Surprisingly, Lies Of P Becomes Available To Play A Day Early

The game was supposed to come out on September 19.

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  • 2023 has seen an amazing influx of capable Soulslike games—the ones that feature a difficulty level of their own, along with characteristic environmental storytelling.
  • Lies of P is one such Soulslike that seemingly resembles FromSoftware’s major 2015 hit Bloodborne in terms of the game world but is unique in its own way just as well. 
  • The game’s release date was slated for September 19 but in a surprising turn of events, it has been made available to play a day earlier than that, as affirmed by the Xbox Games Marketing VP. 

Lies of P takes on the Soulslike formula of games and blends it masterfully with its own coat of paint, offering a unique gameplay experience that’s not under the shadow of any FromSoftware title, contrary to other beliefs. But as it turns out, the game really did put the lies in “Lies of P” as it quietly released itself to the masses a day before its actual launch, which is on 19 September.

Even Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Games Marketing VP, noticed the title’s availability on Xbox Game Pass and took it to X (formerly Twitter) to make the announcement. However, by this time, only a couple of hours more or less remained for the title’s official release. For the uninitiated, Round8 Studio—the dev behind the genius of Lies of P—made sure that its front-running title arrives on day one on Game Pass

GamesRadar also noticed that the game was, in fact, available to play all morning of September 18, though not sure if that was a glitch or somehow intentional. The availability was confirmed for Steam and Xbox systems, but for PlayStation consoles, Lies of P will go live once it’s genuinely supposed to. PlayStation’s official X account seemed to corroborate this as well. 

But then again, the early access phase for Lies of P has been exclusive to Steam, and those who bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of the Soulslike have been at it 72 hours earlier than the rest of us. And that’s not all of the good stuff you get after buying this buffed-up variant of the game—there is the added expanse of the following merchandise as well. 

  • The Great Venigni’s Signature Coat
  • The Great Venigni’s Glasses
  • Mask Worn by Those Preparing for The Festival

Lies of P puts you in the shoes of a character called Pinnochio — not the one whose nose grows longer when he lies — and sets forth an interesting premise as to building its plot. Pinnochio is a robot-like puppet created by Geppetto who is out looking for his creator in the diseased city of Krat, which blossomed with glory at one time, but has fallen prey to “bloodlust” and “madness.” 


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In other news, the amount of anticipation for Lies of P as it made its way through release has been fairly amazing. Back when the devs announced the demo for the Soulslike, the short playable sequence went on to gather one million downloads across the board, signaling success for the developer’s initiative. Twitch streams for Lies of P ran with great viewer count too, spanning over 170,000 people concurrently.

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And if you just can’t wait for Bloodborne PC to arrive, why not try out this mod and breathe Yharnam-like life into Lies of P afresh? The work outlined ahead came out for the demo version of the title, and now that the full game is out, it’s pretty much inevitable that we’re going to see more and more Bloodborne mod variations for the Soulslike.  

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