Fan Recreates Entire GTA IV Map Using Unreal Engine 5

The map took 10 months to make.

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  • A Reddit user “brucebanner4prez” has recreated the entire GTA IV map.
  • The map was recreated using Unreal Engine 5.
  • It is still a work in progress.

Recently a video of a GTA IV map recreation has been making its round on many online forums. The video which comes from a Reddit user brucebanner4prez shows the whole map of the very well know game.

In the video, we have been able to get a birds-eye view of the whole city including the iconic Statue of Liberty. The clip also goes into great detail and shows numerous areas of the map. Much to the fan’s shock the video also shows an underwater clip.

entire GTA IV map re-created in UE5 (WIP) from unrealengine

It may be shocking to some but it took brucebanner4prez over ten months to make the whole map, however, the finish line is still miles ahead. According to him the map still needs a ton of work so it can look its best.

When asked more about the process that went into making the map he said that all the blockout for the GTA IV map was made on the well-known software blender. Moreover, it was imported through datasmith workflow. This meant that it gave him the perfect mix of visual fidelity as well as the necessary optimizations.

Other than some low-level props, the surrounding terrain, and the water that was made with the help of the oceanology plugin everything else on the map has been created by brucebanner4prez. 

While many would be happy with the map’s current state, brucebanner4prez is not. He said. “Still got a ridiculous amount of work to do with both the modeling & material work but super stoked with the progress made so far regardless.”

Although many fans have been thoroughly impressed with his skills, some are a bit worried about the legal aspects. It was noted that previously brucebanner4prez has been creating GTA IV maps and selling them online. This is illegal considering the fact that they are a trademark environment.

However, he did come out to dispel these speculations he said, “yeah, selling THIS map would more than likely be illegal given it’s a recreation of a trademarked game environment. I sell maps that are similar in either size or style and it allows me to be proud of my work.”

Since GTA IV’s release, it has amassed a cult following. In fact, this is not the first time a fan has made a remake. In addition, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding GTA 6 and its leaks in recent times. 

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