Lies Of P Confirmed For Xbox Game Pass On Day 1

The rumor from last week has come to fruition.

The souls-like genre was born out of a specific style of sweat-inducing games where learning patterns of bosses and enemies is essential. Souls-like titles are focused on providing players with challenging gameplay. The genre now comes in various shapes and sizes. The latest souls-like endeavor, Lies of P, is a Pinocchio-inspired game amalgamating Sekiro and Bloodborne vibes.

Lies of P imagine Pinocchio as a murderous robotic puppet who is dropped in the crazy bloodthirsty town of Krat. The protagonist wakes up in a barren train station in Krat, which is full of craziness and desire for violence. The humans are long gone in this darkened world reminiscent of souls-like art style.

Pinocchio has to fight mechanoids, craft weapons, and live long enough to seek answers. The game sees the return of a well-renowned fan-favorite weapon, the Sekiro-inspired mechanical arms. Moreover, Pinocchio will also wield a grappling hook and a flamethrower to effectively fend-off enemies. Lies of P features multiple endings that will trigger based on Pinocchio’s lies. 

Lies of P has been in the brewer for a while, and a concrete release date might be announced soon. The fans have been curious about the particulars of the anticipated project. A credible industry insider, The Snitch, had posted a cryptic hint suggesting that the Lies of P was coming to Xbox Game Pass. The premonition has officially been confirmed, well, kind of. 

The first image in the second Twitter thread by Aaron Greenberg reveals many games on the posters. The Lies of P can also be seen on the right side alongside the Xbox Game Pass logo. The Bloodborne-inspired title is suspected of arriving on the Xbox Game Pass on day 1. These images are from the Gamescom event booth, confirming the rampant rumor from the last week.

Moreover, You Suck At Parking is also allegedly headed to the Xbox Game Pass since it can also be spotted in the images featured in the tweet. The series of tweets reveal a bundle of titles, most of which are already announced for the giant subscription service.

What are your thoughts regarding Lies of P arriving on the Xbox Game Pass on day 1? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below. 

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