Fire Emblem Engage Pre-Orders Are Topping Amazon Charts Worldwide

The upcoming Nintendo RPG is No.1 in Japan, The US, and France on the pre-order boards.

Story Highlights
  • Fire Emblem Engage pre-orders are topping Amazon charts in the US, Japan, and France.
  • The game is also in the top 10 in European countries like Spain, Germany, and Netherlands.
  • Performance in the UK and Italy has been slow, with a #26 and #16 ranking respectively. 

Nintendo has a big year ahead, with several much-awaited first-party titles releasing in 2023. One of these games is the Tactical RPG Fire Emblem Engage, which is the first mainline entry in the series after 4 years. The game is going to kick off 2023 for Nintendo, and it looks like it is going to come out with a bang. 

Hype for Fire Emblem Engage has been through the roof, especially with technical advancements like better load times. And pre-orders for the upcoming game back this up with the RPG ruling the charts.

Fire Emblem Engage holds the No.1 spot on Amazon best-seller charts in the US, Japan, and France and is dominating charts across Europe.

Pierre485 on Twitter first reported this performance to the masses. The Nintendo RPG is going to come out next week, and the Tweet tells us it’s gonna make waves. Among major gaming markets, Fire Emblem Engage is in the top 10 in at least 6 countries. 

As you can see below, the sequel to Three Houses is topping charts in the two biggest markets. It is currently No.1 in both Japan and the United States of America. Hence, Fire Emblem Engage will most probably have a franchise-record-setting opening due to its heavy demand.

Moving to a different continent, the title is performing well on the Amazon pre-order charts of Europe too. The RPG holds the No.1 spot in France, continuing its performance from the US and Japan. Considering the records Nintendo Switch has broken in France, this isn’t that surprising to see. 

Fire Emblem Engage drops down a bit when we move to other European nations. In Spain, the game is at No.2 and performs competently in Germany with a No.6 ranking on the charts. The game performs similarly in the Netherlands with a No.7 position, holding another top 10 spot in the continent. 

However, the game surprisingly drops a lot in the UK. Pre-orders for Fire Emblem Engage rank No.26 in the UK Amazon charts, showcasing a steep decline. Similarly, Italy also isn’t showing the RPG a lot of love as it is at No.16 in the country’s Amazon charts. 

Fire Emblem Engage US amazon
The game is the best-selling video game on the US amazon currently and is only being beaten by Gift Cards.

Overall, the demand for Fire Emblem Engage is looking really good across the major markets. But, its performance in the UK, which is a big Switch market, is a bit concerning to see. The game could resurrect itself closer to release, but only time will tell. 

Engage has also beaten the performance of Three Houses in the pre-order department. According to the aggregator, the 2019 title ranked at No.2 on the US Amazon charts at its peak. It was only behind Madden at that time, but Fire Emblem Engage is showing more potential than the prequel.

Many are expecting record numbers from this new mainline entry in the franchise. Figures north of 5 million lifetime sales are being discussed, which will be a new high for the series. But, we will only truly find out when Fire Emblem Engage releases. 

However, that won’t be long as the RPG comes out on January 20, 2023, in just 5 days. Obviously, only the Nintendo Switch consoles will get Fire Emblem Engage on this release date. Hopefully, the game lives up to the expectations of the fans and performs really well.

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