Game Engine For GTA 6 Will Supposedly Outperform Unreal Engine

Rumor acclaims that the graphics in GTA VI are going to be ahead of its time, thanks to Rockstar Games' proprietary game engine, RAGE9.

Ever since the official green light by Rockstar Games, fans have been digging around for any information they can lay their hands on regarding the most anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto 6. There has been a bundle of rumors flying around like the pages of newspapers in Grand Theft Auto 3. Although all these rumors have satiated our expectations since right now, GTA 6 is just a crude gem that needs a lot of polishing. However, Rockstar Games has been at the top of graphical fidelity and overall quality since GTA 3 so fans don’t have to worry about their anticipations falling apart at release.

The latest GTA 6 rumor is spreading like wildfire amidst the community, primarily because of the incredible graphics it ostensibly teases. The latest buzz in the community comes from a renowned video game journalist and the creator of Rockstar Mag’, Chris Klippel. As per Chris Klippel, the Grand Theft Auto 6 title will be powered by the latest engine of RAGE, the engine Rockstar incorporates in its games. To put it another way, it’s the engine responsible for the graphics and physics in Red Dead Redemption 2, arguably the most fantastic open-world game thus far from a design and visuals perspective. The game still comes out of the top in many aspects when compared to the new open-world title releases. 

Chris Klippel affirms that the visuality the game engine will deliver is going to be quite incredible and further mentions that the engine is ahead of its time. Moreover, Chris Klippel declares quite a bold statement that Rockstar Games is striving to surpass Unreal Engine 5, the new next-generation version of Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine 5 is a potent engine, as we’ve eavesdropped from numerous developers, which is why so many studios are already planning on implementing it in their titles. We have already seen it power up The Matrix Awakens demo, which was a stellar display of future graphics. However, Rockstar Games‘ have a track record of producing titles that surpass the competition, so this claim is not entirely outlandish. 

It’s no wonder if the GTA 6 is powered by the latest version of the RAGE engine, and there’s no particular reason to doubt it. Although, take this rumor with a pinch of salt. These are unofficial buzzwords that sate our glut at the end of the day, which is saying something. However, it appears like Rockstar Games is juicing out all the aptitude from the engine with regards to graphical fidelity and performance this time.

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