players have ended up hating the Alliance Roulette which has also adversely impacted new players.
  • While many fans have expressed their joy, other players have stated that the reward-to-time ratio isn’t good enough to justify doing modern raids.
  • Final Fantasy 14 has revealed a lot of new information, including hints of a possible collaboration with Final Fantasy 16.

After many years, Final Fantasy 14 is taking action against the manipulation of its Alliance Raid Roulette. The news follows the latest live letter that was broadcasted from last week’s North American fan festival. To nip the problem in the bud, it was announced that Item Level restrictions will be added to the 24-man duty raffle to prevent further manipulation.

Ever since the expansion of the Alliance Raid Roulette in Final Fantasy 14, people have used a tactic to save time at the expense of every player in the raid. The said tactic is known as “stripping” and as the name applies, players remove all of their gear before queueing for the duty. This makes it so that the only options they can get are the lowest—The Crystal Tower Raids.

Final Fantasy 14 players will no longer be able to manipulate the Alliance Raid roulette.
Final Fantasy 14 players will no longer be able to manipulate the Alliance Raid roulette.

Due to the growing frequency of Crystal Tower duties in the Alliance Raid roulette, players began to hate the content introduced back in A Realm Reborn. To a degree, this also impacted new adventurers joining Final Fantasy 14 as they would find it difficult to queue for these raids despite them being mandatory for the main story progression.

With the introduction of Item Level restrictions, this exploit will no longer be possible. Players will now be required to wear gear that’s equal to their progression points in order to queue for the roulette. For example, if you’re at the Shadowbringers expansion, it’s a requirement to be wearing gear that can get you into the Nier raids.

Many fans have expressed their happiness following the announcement, proclaiming that “Crystal Tower cheesers are dead.” Others joke that it’s time for players to learn mathematics, providing tips involving knowledge of prime numbers. This is due to a raid boss, in The Ridorana Lighthouse, that has mechanics based on basic computational skills and problem-solving.

On the flip side, many Final Fantasy 14 players have expressed that their reason for doing this roulette is gone. Despite using the exploit, they were at least queueing up for the content. Expressing that the reward-to-time ratio of the 24-man raid raffle is not good enough to justify doing modern raids. Another factor is that most people don’t learn or pay attention to mechanics resulting in constant wipes.

At the end of the day though, it seems that the exploit is no longer going to work once future updates roll out. In other news, Square Enix‘s critically acclaimed MMORPG has revealed a lot of new information in recent days. From updated system requirements for the upcoming graphics update, and an expansion teaser, to possible hints of a collaboration with Final Fantasy 16. It’s also arriving on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next year.

Final Fantasy 14 is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Steam.

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