Lords Of The Fallen’s New Patch Out Now, Brings A Ton Of Improvements

The update v.1.1.191 should now be rolling out across all platforms.

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  • Lords of the Fallen is the latest action RPG to grace the hellish Soulslike category of modern-day video games, having come out on October 13, 2023.
  • The game boasts a unique realm-switching mechanic, among other novel features that make it a stand-out title. The difficulty aspect remains similar to that of other Soulslike titles.
  • A promising new update has been rolled out for Lords of the Fallen across all platforms, bringing a ton of new changes and improving upon the title in various ways. 

Lords of the Fallen, the debut game of the developer Hexworks — a studio of the Poland-based publisher CI Games — is a new Soulslike that has graced the ARPG genre with a novel “realm-switching” mechanic. The title has launched across all modern-day platforms in recent times, and with that, a new update has been rolled out to accommodate new players and ensure that their time is spent swimmingly playing.   

Lords of the Fallen Patch v1.1.191 on Steam
Lords of the Fallen Patch v1.1.191 on Steam

Taking to Steam in an official blog post, the developers shared, “We’ve worked diligently to fix some of the issues that unfortunately have affected some of our players. Rest assured that our commitment to enabling as many people as possible to immerse themselves in our game world is what drives our passion.” As such, a myriad of new improvements have been introduced in the new update.

The gist of it is that the Lords of the Fallen patch v1.1.191 goes over some of the most glaring pangs of PC players when playing the game. As per the details shared, this includes consistent crashing, unstable frame rates, and crashes concerning the GPU. Taking all that into account, the developers have made the following efforts to prevent errors and bugs from hindering the optimal Lords of the Fallen experience. 

The Major Resolutions of the Latest Lords of the Fallen Patch
The Major Resolutions of the Latest Lords of the Fallen Patch

Addressing the issue of outdated drivers, starting Lords of the Fallen on your PC now will prompt it to check for impending driver updates, and subsequently get them up to speed if possible. That’s because the majority of crashes have been occurring due to non-updated graphics drivers, according to the devs. Moreover, the “Frame Generation” feature has been momentarily disabled in an attempt to minimize crashes even further. 

An Alternative To Fixing Lords Of The Fallen’s Crashing Issues

The patch notes for the action RPG’s latest update also speak of a workaround that players can manually approach to possibly resolve Lords of the Fallen’s crashing issues. The idea here is to deactivate PSOs (Pipeline State Objects) for the game since that is causing some of the abrupt shutdowns, especially following the first cinematic shown after starting the title. The developers say,

An issue with the engine code related to the calculation of Pipeline State Objects (PSOs) has been identified in Sentry. This issue resulted in crashes when shaders were being compiled after the first cinematic of the game. EPIC has been swift and efficient in providing a solution, which has now been integrated into the game and should resolve the majority of cases.”

Therefore, here’s what you need to do for disabling PSOs in Lords of the Fallen. 

  1. Head over to your “Libary” in Steam, followed by accessing the game’s “Properties” section. 
  2. Under the general tab in the subsequently appearing window, input “-nopsos” in the command-line interface below “Launch Options.”
  3. Re-launch Lords of the Fallen afterward to apply the changes. 
Disabling PSOs for Lords of the Fallen
Disabling PSOs for Lords of the Fallen

Please beware that disabling PSOs in the game could cause micro-freezes, which are brief visual stutters, upon entering a new area in the game. On the bright side, though, doing so should get you through the opening sequences of Lords of the Fallen without any major crashes. In case you face other issues with the title, make sure to check out this performance troubleshooting guide that the devs have put together.

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Lords of the Fallen was released on October 13, 2023, for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Following a slight delay in releasing the new update for Xbox, the patch is now available on said platform as well. 

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