GTA Needs A Game Set In Its Homeland – Europe

The studio that develops GTA, Rockstar North, is also based in Europe.

Video games play a massive role in almost every person’s life. They constitute one of the biggest industries in the world even though they haven’t been around that long. It’s easy to see why they help people of all ages lay back and relax after a long day.

As the years have passed, video games have only increased in their value with an even brighter future ahead. The worth the industry holds today is the result of the progress and hard work of several decades. Many groundbreaking inventions and video games have helped in this cause.

One of the most prominent titles which have made video games a universal medium is Grand Theft Auto. It is impossible to find a person in the 21st century who hasn’t heard of this series. The series is one of the highest-grossing and arguably the most popular media franchise on the planet.

GTA is always in the news for one reason or another. Whether it is about the rumors concerning the highly anticipated GTA 6 or actual leaks from the game, it’s always prominent. Its last title still going strong after 9 years tells you all you need to know about the series.

After almost a decade Grand Theft Auto V still consistently places in the top 10 highest-selling video game charts around the world. Millions of players still play the online mode of the game which is as alive as the day it began. So, the series is truly a staple of video games and the face of this medium. 

All this success is not a surprise to anyone who has played the games. Its open-world design, overarching storylines, morally grey characters, and graphics have received universal praise. The game has perfected many ideas like the open-world sandbox design which is GTA’s trademark. 

Finding criticism for the games is not easy with the first game being the only one that got a mixed reception on launch. But, fans do have one bone to pick with Rockstar Games about the franchise concerning its setting. Players don’t like the fact that none of the games are set outside the United States.

Los Santos, the setting of GTA V, is a copy of Los Angeles

GTA has made beautiful open-world settings with brilliant graphics and design. However, all of their fictional cities are based on popular American cities. Liberty City is based on New York City while Los Santos is a carbon copy of Los Angeles. 

Similarly, Vice City takes from Miami and San Andreas is a state comprising Los Santos, San Fierro(San Francisco), and Las Venturas(Las Vegas). Hence, the whole series has a major American influence with almost all games being set in the country. Many players don’t mind it but change is always nice. 

Due to recent events, a GTA outside the USA has never made more sense. And, the perfect place for this Grand Theft Auto game outside America is none other than Europe. In this article, I will give a few reasons why that is.

GTA Is Made In Europe

GTA Rockstar North
Rockstar North, the studio behind GTA and Red Dead Redemption

We all know that Rockstar Games is the main studio behind the mega-franchise that GTA is. However, the American side of the publisher doesn’t develop the game. It is Rockstar’s European counterpart that is responsible for developing GTA. 

Rockstar North is a studio of Rockstar Games which is based in Europe. The studio is located in Edinburgh, Scotland which as we all know is a part of Britain. So, GTA is a British production which is published by Rockstar Games America. 

Making a GTA game outside of the USA makes even more sense after getting to know this fact. Granted fans would have still gone on about this even if the game was completely made in America. But, seeing how it’s a British studio develops the game, making a GTA title there should be a no-brainer. 

For sure, there is no game in the GTA series that takes place in the area. But, there is an expansion of the first game that takes place in Great Britain. The first Grand Theft Auto has an expansion called Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 which takes place in the city.

GTA London
An image from GTA London, the 2D expansion of the original game

It also has a second expansion set in the city called GTA: London 1961. So, London and Europe in general are not uncharted territories for Rockstar. The only thing stopping Rockstar from making a modern GTA game set in London in themselves.

Rockstar North has been making GTA games since the start and is the main reason the series is what it is. They have been working on the games even before the developer got their current name. Hence, making a GTA in Rockstar North’s homeland seems like a fitting tribute to the developer. 

GTA 6 Hack Also Took Place In London

GTA is always relevant in gaming spheres and rumors for GTA 6 are always in the air. Almost all of them are false and are just plain baloney. But, GTA started trending worldwide for the wrong reasons when the fake leaks part changed. 

Someone finally leaked true info about the next game in the series and this leak was massive. With dozens of videos and images showing the game in its pre-alpha build, it became one of the biggest leaks in entertainment history. Everyone in the gaming world was shaken by the sheer size of the leak. 

It got so serious that the hacker even threatened to leak the source code of GTA 5 and GTA 6. Rockstar threw everything they had at finding out who this hacker was. Being a major video game publisher, they had a lot. 

Rockstar partnered up with the FBI to find out who this hacker was. And to no one’s surprise, the hacker was in cuffs only a few days later. While everyone was expecting this hacker to be like the one in the movies, the reality was entirely different. 

GTA V choice
Having the ability to choose what to do with the hacker, like the 5th game, will be a great idea

The person who hacked GTA 6 turned out to be a 17-year-old teenager. But, what was even more interesting is the fact that he was a British citizen. London police caught this alleged hacker in London and as we all know it’s a part of the United Kingdom.

So, not only is GTA British production, but the guy who ran rings around Rockstar also turned out to be a Brit. Now that is one coincidence for the ages. Even though the situation is under control now and Rockstar took no heavy damage, they can make this even better. 

Setting a GTA game in the UK gives them a chance to turn this into a player experience. Make a mission where you have to catch this hacker after he hacks something with similar significance in-game. Players have different opinions on what to do with the hacker so give them an option to take his deal or arrest him

You can say that London isn’t a part of the European Union. But, it is still in the continent of Europe and a city of the nation that makes GTA (the UK). Giving a choice in this mission will also take in the different opinions of fans, which players will surely love.

Sure, you can do this in the USA too. But, authenticity is a trait all gamers love, and seeing this in GTA will be magnificent. Turning a very bad situation into a meta-gaming experience is a genius move and one that will go well in a European setting. 

A Change In Scenery

GTA is far from boring and that is one of the reasons it sells so well. Even though the games are set in the USA all the locations are unique and fun to play in their ways. But, that does not mean the same cities and countries cannot get boring. 

GTA 6 is probably going to be set in Liberty City according to the leaks. We have already seen it in games before. Even though the players love it, you never know when the same cities will get monotonous and mundane for them. 

Every major game in the series, like GTA San Andreas, is set in the USA

So, switching it up with a GTA set in a European location like London is a good idea. It is a win-win situation as fans will get a change of scenery and Rockstar can target another huge market. Exploring a new part of the world in GTA is something players will pay big bucks for so Rockstar has every reason to do this.

Getting to make a game with European themes will also be a pleasant challenge for Rockstar Games. It just seems like the next logical step in the series’ evolution after GTA 6. Hopefully, we will see a GTA game that takes place in Europe from Rockstar and before 20 years.

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